David Solway

On the Sonnet (July 2021)
The Great Reset: A Four-Act Play (June 2021)

Red Man’s Revenge (May 2021)

3 Poems: Spirit, Monk and Drifter, & Di meliora ferant . . . (April 2021)
Is Secession in the Cards? The Unfolding of an Historical Irony (March 2021)
Genesis, Lady in her Bath, & Book of Hours (February 2021)
Canadian Poets Play the Carbon Game (January 2021)
Scrapping Green is Cool (December 2020)
An Oasis in a World Gone Clinical (October 2020)
Joachim Du Bellay: Antiquités III (September 2020)
Plutocrats of the Left (August 2020)
Paros (July 2020)
Serifos (June 2020)
Insomnia & Hundred Acre Wood (May 2020)
All God’s Children & Dressed to Kill (April 2020)
An Apology for Smoking: A Politically Incorrect Reflection (April 2020)
Wilted Laurels (or, a Sad Ballade to Our Poets Inglorious) (July 2019)
Canadian Poetry: A Long Way Down a Very Short Street (April 2019)
An Open Letter to God by Dov Ben-Zamir (March 2019)
Two Sonnets: Twitter and Cepheids (January 2019)
What Makes a Poem (December 2018)
For David Barber (October 2018)
Circular (September 2018)
Cutting off the Head of a Snake (July 2018)

Slander (October 2016)

Niemöller Redux (August 2016)

The Children of Sderot (June 2016)

Portrait of an Orientalist (May 2016)

A Sad Day in Heaven (April 2016)

The Garden (March 2016)

The Sparrow (October 2015)

Jays (September 2015)

Revisiting Hydra Post-Chernobyl (September 2015)

Diesel Denson at the Podium (August 2015)


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