Protest of Muslim Capitol Day in Tallahassee, Florida: an Interview with Tom Trento

by Jerry Gordon (March 2010)

Muslim Capitol Day in Tallahassee returns for a second time this March at the start of the Florida legislative session on March 11th. The Florida Security Council (FSC) is protesting this event. Their theme this year is America on Guard against the Muslim Brotherhood agenda in the guise of “supremacist Islam.” 
The FSC led by Tom Trento has been one of the more successful grass roots activist groups confronting Muslim Brotherhood fronts in America, such as the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and the Muslim American Society (MAS), and Muslim Students Association (MSA). FSC is vitally concerned about Muslim infiltration of our society undermining our constitutional guarantees of freedom and liberty with its supremacist ideology and Islamic Sharia law. The FSC strongly supports America’s commitment to its ally in the Middle East, Israel. Further, it has been concerned about the preservation and defense of free speech as guaranteed under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. It has also undertaken the cause of freedom for apostates from Islam.
Reflective of the FSC mission was the organization of a protest rally and press conference to oppose the first Muslim Capitol Day in Tallahassee in March 2009. FSC organized a Free Speech Summit in Boca Raton honoring Geert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party, currently undergoing a criminal proceeding in the Netherlands for criticizing Islam with his controversial film, Fitna. FSC advocated for the freedom of teen-age Christian convert Rifqa Bary during her sojourn in Florida in 2009 after running away from her Muslim parents’ home in Columbus, Ohio. FSC’s website contains an impressive array of materials and videos depicting its achievements in support of its mission. FSC has spread its wings nationally to organize and support free speech events in Philadelphia and New York.
To gain an insight into this year’s protests against Muslim Capitol Day led by Ahmed Bedier of United Voices for America, we interviewed, Tom Trento of the FSC.
Thank you Mr. Trento for consenting to this interview.
Gordon: What is the mission of the Florida Security Council?
Trento: The FSC is dedicated to the defense of the U.S. Constitution, the State of Israel, and the defeat of Supremacist Islam. Our mission is to expose the agenda and methods of the Muslim Brotherhood – affiliated groups in America, such as CAIR, ISNA, MAS and MSA and to highlight their “unholy alliance” with the extremists of Supremacist Islam. The ultimate goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is the replacement of our Constitution with Sharia Law. So this alliance represents a profound threat to our National Security, as well as to our civil rights and liberties.   Muslim-driven anti-Semitism is sharply on the rise, particularly on our college campuses. Political-Correctness is undermining our Military, and putting free speech under assault in all avenues of public discourse. Our goal is to educate Floridians as to these threats to our way of life, and to become motivated activists in the causes of security and liberty.
Gordon: What are some of the major events the FSC has organized?
Trento: The FSC  has educated hundreds of thousands through its video distributions of films such as Obsession, Third Jihad, and Homegrown We are also fighting a legal battle of our own against Ocean Properties, LTD. (OPL) for the unlawful cancellation of our Free Speech Summit by the Delray Beach Marriott.  Since August of 2009, we have been advocating for Rifqa Bary, a Christian convert from Islam, who is under threat as a potential honor-killing victim. Her terrifying case has not been totally resolved even with an Ohio Juvenile court overturning motions by her parents requesting a trial thereby granting her temporary dependency until she reaches the age of majority. Outstanding are still all important immigration issues arising from her perilous position an undocumented alien at risk of being deported to Sri Lanka where she is under death threats, which FSC has documented. To learn more about these events and others, please visit here you will find the 2009 Year in Review, and plans for 2010.
Gordon: What is Muslim Day in Florida’s capital of Tallahassee and who organized it?

: Muslim Capitol Day is an event organized by Ahmed Bedier’s United Voices for America (UVA). Bedier is the former Executive Director of CAIR, Tampa. His ties to the extremist Muslim Brotherhood and pro-terror sympathies are well-documented. He even served as spokesman for convicted Palestinian-terrorism supporter Sami al-Arian. Bedier is the President of UVA, an organization he founded just in advance of the FBI’s severance of “official” ties with CAIR. The purpose of Muslim Capitol Day is to deceive lawmakers into believing UVA is a benign civil rights organization, representing disenfranchised minorities and immigrants on such issues as healthcare and education. Since CAIR was founded by HAMAS (Muslim Brotherhood of Palestine), and UVA was founded by a CAIR operative, this makes UVA the grandchild of a terrorist organization whose only reason for being is to wage a global Jihad against non-Muslims. Of course, there is no freedom of religion or civil rights, or human rights for minorities, women, gays or non Muslims under any regime ruled by Sharia Law. UVA’s choice of “advocacy” is certainly a perverted irony.

Gordon: Why does the FSC ‘America on Guard’ protest of Muslim Capitol Day in Tallahassee have national importance?

Quite simply: this is the Stealth Jihad coming to Tallahassee. It is all about gaining political legitimacy and media credibility in order to infiltrate government and civic institutions for the purpose of furthering the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. The grand scheme is to slowly introduce special Sharia-friendly concepts into official public life. For example: in education this means ensuring that Islam is promoted in a positive manner in K-12 schools, through mandatory curricula and textbook oversight. So the concept of Jihad is whitewashed and presented as some sort of personal, inner-struggle, instead of the violent means of establishing totalitarianism that it actually is. For law-enforcement, it means mandatory “Muslim Sensitivity” training. For official public life it means the participation of Radical Imams at public invocations. Legislatively it means the introduction of so-called “Hate Speech” laws, which would make it a crime to offend anyone with a truthful discussion of Islam. If this agenda is successful in Florida, it will become the model for all other States. This would truly represent the end of America as we know it.

Gordon: FSC launched a protest of the first Muslim Day in 2009. What did you accomplish, and what were the messages conveyed at the press conference?

 In 2009 we visited Tallahassee with the limited goal of warning lawmakers about Ahmed Bedier and his group, UVA. We put together 30+page briefing kits and hand-delivered them to each Legislators’ offices. We were able to have many one-on-one meetings with lawmakers and staff. Importantly, we did not ask them to refuse to meet with the UVA members, only to be aware of the origins of this group, and to be wary of its hidden agenda. The team we assembled included leaders of concerned organizations, representing the interests of millions of Floridians. The press conference featured speakers who are recognized authorities on issues of national security and the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Most lawmakers are well-versed in issues of domestic importance at the State level. Many are simply unaware of national security issues as they impact Florida. The Stealth Jihad is a difficult concept to convey. This was the territory covered by  myself and Dr. Rich Swier (FSC), Adam Hasner (Florida House Majority Leader), Frank Gaffney, (Center for Security Policy) Joe Kaufman (Americans Against Hate), Kelly Cook (ACT for America), Dr. Rich Trento (US Army Lt. Col., retired); Martin Mawer (Christian Action Network), and you. Visitors to
 can read the entire dossier on Ahmed Bedier and view the video of the press conference, as well as other material.
Gordon: Why have you chosen the protest theme of “Progressive Islam” for this year’s protest of Muslim Capitol Day?
Trento: In the first place, it is interesting that a protest is even taking place. Originally we set out to duplicate the format of last year’s briefings and press conference, but thankfully, awareness and interest of activists is extremely elevated right now. Whereas last year there was pressure from the top of organizations to coordinate an event, this year it is the activists themselves pushing to be heard by their representatives in Tallahassee. As for the theme – Progressive Islam – unfortunately it presented itself. The FSC-produced Muslim Mafia video (directed by J. Mark Campbell, and available for viewing at shows the “progressive” movement of the Muslim Brotherhood from its founding in 1928 – through its present day associations  leading  up to UVA. The dots are powerfully, undeniably connected.

Gordon: What is the current schedule for the FSC protest of Muslim Capitol day in Tallahassee?
Trento: On March 10th we have a scheduled National Security Briefing for lawmakers and their staffs at the IMAX theatre. Topics to be covered will include Progressive Islam, Ahmed Bedier, Homegrown terrorism and Stealth Jihad, apostates from Islam, and a Q & A session. On March 11th, we will conduct a press conference to coincide with a protest rally that will be attended by activists from all over the State of Florida. They are coming to Tallahassee to demonstrate they are On Guard for Florida and America. All of the proceedings will be video recorded, so we hope many of the activists will take advantage of an “open microphone” session to tell the world why they travelled to Tallahassee for this event. Up to date schedule information will be posted on the FSC website.
Gordon: Who are some of the America on Guard program speakers and their backgrounds?
Trento: Dr. Rich Swier of the FSC will moderate and give a National Security overview.  Dr. Swier is a retired US Army Lt. Col., who helped develop Counter-Terrorism policy for the Army during the Reagan Administration. Dave Gaubatz, co-author of Muslim Mafia, will describe how the Muslim Brotherhood groups are financed, and how they infiltrate and influence Government. His son Chris Gaubatz was as an undercover convert to Islam who infiltrated CAIR and obtained many of their documents. Joe Kaufman of Americans Against Hate (AAH) will present the dossier on Ahmed Bedier and UVA. Kaufman is one of the country’s leading investigative journalists on the Muslim Brotherhood in America. You will moderate a panel featuring author, activist and lecturer Nonie Darwish of Former Muslims United (FMU),  as well as a representative of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a non-profit organization working for the defense of religious liberties and a client (also an apostate) whom the ACLJ successfully defended. Rabbi Jon Hausman will be travelling to Tallahassee from Boston in order to discuss the folly and dangers of many interfaith outreach efforts with the Muslim community. Other speakers are still being confirmed. In-depth bios will be found at the FSC website.
Gordon: What materials will FSC distribute to lawmakers and the media?

: We will distribute DVD’s of the Muslim Mafia video that connects the dots of Progressive Islam, and handouts featuring highlights of the full briefing packet that is available online. We hope everyone will take the time to view and share the video, and visit the website.

Gordon: What grassroots activist groups have indicated that they would attend the America on Guard protest event in Tallahassee?
Trento: Our chapter leader friends from ACT for America are working overtime to help their members get to Tallahassee. We are especially pleased that many Florida Tea Party activists will be coming to the rally. This tells us that more and more citizens are recognizing the threat to our Constitution posed by the supremacist Progressive Islam movement and its allies. They will be joining with other pro-American, pro-Israel activists from groups such as Shalom International, AAH, and Christians and Jews United for Israel. Many people who will be attending are not even affiliated with any organization at all. They are simply concerned with the Islamization of Florida and America, and have never attended such rallies before. The one thing they all have in common is they believe in the Judeo-Christian principles this country was founded upon, the freedom and liberty preserved by our Constitution. These values are at risk. The rally is an affirmation of American exceptionalism. 
Gordon: What other major projects does FSC have under consideration following the Muslim Capitol Day protest in Tallahassee?
Trento: The FSC will continue its educational outreach with briefings, lectures, film-viewings, and advocacy of free speech issues. We have already reached thousands of Floridians, and would like to reach many thousands more. Concerned citizens from all over the U.S. have invited us to their cities to help them form similar councils for their areas. We will help establish “sister” councils wherever we can. For those who are interested, please visit and click on the Contact tab.


Thank you Mr. Trento


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