Enough is Enough

by Armando Simón (May 2021)


Metropolis, George Grosz, 1917


Isn’t it always disturbing to see a boy who looks like a girl? –Georges Simenon, The Mahé Circle


For decades, I was good friends with many gays and, as a psychologist, I was deeply sympathetic to those individuals who were agonized by deeply held feelings that their minds were inside the wrong gender.[1] My benevolent feelings even surmounted my irritation at the constant pro-gay propaganda in television and movies by liberals, where a beloved heterosexual character in a long running series (as in the campy Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for no reason given was now suddenly portrayed as gay/lesbian (this phenomenon began in 2000 in a simultaneous, coordinated, effort among the networks).[2]

        Today, I have absolutely no sympathy, support, or tolerance towards either group. As far as I am concerned, they can all sink to the bottom of the ocean. The lack of noise coming from either group would go a long way towards making this a saner, more rational, world. Nor am I alone in my hostile attitude, if a recent survey of young people is any indication.

        Gays used to request that they be treated as equals, without discrimination or ridicule. Fair enough. Nowadays it is they who persecute. They are persecuting anyone who does not ardently embrace and promote their ideologymind you, not just who privately disagree with their views, but those individuals and institutions that simply do not wish to join the LGBTQLMAO shrieking bandwagon.

        It used to be that gays promoted the reasonable philosophy of live and let live. No longer. Now they persecute anyone, or any institution, that is perceived as being even remotely unsympathetic, that does not conform, that makes jokes, that doesn’t knuckle under, or even worse, that is religious. A relatively recent incident illustrates this: gays started a campaign of hate against New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees for promoting the Christian religion.

        They are relentless in their persecution. Their long-standing campaign against Chick-fil-A is another example, as exemplified by San Antonio’s imbecile mayor.

        They even persecute within their own ranks, sometimes with tragic results. Even when the obvious self-destructive traits in gays are pointed out by other gays.

        Sometimes, “protection money” is demanded from businesses. Just like the Mafia. Just like BLM.

        It is an unfortunate psychological fact that whenever an oppressed (or discriminated against) group of people is placed on an equal footing by the dominant group out of sincere remorse and belated benevolence, the previously subservient group does not—as one would expect—behave in a decent, grateful, or forgiving manner and look to the future in mutual brotherhood and cooperation. Rather, what we tend to see is that they now behave despicably, demanding more and more and more, all the while acting in an obnoxious and even criminal manner, to the point that the previously dominant group begins to wonder if it did not make a mistake in giving in to a sentimental brotherhood impulse. We see this with black Americans, Catalonians, Scots, Basques, black South Africans, Palestinians, etc.

        “Marginalized and oppressed groups” is a phrase that nowadays is used ad nauseam by leftists in order to make all sorts of exorbitant and absurd demands from sections of society, and gays and transgenders are two groups which are subsumed under that catchy category. Except that all of the so-called “marginalized and oppressed groups” are now, in reality, central and oppressive. This is particularly so if the issue of religion is involved; individuals or institutions which disapprove of homosexuality, or the adulation of homosexuality, because of their religious beliefs have come under a torrent of abuse, lawsuits, insults, slander, and governmental attacks. Clearly, the attitude of live and let live has been tossed out the window, to be replaced by the philosophy of ferret out, harass, coerce, destroy. Even jokes have been targeted, as many comedians will testify. Total conformity and obedience seem to be their goal.

        One of their victims was the inoffensive Boy Scouts of America. When homosexuals targeted it and were finally admitted within their ranks due to the machinations of politically correct traitors within the organization, the inevitable happened (can you say “smorgasbord”?).

        The other side of the coin is that they are so intrusive, ramming their pro-gay agenda down our throats, with television and movies constantly telling us either how normal, or how wonderful, they are without touching upon the dark side of the gay lifestyle—and believe me, there is a very dark side (to give one sanitized example: it is not unheard of for HIV+ gays to deliberately have unprotected sex with healthy partners).

        Additionally, they get on people’s nerves when they often claim that a literary or historical figure—Napoleon, Jesus, Hamilton, Shakespeare, or Lincoln—was actually gay or transgender, often on no evidence whatsoever except for their propensity for projection and a conscious desire to degrade. On top of that, they decree that we must show our support for gays through signs, flying rainbow flags, or wearing rainbow paraphernalia at the behest of our PC employer—or else.

        But gays will insist that this is so children do not grow up to be homophobic.

        Having interacted with gays for years I know that that’s not the real reason.

        Their common cause with transgenders and their particular delusions is another issue (Milo Yiannopoulos: “When you’re trans every day is Halloween”). Their ridiculous insistence that there are 31 or 100 or so genders and that the 20 or more “pronouns” (or eliminate all pronouns, for that matter!) to be used to address them have a touch of insanity (in fact, most transgenders show unmistakable signs of neuroticism). Yet, failure to use the proper pronoun in Canada will result of you having to deal with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, while in American universities it will result in harassment and/or termination of employment. Add to that the vicious attacks on transgenders who have written on transgender regret, or, against doctors who have urged caution before beginning procedures. Ben Carson said it best: “I say everybody has equal rights. Nobody gets extra rights.” And: “If I wake up tomorrow and I feel like I’m Chinese, it doesn’t necessarily make me Chinese.”

        Nonetheless, people have been targeted for dissenting from the transgender mania and for stating the obvious, namely, that there are two genders—even when the dissenter is gay or lesbian. And these days, it takes an enormous amount of courage to openly state what is obvious and everyone knows (a Canadian father was arrested for referring to his daughter “her” and “she”).

        Then there is the grotesque spectacle where men who are pretending to be women compete in sports against real women (young girls find that athletic scholarships are being stolen from them by boys who wear lipstick). And sometimes it is women who are competing against other women, but are taking testosterone because they think that they are men and they are “transitioning.” And surprise, they almost always win. This is reminiscent of the days when East Germany would try to include XXY “women,” or women on testosterone, in the Olympics.

        This is why we have women’s sports: because men are bigger, stronger and have more stamina—feminist delusional claims and stupid Hollywood movies (where a skinny 120lb girl beats up six men, each weighing 250lbs.) to the contrary.

        But, of course, there are sophists who see nothing wrong with this, and this includes the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In 2016, the NCAA boycotted games in North Carolina over transgender bathrooms (and you just know that black basketball players spent sleepless nights agonizing over the lack of transgender bathrooms).

        Additionally, one of the most evil organizations in America is the ACLU (there are even psychotics within the ACLU has taken sides against women and also insisted that tampons be offered in men’s restroom, since men can menstruate, get pregnant, and give birth). Apparently, according to the ACLU, everyone is society has to accommodate the whims of a tiny minority of mentally ill men who think they are women. Indeed, this tiny number of mentally ill persons is being used as the excuse to reshape all of society.

        Even so, in several states, some Republican politicians have uncharacteristically mustered a backbone and have introduced bills in their state legislatures to save women’s sports.

        But where are the feminists, who have always claimed to be championing women, and have always had a hair-trigger temper, ready to jump, snarling, at the throat of anyone who disagreed with them? Well, the majority have remained mysteriously silent, just like they have remained silent regarding the sexual molestation allegations against Joe Biden and the serial rapes of Bill Clinton, and insist that their marching slogan “believe all women” was not really meant seriously, thereby revealing their hypocrisy. Meanwhile, sports scholarships that are within grasp of girls is being snatched away by males. But a few have spoken up, with the inevitable repercussions from their heretofore allies, including by the domestic terrorist group, Antifa.

        But at least all this has resulted in some humor. There is gold in them there hills for comedians—if they can summon up courage.

        At any rate, this is America and you can call yourself anything you want. You can delude yourself into thinking that you are anything but what you really are; you can pretend to be Jesus, a ninja, the best athlete in the world, or even a benevolent Marxist. However, it is presumptuous to expect—nay, to demand—that others go along with your delusions and that they participate.

        Wrong! Do not expect us to go along with your fantasy, as is the case of the man who demanded to be admitted to a beauty pageant for women. To quote Stephen Crane: A man said to the universe: “Sir, I exist!” “However,” replied the universe, “The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.”

        And let us state the obvious: there is something viscerally repugnant of a man having his penis and testicles cut off. And then dressing like a woman. It is both repugnant to both men and women. So, when someone accuses me of being transphobic, I respond with, “Yes. I am. So what?”

        It was their targeting children that once and for all pushed me over the edge to detest the lot (to be sure, adults are also targeted). Books and children’s shows are now incorporating gays and transgenders. Grotesque transgenders read books to children in PC libraries or teach them how to be in drag and how to twerk. Children are being urged to change genders and are taken away from their parents. Schools are indoctrinating children and, exactly as in totalitarian societies, parents have no say so. Even children’s Oreo cookies (Oreo indeed seems to be particularly on board with promoting the trans insanity) and books and shoe laces and sodas are being used to indoctrinate children. Teen Vogue promotes transgender lifestyles—when not discussing anal sex between teens. And the television series, Supergirl, now has a transgendered character while Disney introduced its first homosexual character in Onward (why?) and Out (again, why?), and now it is making a film with a“14-year-old transgender female.” (why??) The children in the UK are even being told to write gay love letters and to define terms like “transgender pornography.” The indoctrination steamroller is at full blast. And it seems to be working.

         (Years ago, when Rev, Jerry Falwell’s declaration that the rainbow in the kids’ show Teletubbies may have been an act of support for gays—which was widely ridiculed, including by myself—in retrospect, he may have been on to something.)

        Everyone must conform. Everyone must obey. Everyone must believe. Dissent is completely forbidden (Amazon censored advertisement of Abigail Shrier’s book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters). There is an undeniable totalitarian element in all this, the saturation of society with the ideology, the Newspeak, the retaliation against dissenters, the enforcing of conformity, the relentless determination to deny reality, to deny and suppress basic, elementary, facts. As with all fanatics, they are relentless.

        It goes without saying that liberal parents approve and participate in all this travesty; it is a way to show their friends and colleagues just how “tolerant” and “inclusive” they are. But this is all child abuse. And the national television networks promote itvideo how the child is referred to as being “an inspiration” and “amazing” and—that overused word by liberals— “courageous” (here is another “courageous” transgender child). Note also that, aside from his attire, the body language is bizarre; it is not just a matter of a boy dressing as a girl. And that is not the only instance of inappropriate behavior.

        Let me be blunt: Allowing athletic men to compete against women athletes is immoral. Encouraging and convincing children to become transgender is immoral. It is child abuse. Injecting children with hormonal blockers is immoral. It is child abuse. Those individuals who advocate, or carry out, those actions have no sense of decency.

        In the end, it will take years and years of therapy to undo the damage done to some of these children. It is child abuse and it is immoral.

        And if the reader feels that I am exaggerating—a common remark in spite of the fact that I have citations for everything—take into consideration a popular transgender who is advocating that all children should be put on puberty blockers until they decide which gender they want to be.

[1] I have a suspicion that gender dysphoria may be due to a recent discovery, namely, that there are instances wherein maternal cells, with their DNA, transfer to the fetus and stay within the child for years. What influence those cells may have on the child may decline with age, which would explain why children who experience a degree of gender dysphoria eventually grow out of it. This is purely speculative on my part.

[2] The 2000 October issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine (a vacuous, apolitical entity), itself raised the question as to why, all of a sudden, gay characters suddenly came into being simultaneously, and, that the Emmys went into gay mode that same year.


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