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A Time for Many Words (February 2021)
The Castle of Montfort (November 2020)
Running Towards Us With A Vengeance (October 2020)
The Bousouki Odyssey of Dimitrios Bogris (August 2020)
Rediscovering Joan Peters in Israel (April 2020)
Fabled Renaissance Man: Interview with Schlomo Ben Ari (April 2020)
Kingdom and Wilderness: A Journey Down the Rift Valley (October 2019)
Nobody’s Home Right Now (August 2019)
The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter: A Film Treatment with Music (March 2019)

I Survived the Flood (October 2018)
Learning from the Bible (March 2018)

Does Oxfam Endorse Terror? (January 2018)

The Difficulty of Sponsoring  Yazidi Refugees (August 2017)

Rethinking Dor Bahadur Bista’s, “Fatalism or Development?” (December 2016)

From the Lions of Africa To The Lions of Judah (November 2016)

Bar Ilan Overseas-For the Freedom of Israel and the West (January 2016)

Farewell Andalucia (September 2015)

Across the Borderline with Rabbi Stephen Leon (August 2015)

Moslem Saint or Sufi? (with John Robert Colombo) (July 2015) 

The Ghosts of Eldorado (June 2015)

A Whisper in the Wind – An HBO Scenario (May 2015)

Honor Thy Father (March 2015)

On Safari (February 2015)

A Village Remembered: Western Nepal May 2013 (January 2015)

A Maccabee for All Seasons – Jewish, Christian, Literary and Rastafarian (December 2014)

Unexplored Nepal (November 2014)

For the Future of Florida (October 2014)

Oka! – The Greatest Musical Act of the Last 50,000 Years (September 2014)

The Wizard of Lake Turkana (August 2014)

George Clooney and the Death of the American Grown Up (July 2014)

Last Days in the Garden of Eden-Among the Pygmies of the Central African Republic (March 2014)

Al Shabaab’s Jihad – The Secret History Behind the Westgate Mall Attack (January 2014)

Not Quite Midnight’s Children: The Karma of Kathmandu (December 2013)

Never Again (November 2013)

The Bible and International Development (October 2013)

The Portrait (September 2013)

The Covenant at Sinai and Greek Rhetoric – A Proposal Writer’s Credo (August 2013)

The Many Faces of Hyderabad (July 2013)

You Gotta Reap Just What You Sow (June 2013)

A Wonder to Behold (April 2013)

A Portrait of Elizabeth: Shona Farmer from Zimbabwe (December 2012)

First Contact (November 2012)

An Ethnomusicologist at Large (October 2012)

France, Riots and the Poverty of Marxists (September 2012)

When Conquistadores Finally Prevail (August 2012)

By Foot to Gombe (July 2012)

How I Got Into College (June 2012)

Mendelssohn, The Nazis and Me (May 2012)

Searching for Shangri La: Tibet in Comics (April 2012)

In A Promised Land (March 2012)

From Teacher to Tutor-Solving Israel’s School Crisis (February 2012)

Camels, Canoes and Timbuktu (January 2012)

In the Court of the Tsadik (December 2011)

Wine, Women and Song (November 2011)

The Golden Bough, Once Again (October 2011)

Verbal Gladiators (September 2011)

Athens and Jerusalem: Odysseus and Moses (with Joseph Adler August 2011)

The Redemption of the King’s Talmud (July 2011)

A Walk Through Forest Hill (June 2011)

Somalia in a State of Nature (May 2011)

The Comforting Illusions of Friendship (April 2011)

Sir Wilfred Patrick Thesiger, Unedited (March 2011)

The Ruins at Kunduchi (February 2011)

The Maestro  (January 2011)

What Does Hezbollah Do For A Living? (December 2010)

The “Absence of History” at the World Bank (November 2010)

A Walk in Shonaland (October 2010)

The Angel of Death (September 2010)

The Byzantine Scribe (August 2010)

The Pagan Country Gentleman (June 2010)

Copyrighting the Bible (May 2010)

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (April 2010)

The Pipes of Pan (March 2010)

Turkey’s Great Musical Gamble (February 2010)



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