An Offering For Allah

I have been going to church all my life. In the early 1950’s when I was four years old my Dad would give me a dime to place in the offering plate at church. By the time I was in elementary school I was getting a quarter each and every Sunday that was to be used as my offering to my church and to the Lord. I really enjoyed watching the ushers pass the plate among the pews. Being a typical seven year old I found the worship service boring and  confining. I was never good at sitting still for a full hour which seemed like eternity. When the offering was received it gave me a chance to stretch in a holy cause. I could fish around in my pocket for the quarter. If I was really lucky there were no other parishioners sitting nearby in the pew which would mean I could stand up, take a few steps and pass the plate to the next waiting church member. This action was the ecclesiastical equivalent of the Seventh Inning Stretch.

As I grew older I developed a deeper understanding of the offering. It was not simply about money. It was also about time and talents. How we gave of ourselves in service to others and to God. Indeed, I came to realize that we best showed our love for God by serving our fellow human beings. The offering was a central part of worship whereby each week we dedicated ourselves to the service of humanity. The offering in my thinking had evolved into a practical way for putting the Golden Rule into action.

Muslims have a far, far different understanding of offering. First in Islam, there is no Golden Rule. Muslims do not recognize equality in the human family. There are literally three tiers of human beings. At the top of the heap are Muslim males. Next come Muslim women who are always owned by some Muslim male; husband, brother, father or even one of her sons. All Muslim women are the property of some Muslim male. At the very bottom are all of us unbelievers or kaffirs. We exist to furnish the Muslims with what ever they need through the payment of the jizya. We are subhumans who are to be killed. That is our destiny under the Sharia.

The Muslim offering is best expressed in the beheading of the unbelievers. Muslims talk all the time about the sacrifice of the unbelievers to their blood thirsty primitive god, Allah. Our slaughter is a highly formalized ritual of human sacrifice with a litany of “Allahu Akbar”. Hideous decapitation is to be fate of every infidel on the planet. This did not begin with ISIS. This horrible ritual is far older. It started with the perfect Islamic man, Mohammed, himself over 1400 years ago. Mohammed was the original Islamic beheader.

This resurgence of beheading that has taken place in such diverse locations as Mosul, Iraq and Moore, Oklahoma will literally spread all over the globe unless we stop it. The fate of Western Civilization hangs in the balance. For starters we need to totally annihilate ISIS. What are the lives of 30,000 ISIS sadists compared to the billions of good people they wish to decapitate as an offering to their monster god, Allah? This deranged movement needs to be stopped; the sooner the better. Mercy to these madmen is cruelty to the decent people of the world.


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  1. Belief in an imaginary sky fairy is ridiculous no matter which one you follow, but at least Christians (post-Enlightenment) have the sense to keep is utterly separate from the state (though that’s faulty in places like America given the rabid, proselytisin Christian lobby groups). And at least Christans don’t advocate death for apostasy, or jizya or any other malformed and warped control mechanisms borne out of insecurity. Standard, conventional and almost universally accepted Islam keeps all these weird sky-fairy policies, and more!

  2. Strictly speaking, of course, Islam does not recognise three tiers of ‘human beings’.

    Rather, ONLY Muslim males (if properly sharia compliant and of the same sect as whichever Muslim male is in a position to call the shots) are ‘human’. (They cease to be ‘human’ if they commit – or are suspected or accused of – either apostasy or blasphemy).

    Muslim females are not really ‘human’. They are explicitly compared, by an early Muslim writer, to “domestic animals”; another writer compares them to horses and donkeys because, like those animals, they are ‘ridden’. Like dhimmis, they are under a permanent but temporarily suspended sentence of Death; at any moment that sentence may be activated and enacted, as some Muslim male or other (sometimes, perversely, egged on by a Muslim female – or group of females – who has taken a scunner at a particular female for some ‘reason’) and an ‘honor’ murder, that is, a ritual human sacrifice or ‘family execution’ of a nubile female is carried out. Muslim females exist simply and solely for the benefit of dominant Muslim males and the moment they cease to be perceived as being of benefit they are expendable.

    Non-Muslims, whether dhimmis or harbis, are not human at all; they are ‘the worst of beasts’. The males among them can acquire ‘human’ status by converting to Islam; the women, if they convert, don’t really gain anything at all; they remain under the sentence of death that hangs over all muslimahs, death-for-being-wicked-wimmens, a sentence temporarily suspended, for reasons of expediency, primarily, because females are needed as broodstock and as sex toys.

    There is, of course, the further angle, that all Muslims who are not ethnically “Arab” are seen as permanently inferior to the real, pure, meant-to-be-dominant Arab Muslims; and the most inferior and despised of all – and historically enslaved in great numbers by their fellow Muslims – are those who are black or south asian or southeast asian, with black Muslims – abeed, a word as ugly in arabic as ‘nigger’ has become in English – down at the bottom of the heap.

  3. I have a question for ‘Padstow”.

    Not all deities, historically, could accurately be classified as ‘sky fairies’. (And in fact, trying to fit the YHWH of the Hebrews into the mini straitjacket conjured up by the term ‘sky fairy’ is so totally off-base as not to be a valid argument at all).

    What do you do with the many, many, many cthonic deities? Things that aren’t associated with ‘sky’ or ‘heaven’ at all? That aren’t ‘out there’ but are envisaged as being either ‘in here’ or ‘down there’???

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