Darwin the Prophet


by Walt Garlington (July 2022)

Christ Among the Doctors, Albrecht Dürer, 1506


Darwin the Prophet has come,
Revealing the final mysteries to man –
Religion is a sham;
Spirit does not exist.

Darwin the Prophet has spoken,
Unblinding the eyes—
Logos and telos for creatures?
Worthless notions.
Definition, pattern, shape?
All is never-ending flux.

Darwin the Prophet has decreed,
Ending superstitious errors—
Violence against the weak
Is a virtue,
Bestowing upon
The man-animal
A crown of glory.

Darwin, new archetype,
Proclaim the transhumanist future;
Announce the opening
Of the new aeon—

I, a man, will tear the wing from a bird,
Plant it on my back, and with streams of gore
Rolling down my sides, proclaim myself a god!


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Walt Garlington was born and raised in that part of Dixieland called Louisiana. A chemical engineer by training, he has spent the last several years writing full-time. He has written essays and poems for The Hayride, The Tenth Amendment Center, The Abbeville Institute, Reckonin’, Katehon, Geopolitica, and USA Really. He writes regularly at his own web site, Confiteri: A Southern Perspective.

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