Knives out for Asians

by Armando Simón (August 2023)

Portrait of a Man with a Knife
, Bela Kondor, 1959


The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race. —Chief John Roberts


Affirmative Action was a policy that was put into place decades ago in order to improve the lives of Minorities, so that, all things being equal, a Minority would be chosen for jobs or acceptance in universities. Although initially conceived with the best of intentions, over the years it began to gather a momentum of resentment as it increasingly became evident that oftentimes persons who were classified Minorities were being chosen who were clearly less qualified than those who did not have the coveted title of Minority. And since most of the individuals who were objecting were whites, their objections were automatically dismissed as being an expression of racism. Nevertheless, it became obvious that Affirmative Action had become an instrument of racism against whites.

And the truth is it took a special kind of stupid (or hypocrite) to claim that Affirmative Action was not racist.

The fly in the ointment was Asian-Americans. I have mentioned on several occasions the hostility of leftists towards Asian-Americans, even though they were bestowed with the coveted title of Minority. The hostility was based because on their very nature. Asians shattered the rigid ideology of liberals which stated that whites prevented Minorities from becoming successful in society, particularly in academic settings. Part of the reason for Asians’ successes lies in their tight family structure, one that emphasizes the importance of education (incidentally, something that is present in Nigerian immigrants, particularly the Ibo). Kenny Xu goes into details in An Inconvenient Minority.

Take IQ tests, for example. It is a well-established scientific fact that there are differences in overall group IQ scores for different races, with blacks scoring a bit lower and with less variability than whites. Leftists with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about psychometrics snarled that the tests were designed to be racist. Yet, Asians consistently score higher, as a group, than whites, so how are IQ tests racist benefitting whites?

Leftists never have an answer.

Just insults and accusations.

But they do claim to be pro-science.

Incidentally, “white supremacy” is a delusional construct that has no basis in reality but one leftists in America embrace in order to curtail freedom and indoctrinate people. It’s exactly like the construct “witches” during the 1500s and 1600s (the true believers then were absolutely convinced that witches existed and could provide “proof” of their existence. For example, that old woman talking to herself was actually talking to Satan, and she had a cat, and she had boils on her arms. Proof positive!).

It is now an undisputed fact that liberals ironically established systemic racism in education settings. While liberals raged against President Trump’s supposedly anti-Asian racism simply for referring to covid-19 as the Wuhan virus, they actively promoted actual racism against Asians.

School boards across the country are notorious for being staffed by leftists. To the outrage of parents, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology lowered the incoming number of Asian students. A middle school excluded Asians from a college prep course. Columbia University issued a racist tweet (other liberals outside of academic settings have likewise been known to make racist remarks about Asians). University of Maryland created the category “Students of Color minus Asian.” When Senator Ted Cruz introduced a bill that would have unfunded universities that discriminate against Asian admissions, the Democrats, including Hawaii Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono, voted it down. One student with a 1590 SAT score was turned down by major universities, which he attributed to affirmative action. As a result, Asian students have attempted to conceal their race when applying to universities, including omitting hobbies and accomplishments that are typically Asian in order to bypass liberal gatekeepers (I had told both my children not to check the Asian race box in applications and to instead check Mexican).

Harvard, in particular, has been racist towards Asians, and its justification for its racist policies has always been a linguistic contortionist act, proving that anything can be justified and sanitized. “We’re talking about the world’s richest, elitist, most prestigious, most narcissistic institution of higher education.”

Harvard had previously discriminated against Jews.

But it’s considered bad taste to bring that up.

Students for Fair Admissions brought a lawsuit against Harvard (and the University of North Carolina, another racist university) on November 17th, 2014. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the United States District Court for Massachusetts ruled in favor of Harvard so the students appealed, with Harvard eventually spending $40 million to defend its racism. “Harvard doesn’t believe in diversity. Harvard believes in discrimination. They have been giving preferential treatment to blacks over Asians. QED.”

Eight years later, the US Supreme Court finally ruled for the obvious, for the rule of law, and for common sense, against Harvard’s racism. Liberals were upset. They claimed that the Supreme Court was essentially unconstitutional.

This was the satirical Babylon Bee’s headline: “Democrats Devastated As Supreme Court Bans Racism.”

As others have noted, blacks are on the top of the Minority totem pole, with all other Minorities having lesser status, Asians being at the very bottom. Affirmative Action was supposed to primarily benefit blacks yet it never occurred to anyone of the racism underlying the dictate in that it implied that all blacks were too stupid to make it to Harvard or Princeton or any other university on their own merits, which was false (I myself had black colleagues in my field; one had a razor-sharp mind while another was a moron). At any rate, the presumption of leftists was that all minorities held a common hatred of white people and would unite as brothers in replacing or exterminating whites.

Instead, what happened? Apparently, our beloved and precious blacks did not get the memo. Not only do many blacks make racist remarks directed at Asians, in the past few years there has been an outbreak of unprovoked physical assaults—not to mention insults—against Asians and Jews. These attacks by the brave Mandingo warriors have been extremely vicious and have particularly focused, not on grown men who can defend themselves, but on the most vulnerable—women and the elderly.

And in fact, blacks commit the most hate crimes.

And I can say from personal experience that the most racist people I have encountered in America have been blacks.

Here is where it gets particularly interesting, if not laughable. Although these attacks were carried out by black individuals, leftists have declared that the attacks were instances of white supremacy.

Even when an Asian kills another Asian, leftists insist white supremacy is the cause.

The media hivemind is so predictable.

So if black conservatives, Hispanics and Muslims are labeled by liberals as “white supremacists,” then it is not surprising that Asians are also labeled as such.

But it gets better. There are Asians who have been through the educational system and consequently been lobotomized to the point they have become Judas Goats. Eugene Gu insists that blacks victimizing Asians is, indeed, due to white supremacy while Harvard student Eileen Huang decries epithets against blacks who assault, harass and spit at Asians, writing with indignation that the poor darlings have suffered in the past—omitting that blacks were the ones doing the harassing, assaulting and the spitting. Another Judas Goat is University of California, Irvine’s Claire Jean Kim who, weeks after the decision, essentially justified discrimination against Asians because blacks have in the past been discriminated, a non sequitur obvious to anyone who has not been ideologically lobotomized.

And although these utterances may seem incomprehensible, it makes sense once you understand NPCs.

This is relevant because although the previous racism towards Asians were relatively minor compared to that directed towards whites, it appears that the attacks are going to rev up as liberals rage against the end of Affirmative Action, brought about by Asians. According to liberals, Asians are allies of white supremacy, or at best pawns of white supremacy. Other liberals repeat the party line, all of them making a point of ignoring what was the main argument of the students and the Supreme Court, relying instead on slogans, while arguing that Asians should support being discriminated against.

Asians who were present at the time the Supreme Court decision was made public instantly received verbal attacks, one Asian woman prophetically declaring, “The aggression we [just] faced is a harbinger of things to come.”

Sure enough, a couple of weeks later, the Smithsonian Institute canceled the Asian American Literature Festival as punishment.

One last thought: Only in America can an ethnic group have black history month, black holidays, black only colleges, black only dating sites, a black only television station, black only scholarships, black only graduation ceremonies, black only dating app, black only clubs and bars, and then turn around and call everyone else “racist.”


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Armando Simón is an official Minority, so any criticism of this article is due to racism. He is a trilingual native of Cuba, a forensic psychologist, author of A Cuban from Kansas and Fables from the Americas.

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  1. Nicely argued.
    What is the quantitative test defining who is Black?
    As even well-educated androids know, black is the absence of all color
    Thus, those considering their selves people of color are mistaken. If Black, they are colorless or acťually, colorabsent.
    Pale Pinkish People, PPP, mistakenly called ‘White’ are PPPitifully ridiculous browning their hides on beaches all over the planet.
    I propose assigning Pantone color standards and DNA coding to everyone. Purpose would be to clarify who should be intensely disliked, hated, maltreated, … for no good reason.

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