On Migration: An Open Letter to George Soros

by A. Aspasia (October 2017)

A Map Without Borders, Fons Heijnsbroek



I speak as a fully committed supporter of your views that promote an open, humane and tolerant society.  I fully support your approaches on Human Rights, Transparency, Drugs, Prostitution, Euthanasia and Penal Decarceration. But your support for Mass Muslim Migration has me recoiling in horror. This is where I have to say, ‘No. This is deeply wrong.’


Islam is surely the antithesis of secular, democratic, libertarian and epicurean Western values (Carlqyist, 2016; Islam, 2016) and this presents immense problems (Žižek, 2017). This conflict is also perceived by British Muslims (Kern, 2016; Field, 2007). The Islamic scripture (Bukay, 2007) and polls of Muslim opinion (Raza, 2015), demonstrate extensive support for oppression, fundamentalism and extremism. There are tolerant peaceful parts in the Koran, but according of the Doctrine of Abrogation, they are over-ridden by the violent parts (Ibrahim, 2014). It is far from easy to support a claim that terrorism is ‘a perversion of Islam,’ not supported by the religious texts and teachings (Burki, 2011).


People from other Abrahamic religions often defend Islam, thinking that they are defending a religion ‘just like us’ and religious freedom in general, not realizing that Islam requires believers to violently fight all the other religions and ‘Unbelievers’ until they convert to Islam (Ibrahim, 2014). This requirement on Muslims to fight Non-Muslims has been expressed in Islam’s genocidal history (Ibrahim, 2015) against Assyrians, Armenians, Greeks (Jones, 2011) also against Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs (Khan, 2009, Durant, 1954; Gautier, 2003; Lal, 1992,1994; Sikhnet, 2017). The support for genocide is in the scriptural texts (Bukay, 2013). It can of course be noted that probably most religions have violence in their histories, however Islam is unlike other religions in that it specifically commands violence and plunder against Unbelievers (Ibrahim, 2009), and those considered not Islamic enough, or not considered the right kind of Islam. ISIS is following the same religious edicts (Wood, 2014) that were applied in the previous genocides.


People perhaps think that what we are witnessing is just another wave of immigration, of the kind that enriched our cultural diversity, but previous waves of migrants did not come holding a book that told them to plunder, enslave and kill us (Bukay, 2013). Although Islam benefits from a commitment to multiculturalism and diversity, Islam only tolerates diversity within the Islamic Umma. Islamic texts mandate domination (Bukay, 2013) of other cultures and religions outside Islam. Islam is unlike other religions, and this migration is unlike other migrations that produced multicultural societies. This is ‘Hijra,’ Jihad by migration (Crowley, 2015).


It is not clear why you have taken this position of promoting Mass Muslim Migration. None of the arguments in support actually stack up. Encouraging a generation of fighting aged men to abandon the women and children of Syria to enslavement by the terrorists does not place anyone on the moral high ground. Nor does stripping a disadvantaged country of its professionals including doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers, especially when their educations were paid for by Syrian taxpayers. Stopping the funding, arming and training of the terrorists and brokering a democratic solution for Syria is a far better solution. Further, there is now ample evidence that the majority of the migrants are not refugees (Worley, 2016) and the proportion of migrants who are refugees is diminishing over time (BBC, 2017).


Most of the arrivals are economic migrants from Africa. If the desire to confront world poverty is sincere, it is within the wit of the Oligarchs to end world poverty at any time of their choosing. Eliminating extreme poverty and hunger would only require the redirecting of 9.5–13% of global military spending (Perlo-Freeman, 2016), and far better economic efficiency could be obtained by purchasing support in the regions of origin (Camarota, & Zeigler, 2015).


An alleged labour shortage to care for the elderly population could have been resolved by employing the millions of young unemployed that Merkel’s EU policies created in Southern Europe. Further, given predicted technological advancements, a labor surplus is more likely than a labor shortage, unless we colonise outer space. Another argument has been that the creation of a fully united Europe requires the destruction of the nation state. A far more effective, and far less destructive way would be to win the hearts and minds of Europeans, whereas Mass Muslim Migration is alienating the masses from the European project. Postcolonial guilt is oft cited, but European imperialism was actually far more humane than the Islamic imperialism (Khan, 2009) that it pushed back against, in which for example, 90% of Black male slaves bled to death from castration (Spencer, 2013).


Because none of the explanations for Mass Muslim Migration amount to justifications, sinister motivations are alleged in popular speculations. This is inevitable when people get the sense that they have not been given the true picture and they know that their democratic concerns (Goodwin, et al, 2017) are being overridden. It is clear though, that the free movement of labour has always been an aim of Classical economics that threatened the working conditions of indigenous peoples.


The intellectual tasks that need to be undertaken have never been more difficult and yet your current advisers appear to be inadequate to the very difficult task of unraveling complex contemporary conundrums such as: Supporting freedom of religion for a religion that calls for the death of unbelievers, violates the right to freedom of religion and right to life of everyone else. Another example would be: Importing millions of fighting age men from the most sexist societies on the planet, puts the rights of millions of women in harm’s way. Though some of the migrants are fleeing tyranny, others are bringing it with them (Khan, 2017). Here’s another, if you point out that Anti-Jewishness is over-represented among Muslims (Hasan, 2013; Staetsky, 2017), you’re dismissed as racist. Also ominous is that importing millions of supporters of Sharia (Lipka, 2017) (Islamic governance and law) into Europe who can then vote democracy out of existence against the wishes of the native Europeans, is a catastrophe of epic proportions.


Intersectional politics is difficult, I understand that, but sacrificing the needs of one group such as white women, or Jews, or Gays, or Non-Muslims in general, to oppression by Islamic men, is unacceptable. This has been happening ever since Black Panthers signed up to Islam, and Eldridge Cleaver (Russel, 2003) started preaching that the rape of white women was an appropriate political tactic. Surely, we should not be imagining that a religion which supports, and is proselytised, by the most oppressive absolutist monarchies on the planet, is a religion of the dispossessed.


Even Machiavelli understood the need for two or three advisers who would not succumb to flattery but would feel free to ‘speak truth to power.’ Even the Catholic Church at its most repressive, understood the need for a ‘Devil’s Advocate’ to act as a counter force against rigidity of thought. Psychologists have understood the need to deconstruct groupthink. Yet no one appears to be effectively playing this much needed role amongst your current coterie. The intellectual deficit is glaring.


It may be thought that the migrants will change their opinions and practices once they are subjected to the socializing processes of western society. However, the evidence on this is mixed. Fundamentalism is particularly gaining ground among second generation Muslim migrants (Roy, 2004). A significant number of terrorists have been second generation Muslim migrants (Leiken, 2012). This increased Fundamentalism is of course subject to considerable debate, but one of the significant causes is that once Muslims enter Europe they are subjected to barrages of Wahabi, Deobandi and Salafist extremist indoctrination in Saudi and Qatar funded mosques (Weinstein, 2017; Dispatches, 2007; Wilson, 2017; The Henry Jackson Society, 2017; Mauro, 2017). Most disturbing is that the political elites have shown themselves almost entirely unwilling to address the problems of Gulf funding of extremism (Cockburn, 2017).


However, the greatest risk of terrorism and extremism will not result from non-integration and ghettoization, though this is certainly a problem. Far more serious, is partial integration, resulting in a cognitive dissonance from the conflict between normal western behaviours and the religious teachings.


Partial integration is easily exploited by terrorist and extremist recruiters who offer violent Jihad which they claim is the only Islamically guaranteed escape from eternal Hell fire said to result from engaging in westernized sins (Wood, 2016; Pen vs Sword 2015). The Islamic teachings are far from irrelevant to terrorism (Christians United for Israel, 2017) as some apologists would try and convince us, in fact they are a crucial part of the deadly cocktail that produces the majority of terrorist attacks.


We now have insurgency levels of extremists in Europe (Nawaz, 2017). The 66,000 officially known Jihadis are the size of a standing army (Meotti, 2017). The polls of Muslim opinion, together with the views demonstrated in street protests and paucity of opposing street protests show even larger concentric circles of support around the extremists (Raza, 2015). Further evidence is now coming to light that extremist opinion is well organized (Gilligan,  2015) and lucratively financed (Wilson, 2017) to exert international influence on politicians in countries such as Britain. Once electoral blocks in swinging seats are wielded, state capture occurs and as a result, huge public funds become available to be redirected into support of extremist causes (Gilligan, 2010, 2014).


It is therefore a considerable cause for escalating concern, that authority has shown itself unwilling to address the reservations of European citizens about migration and specifically about Islam. The deeply detested migration policy is still blundering on against Continent wide democratic opposition (Goodwin, et al 2017).


Terrorism is the tip of an iceberg of violence to which European peoples are being subjected by the migrants. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs for example, point to centuries of oppression by Muslims (Khan, 2009), but now entirely new crimes are being introduced into Europe such as Taharrush (BBC 2016), which involves the gang raping of women in crowds. Yet the full extent of the impacts is unknown because many political elites refuse to collect the data, and the media often refuse to report on the concerns (Arpi, 2016). Crucial relevant information, is repressed (Goddard, 2017). This situation causes huge suspicion of the rulers by the ruled. Nevertheless evidence has finally emerged of increased levels of sexual assault (Bra, 2016) and other forms of violence (Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs 2017) despite the Public Relations spin that accompanies the evidence. Apologists claim that the increased reports of sexual assaults in Sweden are due to changed reporting requirements. Sweden broadened definitions of rape in 2005 and 2013, but that cannot explain for example, the increases between 2014 and 2015, or 2015 and 2016.


There are other disastrous problems. Multiculturalism is undermining Human Rights (Zechenter, 1997). Cruel and oppressive practices come to be tolerated and defended in a misguided cultural relativism (Tilley, 2001) that privileges diversity above citizen wellbeing. Multiculturalism even promotes oppression of the members of ethnic minorities (Murray,  2016). Furthermore, once the Migrants bring in large numbers of relatives through family reunification programs, the financial burdens will likely take the welfare state and other administrative systems to breaking point (Durden, 2017).


Even in the teeth of the evidence, negative impacts such as the role of Islam in terrorism are being downplayed [see for example the denial against evidence in page 3 of this UN Report: el-Said, & Barrett, 2017]. Authority, including the Left, patronizes the concerns that people feel about Islamic migration, concealing information and argument (Chazan, 2017) that democratic citizens were entitled to receive. This amounts to gaslighting, which increases the sense of disquiet, because it does not show one iota of understanding of the very real distress that people are undergoing as a result of Islamic migration (Robinson, 2016). This absence of empathy in authority results in a vacuum, that is then filled by the far right. 


Real empathy requires enlightenment; without it, all we have is sentimentality. Supporters of Mass Muslim Migration have a duty to think through the ramifications of what they are doing. Otherwise they are akin to the elderly couple who upon hearing that the dog’s tail needed to be amputated responded, “Oh no, can’t you please just take an inch at a time?” We need real solutions, not cheap self-righteous ‘feel good’ moments. First though, we need a clear definition of the problem that Mass Muslim Migration was meant to solve.


Rather than real analysis, absurdity has become the order of the day. The Women’s March which was the largest political march in the US ever, prattled on about ‘pussy grabbing,’ yet said hardly a word about ‘pussy chopping’.  And yes when we look into it, we find that Female Genital Mutilation is indeed an Islamic, and not merely cultural, practice (von der Osten-Sacken, & Uwer, 2007; Wood, 2017). We also discover that lying in order to support the religion and gain recruits is an Islamically acceptable practice, even a duty (Ibrahim, 2010).


Civilisations (Harris, 2015) are far more fragile than people realise. There is a long list of destroyed civilisations stretching back into antiquity and of course there is considerable debate about why civilisations fail.  Let me clear up some of the doubt. Greco Roman civilisation collapsed once economic inequality reached such a high degree of concentration that the forces of political oligarchy could override support for more democratic tendencies. Once you have Oligarchs making huge civilisation affecting decisions without moderation by effective expression of the interests of the majority, you get very poor quality decision-making. We can see from history that civilisations do not survive this process. We also need to remember that the last time European civilisation was destroyed, Europe was plunged into a 1000 yearlong Dark Ages. Indeed the Pirenne thesis asserts that Islam was responsible for the Dark Ages by imposing centuries of attacks and enslavement on Europe that also disrupted access to the world’s trades routes (Scott, 2016).


In imposing Mass Muslim Migration on Europe, the current Oligarchs are overriding the democratic will (Goodwin, et al 2017) of the peoples of Europe. If not effectively challenged, Mass Muslim Migration will result in an expotential demographic timebomb (Michaels, 2009) that will replace democracy with Sharia (Durie, 2014) [Islamic Law and governance]. This means the end of European civilisation (Kopping, 2008) and the end can happen far more quickly than people realise (Murray, 2017).


With chilling synchronicity, Emperor Valens’ name is linked to the fall of the Roman Empire, due to an act of granting asylum that spiraled out of control.  Do you want the name of George Soros to be remembered as the man who destroyed the second European civilisation? Is the solution to all the horror in Africa and the Middle East to bring the affected populations in their entirety to Europe? One would have to say that: ‘impossible must be wrong’! The UN mandated ‘Responsibility to Protect’, is proactive, not the kind of reactive incompetence that is currently being demonstrated by the EU, and nowhere does it include a right to sink the rescuer.


More wisely, there is of course a better vision that can be substituted for the current apocalypse. I am compelled therefore to ask, are you great enough to face up to the grave error that is occurring. Open Borders are indeed a laudable aim long term, once world poverty has been eliminated, but Mass Muslim Migration into Europe at this time, is an error of catastrophic proportions.


In order that all your great achievements and aspirations be not effaced, I urge you, please reconsider.



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As an academic consultant, A.  Aspasia advised government in the fields of Race Relations, Indigenous Affairs, housing, education health and employment. Aspasia has a lifetime of experience teaching and researching in Higher Education.

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