Nimrod’s Architecture

by Justin Wong (April 2019)

Nimrod, Leonard Baskin, 1975




Through works we’ll build a structure,

into the vast firmament; It will graze it as a child running through brambles,

Till like the child it groundward crumbles,

And to its Father cries out.


We’ll construct a building that is vast,

Like the cap of mountains, obscured by wandering vapours,

As in a magician’s laboratory,

Or the air on captivating mornings of spring.


And the world of matter will be as light,

Though essence and substance both,

That one cannot tell whether it is life, or the life after,

The world fallen, or the eternal city?


Where all would be as one,

The offerings of man equal to his Brethren’s,

The fruit and the firstling the same—

Indistinguishable, each from the other.


The younger and older brother,

Each a fatted calf slaughtered,

One in being lost, now found,

The other in being found—now lost!


Through works the world to nowhere will crumble,

As if soaring with feathers of wax, into the gaseous sphere,

Falling to the ground as dust, till crying into the abyss,

All are foreign to our tongue . . .  and we to theirs!



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Justin Wong is originally from Wembley, though at the moment is based in the West Midlands. He has been passionate about the English language and Literature since a young age. Previously, he lived in China working as an English teacher. He is currently at work on a Novel.

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