Stand Up and Fight Islamization of the West: an interview with Paul L. Weston of Liberty GB

by Jerry Gordon (April 2016)

Paul L. Weston of Liberty GB at Winchester Guild Hall
April 26, 2014

On April 26, 2014, Paul L. Weston, founder of the Liberty GB party, was arrested at Winchester Guild Hall in London for reciting an excerpt from Sir Winston Churchill’s River War, attacking the barbaric Islamic Qur’anic doctrine. The River War concerned the British campaign in 1898 that defeated the Mahdi’s Jihadi army in the Sudan which had enslaved Sudanese Africans and subjected all in his conquered realm to a brutal form of Salafism. The Mahdi’s jihadis had killed and beheaded legendary Major Gen. Sir Charles Gordon at the siege of Khartoum in 1883. Gordon who was immensely popular in Britian had been sent to the Sudan by the Khedive of Egypt to reign in the Islamic enslavement of Africans.

Paul Weston daily mail 4-26-14.jpg
Paul L. Weston of Liberty GB being arrested
Winchester Guild Hall April 26, 2014
Source: Daily Mail UK

At the time, we wrote of what Weston called a “stunt” in an interview on the Lisa Benson Show both after his release from jail in April 27, 2014 and on a reprise March 20, 2016. We wrote at the time of Weston’s arrest in 2014:

At around 2:00 pm Mr. Weston was standing on the steps of Winchester Guildhall, addressing the passers-by in the street with a megaphone. He quoted the following excerpt about Islam from the book The River War by Winston Churchill:

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the faith: all know how to die but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith.”

Reportedly a woman came out of the Winchester Guildhall and asked Mr. Weston if he had the authorization to make this speech. When he answered that he didn’t, she told him “It’s disgusting!” and then called the police.

Six or seven officers arrived. They talked with the people standing nearby, asking questions about what had happened. The police had a long discussion with Mr. Weston, lasting about 40 minutes.

At about 3:00 pm he was arrested, charged with a violation of Section 4 for Racially Aggravated assault. They searched him, put him in a police van and took him away.

He was briefly held overnight and released the following day.

Prior to the latest Lisa Benson Show interview with Weston, this writer shared a thought that  the complicated effort by the liberal Imperialist British which led a mixed British, Egyptian and Sudanese force was a victory against the 19th Century equivalent of the Islamic State. Weston responded that Britain today would not lead in a similar effort. Rather, it would be the US, if it had the leadership with the resolve and commitment to defeat the Islamic State. Weston quoted Prime Minister Gladstone in Parliament holding a copy of the Qur’an over his head saying: “As long as there is this book [the Quran], there will be no peace in the world.” He considered it an “accursed book.” Weston commented that his “stunt” was deliberately directed at what we and others want to bring attention to, that is, the obsessive, Orwellian political correctness of the Westminster Government of Prime Minister Cameron who has seemingly disavowed his general election promise in 2015 to combat radical Islamic extremism as illustrated by pronouncements by Home Secretary Theresa May. Soeren Kern in a Gatestone Institute cited May’s anti-Islamist proposals:

The home secretary has pledged that a future Tory government would — among other measures — ban Islamic hate preachers, shut down extremist mosques and review whether Sharia courts in England and Wales are compatible with British values.

May has also promised to crack down on Islamic extremism in British prisons, to monitor how police are responding to so-called honor crimes, female genital mutilation and forced marriage, and to change the citizenship law to ensure that successful applicants respect British values.

It is obvious that the Cameron government has evaded May’s proposals following the May 7, election results. Moreover, he has gone on record endeavoring to make the city of London the center of Sharia finance in a 2013 speech before the World Islamic Economic Forum.

Weston left the UK Independent Party in 2010 to found Liberty GB. Like Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party at the Hague Parliament, Weston is focused on the issue of Islamization of the UK from both legal and illegal Muslim immigration. His freedom of speech and those of his fellow citizens have been muzzled by the politically correct multicultural policies of the current Cameron government. These include recognizing Sharia law and ineffective counterterrorism policies toward those homegrown Muslim rejectionists of liberal British values and laws – some of whom have committed horrendous terrorist attacks and slaughter on the streets of Great Britain, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. Then there is the abysmal history of Muslim gangs controlling prisons. Weston noted in his interview that a leader of the anti-Islamist English Defense League, Tommy Robinson, had been purposely placed in the same cell with these jihadis in the hope he would be silenced by hands other than theirs. He was also savagely attacked by jihadis in his home town of Luton in February 2016. Nevertheless, Breitbart UK reported Robinson officially launched the UK branch of the pan-European Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) movement on January 4, 2015, along with Weston and Anne Marie Waters. Weston reported the first rally of PEGIDA UK on February 6, 2016 in Birmingham to be following by another there in April.


Weston is concerned about the third generation of Pakistani communities who have succumbed to the anti-Western Deobandi Islamic and Salafist Wahabbist doctrines espoused by radical imams in Britain’s 3,000 mosques significantly funded by the Saudis. He estimated that over $800 billion has been spent by the Saudis in funding madrassas and mosques in both the Muslim ummah and the West. Despite periodic media and select Parliamentary investigative reports, he pointed out the misogynist behavior of Pakistani émigré men who continue to engage in gang rapes, sex grooming, torture and prostitution of young Hindu, Sikh and white girls in local Labor Councils throughout the country. The sorry record of media cover-up, limited arrests and convictions of these Muslim sex gangs is depicted in graphic detail in the recently published NER Press exposé by Peter McCloughlin, Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal. Add to that emergence of informal Sharia monitors in predominately Muslim areas in the UK like Tower Hamlets in London. Hundreds of young Muslim men and women in the UK have left to join ISIS. Some, like the late “Jihadi John,” have been prominently featured in ISIS videos beheading UK and American captives. He noted that MI-5, the national intelligence and counterterrorism force has done an effective job of preventing many mass transit attacks following the 7/7/2005 attacks in London. However, he suggested that it cannot keep up with the workload.

In the latest Lisa Benson Show interview, Weston indicated that virtually half of the more than 800,000 legal and illegal immigrants annually entering the UK are Muslims. They have entered under both fraudulent temporary marriages to EU citizens from the Balkans and Eastern Europe and subsequently via family reunification involving multiple wives. This has, according to Weston, accelerated the growth of the Muslim population, resulting an enormous increased welfare system burden and security costs.

Weston also discussed the Orwellian perversity of the British version of “countering violent extremism” campaign. He noted that two examples of Neo-Nazi propaganda cited in the “violent extremism” report were comments made by him. We conducted this latest NER interview with Weston in the midst of his tour in the US and Canada with stops in Long Island, New York, Montreal and Toronto. He told of the police being called to the original hotel venue in Montreal because of allegations that those gathered to hear his presentation were “fascists.” Those attendees queried by the police dismissed the allegations. Nevertheless this was instructive that the new Trudeau government policies attempt to muzzle the free speech that had been a hallmark of the former Conservative Harper government. The attendees decamped to a private residence to hear Weston speak of the dangers of Islamization in the UK and Europe, as well as address questions about the threats to Jewish communities.

Watch the Vladtepes YouTube videos of Weston’s Montreal remarks and question and answer responses, here and here.

When asked by host Lisa Benson on her eponymous program on March 20, 2016 about what might be possible solutions, Weston responded, “put a stop to both legal and illegal Muslim immigration.”

Against this background, we interviewed Paul Weston.

Jerry Gordon:  Paul Weston,  welcome back.

Paul Weston:  Jerry, thank you for inviting me.

Jerry Gordon:  You are a founder of Liberty GB modeled on the Dutch Freedom Party which was founded by Geert Wilders a decade ago. When was the UK variant founded and what are its guiding principles?

Paul Weston:  Essentially of course it is there purely to counter Islam, because nobody else is, but there is more to it than that. Our ten point manifesto is on our website. Number one, make sure that we have freedom of speech in Britain, which we don’t have anymore; we used to. We never had it codified like your First Amendment. That’s something that we need to do. Two, we need to leave the too soft totalitarian European Union. Three, replace the Human Rights Act, which is causing all sorts of problems, with a new rights act that would benefit us and not Muslim terrorists. Four, halt any further immigration for a period of about five years. Six, deport all the foreign criminal and illegal immigrants. Seven, reverse any influence of radical Islam over British institutions. Eight, drastically reduce crime. Nine and this is important, repair the damage that the progressive education elites have inflicted on our children in the schools.  Because our schools and universities, as of course are yours, are rapidly becoming indoctrination centers for progressive socialists, communists, left-wing thought. Number ten, promote British and western values as the number-one priority in Britain for young people to learn rather than multiculturalism, which at the moment, tells them that all other faiths and races are wonderful and Christianity and Englishness is something to be thoroughly ashamed of. That needs to be utterly reversed. Broadly speaking, that is our ten-point plan in effect. Nobody else is saying anything like this at the moment in Britain. It’s very important. Without it we are not going survive until 2050 as a peaceful liberal democracy unless these sorts of things are introduced.

Gordon:  Is Pegida UK, like organizations in France, Germany, and other EU countries dedicated to citizens’ action against Islamization in Britain? If so, when was it organized and what actions has it undertaken?

Weston:  We drew really on what was happening in Dresden for this and the fact that Dresden was getting 25 to 30,000 peaceful, civilized people out there on a weekly basis. And we thought that listen; our problems are greater probably in Britain than they are in Germany. So we’ve had the EDL, which was dedicated to citizen action against Islamization, but it was demonized by the media. There were elements of unruly behavior; it was very easy to demonize them. We thought if we’re going do this, it has to be done in a professional, peaceful, civilized manner. And we had our first march in February the 6th in Birmingham. And we went out beforehand and we put it out on all the social media that this has to be civilized and peaceful, and we asked for old people and grandparents and ex-soldiers to turn up for it and make it very hard for the media to portray it as just a bunch of thugs and hooligans, and I think it worked extremely well. We had four or five hundred people turn out for the first event. The second event is coming up in Birmingham again on the third Saturday in April. We know that a lot of people were looking, who didn’t come to the first one, but they were looking to see whether it was going be what we said it was going be, which was peaceful. I think that having seen that, we’re going get considerably more numbers for the second one, and hopefully we can grow this in the way that the Dresden Pegida did. We are all involved in trying to set up and operate new Pegida chapters all across the world. We are getting involved in one in Sweden. I was talking to Ned May of the Gates of Vienna blog. He’s trying to organize chapters and wants us to get involved in Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia, all the countries now which are having serious problems with migration waves coming across. They are out on the streets already, but we want to unify this Pegida brand as something all across the world, particularly Europe but all across the western world.

Gordon:  The New English Review Press has just published Easy Meat by Peter McLoughlin. It is about the 25-year hidden story of Muslim sex grooming, rape, and prostitution in the UK. Who coined the title of McLoughlin’s book and why did you endorse this exposé?

Weston:  I think it’s quite surprising who came up with that expression. It was actually the ex-home secretary Jack Straw, the Labor Home secretary under Tony Blair’s government in the UK. He came up and actually used the words white girls in England are now “easy meat.” Remarkable for a labor politician to say it, let alone an ex-Home Secretary, who helped open the flood gates to the rapists, murderers and jihadists all the way back in 1997. At the same time he made it extremely difficult for us to say anything defensively about what was going on by shutting down our rights of free speech. He basically made it a hate crime to actually say we don’t want these people in here. I’ve endorsed the book because it is something that needs to be known by every single family in Europe, America, Canada and Australia. The entire western world needs to understand that if you have daughters, your daughters are in danger of being groomed, raped, tortured, trafficked and abused by Islam, because this is what Islam believes is permissible. Your right hand possesses what your right hand owns is taught specifically within the Quran in fact means slave girls. It’s not just slave girls, they are infidel slave girls. Until the people across the Western world understand that this is mandated and condoned by the Quran, our children, our daughters are going to be in total danger. Of course as Muslim numbers grow, these things will continue to grow. The book is important and I absolutely applaud Peter McLoughlin for writing it. I hope it is going to sell vast amounts of copies, but I rather doubt that it will because these things are deemed to be terribly racist, even owning a book like this.  However, I do hope that significant numbers of this book are sold; it’s a very important document.

Gordon:  What can you tell us about the extent of predatory behavior by South Asian Muslim men towards their victims vulnerable Sikh and council housing young girls?

Weston:  Going back to that thing about possessing what your right hand owns is specifically talking about slave girls. Most of the sort of fuss that we have had in Britain about this were specifically related to Rotherham. However, it wasn’t just happening in Rotherham. It was happening in Tewksbury, Oxford and Bromley, and it was happening wherever you have significant numbers of Muslim males. You are seeing this in every single town and city that these people are in. As you rightly say, it isn’t just the English girls. It is Hindu girls, Sikh girls and any girl that is non-Muslim is technically an infidel. They are basically ripe for abuse. This was covered up for a long time. Peter’s book that makes the point that this wasn’t just something that happened in one year in 2012 or 2013 when it came to light; it had been going on for three decades and covered up the entire time. If it’s condoned within the Quran and it’s mandated by Muhammad the perfect man who must be emulated, then you are clearly going to have these problems. The book covers this in forensic detail really. It is something which is not going to go away. Although today we have various court cases going on, it is still happening. It needs to be widely aired and widely distributed to the media. However, the media having had its little day with the Rotherham and the Jay report, it’s now pretty much silent again, but everybody knows that it’s still going on.

Gordon:  What is the record of investigations leading to arraignments and convictions of gang members in Crown Courts?

Weston:  The Rotherham events did not lead to large amounts of arrests. The official figure is 1,400 young girls in Rotherham and probably more than that. Even the police are saying this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have had hundreds of perpetrators across the country. Not just young Muslim guys. Some of these Muslim men are in their 60s and they’re engaged in this. There have been hundreds arrested and prosecuted. According to police figures, the amount of people involved runs into the tens of thousands of abusers and rapists. We only have at the moment some hundreds who have been actually convicted. It is a start, but as I said previously, which having hit the headlines has now faded. In fact the authorities are saying thank god for that, we don’t want all this stuff out there embarrassing our multicultural values. I imagine that any pending cases are probably being quietly dropped. Every time they come up they do get into the media and this reminds people about what the political class has covered up in this country. They are quietly dropping an awful lot of these charges because it’s very embarrassing for both the media and Labor-dominated Councils. Councils which is where these things are happening.

Gordon:  Have there been any significant parliamentary investigation committee hearings? What were their principal findings and recommendations? Have any of the latter been adopted?

Weston:  A select parliamentary committee was set up in I think 2013, and this was following an independent inquiry by Professor Alec Jay. It is called the Jay Report. One of the counselors at Rotherham, Sean Wright, was also on the police and crime commission. Even after these revelations came out and he admitted that they had known about it, he eventually was tossed out of his position because it was obviously indefensible. He tried to the bitter end to stay because these people have no sense of shame at all. In terms of recommendations, they are basically that the police should be more aware of what is going on and they should do more to tackle it. There was never anything in the select parliamentary committee findings that suggested why it was only Muslims that were doing this. Nor any link to the teachings of Islam within the Quran or the Hadiths that were leading Muslim males to behave in this way. All of the really important things were obviously left out. The British government and the British establishment do not want people to understand that this terrible, grooming, rape and torture that had been going on for two or three decades is acceptable, mandated, condoned behavior under the teachings of Islam. If that is held back by a select parliamentary committee, the only truth that needs to be told will not be told. Clearly things are going to go on and this is all part of the continuing capitulation before Islamic aggression in Britain. Despite the parliamentary committee, we haven’t made any headway at all, because the only truth that needs to be told has not yet been told.

Gordon:  Sex slavery by émigré South Asian Muslim men appears to be related to an extremist Islamic doctrine Deobandism founded in India that historically rejected Western values. To your knowledge, what Islamic centers, Madrassa and clerics propound this doctrine, and what has the UK government done to rein this in?

Weston:  This whole Deobandism matter is now being raised at least in discussions. The Deobandi movement was established in India in order to expel British rulers. It has always been intrinsically anti-English, anti-Christian and anti anything that isn’t Islam. Because most of our Muslims in Britain are of Pakistani decent, the Deobandi mosques were set up precisely for them. We find that of an estimated 3,000 mosques, roughly half of them are Deobandi and half of them are Salafist Wahabbist Saudi funded mosques. Between these two Islamist groups, they are putting out some terrible ideology. Not just about raping and torturing our girls, but calling for flying the black flag of Islam over 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s house. What has the government done to rein in these astonishing developments? They are not doing anything.  We have been told that should a mosque be suspected of actually having weapons the police will have to notify the mosque in advance that they’re going to raid it. When they raid it, they must remove their shoes, because this is unclean. If we have sniffer dogs looking for explosive devices, the sniffer dogs have to wear little plastic rubber booties on their feet. Of course having told them that we’re coming around next Saturday to raid them, if they do have arms in there, they’re going move them to a different mosque. Several years ago Channel 4 TV, went into the mosque and filmed discussions about killing homosexuals and taking over the country and what a bunch of sub-human infidels we English are. None of the imams that were saying this were prosecuted. The West Midland Police chose instead to prosecute Channel 4 for creating tensions within the community by putting this on national television. The government is doing absolutely nothing about it. They simply want a nice quiet time out there in power. They are leaving to future generations and future governments to deal with it. The trouble with that is that every ten years the Muslim demographic is doubling. You kick the can down the road another five years, ten years, 20 years, then you are doing is nothing in the full knowledge that eventually it will result in civil war. We could do something about it; the government could do something about it today. However, they are too cowardly to do it. They are letting something develop, far more horrible for people in the future, by their total capitulation, their submission before Islam today.

Gordon:  In McLoughlin’s book, he cites the earlier examples of sex slavery gangs in the Netherlands in 2001. What was the record of the Dutch government in investigating and prosecuting largely Moroccan gang members?

Weston:  I have been trying to find information out about this. I cannot find any hint anywhere of Moroccan Muslims in Holland in large numbers forming child raping gangs. I can find no information about these people being prosecuted and arrested. I have spoken to people in Holland, people that read the newspapers and know what’s going on, and they tell me that they know very little about it either. They are either not being prosecuted, or they are being prosecuted quietly deliberately kept away from the media. For the same reason in England where if more people wake up and understand what is going on all around them the more angry they are going get, I assume there is some sort of muzzle in the Netherlands on the press, if indeed they are prosecuting. Muzzling the press in order to keep this reality, horrible, dreadful reality, away from the Dutch people.

Gordon:  The UK has rejected entry of the hordes of Syrian refugees and largely male Muslim migrants that have swamped the EU. What has the Cameron government done to prevent illegal entry of these Muslim migrants and asylees to the UK from those teaming reception centers across the channel in France and the Benelux countries?

Weston:  We are technically stopping them from coming into the country. They were being held in what was called the Jungle of the Calais, they have since been moved into abandoned military posts. Technically they are not allowed to come over here until they have been processed by our officials there. Obviously this is a bureaucratic situation. Bureaucracy takes an awful long time.  These people don’t have time they are simply hopping onto buses, buses, or container lorries.  Nobody really knows the numbers involved how many are coming across. They are trying to get in through the Channel Tunnel. On several occasions they are actually invaded the Channel Tunnel. Although the Cameron government is trying to do the right thing, however, some illegal entry is occurring. This is not really such a major issue. These numbers are in the hundreds, which is not enormous. I think our bigger problem is the fact that over the past year we had perhaps 600 to 700,000 people come to the country including illegal immigrants; half of those are from the European Union. Simply because they’re from the European Union doesn’t mean that they are of European stock or Christian heritage. We don’t know this; we’re not told these n figures. We do know that the other half, upwards of 350,000, are coming in from Pakistan, Africa, Eritrea and Somalia. These are far larger numbers. And at the moment the media has gotten very excited about the Muslim migrants because they are being filmed in large queues. Our far bigger problem are the ones who are coming legally from abroad, coming in on –  not coming in on rubber boats. These are coming in on Boeing 747s under family reunification. Despite several years of the conservative government, we have a situation here where if a Muslim male marries a Muslim woman in Islamabad, he can legally bring her into this country. He can bring in three further wives, providing he marries them in an Islamic country. Those four wives may have four children each. We now have 16 children with one Muslim male. We don’t know whether all of these people coming in from the third world are mostly young females of breeding age or 75-year-old grannies that these young Muslim males want to bring in to be nice to them. One would imagine that as they are intent on taking over this country the majority of these people coming in on family reunification are female wives of single male Muslims in Britain.

Gordon:  Astounding, as we have a fraction of that happening under our Refugee Resettlement Program here in the US which is still problematic.

Weston:  Polygamy is illegal in Britain. However, for some reason we are allowing four wives of Muslim males here. And even worse than that, our welfare system is paying housing and child benefits for the children of these four wives. On the one hand it’s illegal, but on the other hand we are actively encouraging it by paying for it. The British government is paying for the third world to colonize Great Britain. I think when you actually take account of that; you can see that the future of Britain is not guaranteed in any way at all.

Gordon:  We have interviewed and published reports about the misogyny, rape, and sexual assaults on young women in Sweden, Germany, and other EU member countries. To your knowledge, how extensive has that been? Further, what lessons has Pegida UK derived from fellow Pegida groups in the EU?

Weston:  I think that in Sweden they have a terrible problem in areas like Malmö. Sweden has now become known as the rape capital of Europe. This of course is purely because of the Islamic migration. In Germany we saw recently on New Year’s Eve, were suppressed by the British media. They did not want us to know about this. It was Breitbart UK that broke the story and were widely condemned as being terrible racist Islamophobes. And then as more and more stories came out, the German media were also muzzled. They were told not to talk about it, but too many victims started talking about it and it slowly came out. We were focused for about a period of two weeks on what was going on in Germany. Nothing was said about Sweden, which is still the rape capital of Europe. We now know that this didn’t just happen in Germany; it happened all across every European country on New Year’s Eve. Obviously it is the tip of the iceberg. We know that governments lie to us. We know that the media lies to us. If this doctrine is in the Quran, if they’re doing it in England, they’re doing it in France. They’re doing it in Germany. They’re doing it in Denmark. They’re doing it in Serbia. They’re doing it in the Czech Republic. They are doing it everywhere, across the entire European continent. In terms of the message that Pegida UK has derived from the fellow Pegida groups, I think it is simply that we now all know what’s going on. Pegida groups are informing each other about what is not necessarily in the media, based on first-hand descriptions from victims. It is well known within our circles about what has been going on in massive proportions across Europe denied by the police and the establishment. We need more people at every single Pegida march across Europe in the coming months of this year.

Gordon:  You have been convicted of alleged hate crimes in the UK that are deemed protected speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Has there been a formal call by civil and human rights’ groups in the UK to introduce in the Westminster parliament basic laws providing these guaranteed free speech rights under your country’s unwritten constitution?

Weston:  Absolutely not, I’m afraid to say. Our so-called civil and human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Liberty, which is unfortunately the same name as our political party, were hijacked many years ago by the far left. They agitate for all sorts of things. One thing they don’t agitate for is the rights of native British Christian people to say anything about what is going on at the moment. In one particular example, Tommy Robinson of the EDL has been treated in a way that I think is not just totalitarian. He stood up and talked about free speech and Islam. They tried to get him killed while he was in prison. I wrote to the leader of the Liberty Human Rights group here and said, “You don’t necessarily have to agree with his political position, but you must understand that what is being done to him runs counter to every single possible legal but certainly moral and humane human rights that we are supposed to follow in Britain.” I didn’t even get a reply from them. These people are not interested in free speech at all. They are not interested in civil liberties or human rights. They are not interested only in protecting Islam and making sure that we cannot say nor do anything about it. In terms of parliament doing anything, parliament recently introduced a document called Countering Violent Extremism, which doesn’t talk about Islam. The document talks about the neo-Nazi far right who have obviously come into existence because of the way Islamists are behaving. There are some neo-Nazis in Britain, but they don’t really have any say; their numbers are tiny. I was looking through this government document on countering violent extremism, and I was astonished to find that two examples of neo-Nazi far right people were two quotes that I recognized from myself having said at a Pegida rally earlier and another I think in a video that I made. Perfectly harmless statements in a country which still has free speech. However, they are now obviously agitating to crack down very hard not on Islam; they are going to crack down very hard on people who tell the truth about Islam. As far as our government doing anything about this, not only are they doing nothing about it, instead what they are doing is to make sure that people like me in six months’ time or a year’s time will no longer be able to say anything about the ongoing tragedy of Britain slowly buckling beneath the expansionist imperialist Islam.

Gordon:  The Law Lords in the UK assented to the recognition of Sharia courts in specific instances. In the U.S. a number of states have adopted statutes denying the application of such foreign laws in specific instances. Have such bills been introduced in the Westminster Parliament for debate and possible adoption?

Weston:  No is a short answer to that. Absolutely not. To do so would be terribly racist and not conducive to the public burden. It would be creating tension within our communities, in a way that our politicians talk. But in short, no. I was in Tennessee a couple of years ago and looked at what they were doing to push legislation through that body. I was thinking, good Lord, if only we had people and politicians like this in Britain who were actively aware of what was going on and actively doing something about it. I’m afraid to say no. I have huge respect for America and the way that they are dealing with a threat that is far smaller than ours at the moment. You are already taking action. Unfortunately in Britain we are browbeaten, indoctrinated and frightened. We are not doing anything about this at all.

Gordon:  The UK Muslim population, which accounts for five percent of the total population, has fostered jihadists who have attacked, killed, and maimed hundreds of victims. Have those victims brought causes of action against Muslim religious and cultural institutions claiming reparations for these wrongful crimes, and what if any have been the results?

Weston:  I’m sure the answer to this is clearly no. Even if you have a particular named institution where they are saying go out there in the name of Allah and kill Infidels or basically I have been ordered to fight all men until they testify there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger and carry out jihad on the instructions of the prophet Muhammad. If you have an institution that actually said that, it is possible that reparations could have been claimed against them. Unfortunately, what we are up against is actually claiming reparations from the entire Muslim community in Britain and doing so because they are doing what they are told to do by the Quran. Now clearly this would have terrible ramifications for law and order in Britain, because the Muslims would be out on the streets if this was happening. No, it is not happening and it never will happen until a government in this country finally comes out and tells the truth that this is not some random crime with some random person encouraging it. It is Muhammad. It is Islam, the Quran and the example of Mohammed encouraging this.

Gordon:  The UK Muslim population has contributed significant numbers to the ranks of thousands of foreign fighters in the Islamic state. How effective is your MI-5 monitoring of the extremist in the UK Muslim community? Further, does the Cameron government have any effective means to intercept homegrown jihadists before they strike?

Weston:  I think it isn’t really the government but MI-5 and also MI-6 who are overwhelmed they tell us with their workload tracking and following extremists. They are still doing a good job. Over the last year I think there were nine mass transit bombings picked up and stopped. They are stopping to date the violent extremists. I don’t suppose they are going be able to do it forever and one of them will get through. Right now MI-5 and MI-6 are doing their job properly. In terms of homegrown jihadis, we know the figure is approximately 500. Some figures are much higher running into the thousands of British jihadists going out to Syria coming back. Apparently when they went out we didn’t know. I do hope that when they come back we do know. I’m rather pinning my faith on MI-5 here. We do know that they have stopped violent things from happening. However, the government’s behavior on this is remarkable. We have 25 Muslim doctors who went out to Syria to work in ISIS, patching up ISIS fighters. Cameron said, “Please come home. If you do come home, you will not be prosecuted and you will get your jobs back in the NHS.” How effective has it been? I think we have probably just been very lucky so far. Because they are doctors does not mean that they may also be jihadists. When Cameron says, “Please come home, no prosecution, you get your job back,” we could be bringing straight back in someone who went out there as a doctor and is coming back as a full-blown highly-trained jihadist.

Gordon:  Why is Liberty GB in favor of Brexit Britain; leaving the EU up for a referendum vote on June 23rd?

Weston:  There are lots of economic arguments, pro and con, which I won’t go into. Some people say we will become richer and some people say we will become poorer. However, I think all that is actually irrelevant. There are 27 commissioners that run Europe. These commissioners are not directly elected by any European citizens. These commissioners are the ones that actually formulate and pass all the legislation that ends up filtering back to us that we have to do as we’re told. Our thought on this is that we didn’t vote these people into power, directly. If we don’t like the rules that they are passing and enforcing upon us, we cannot vote them out.  This is purely a matter for us of not be a democracy; this is quasi-totalitarianism. Therefore clearly we want out of it. This particular argument is not being used to a great extent. The whole argument for exit is being couched in economic terms, which is completely wrong. I mean do we want to be living in the Soviet Union if it was a financially successful country? No, we don’t. We want democracy; we don’t want soft totalitarian-like policies coming from unelected officials in Europe that we cannot vote out.

Gordon:  Boris Johnson, who is both a conservative MP and Mayor of London, has broken with the Cameron government’s position. Why do you think he did that?

Weston:  Boris Johnson I think is a much-liked politician. He’s amusing. He’s down to earth. He’s everything that you could probably want. He’s an approachable politician. However, he is also one of the most ambitious people I have ever seen in my life. He has held his finger in the wind and seen which wind the way is blowing and it’s increasingly blowing in a political anti-European direction. He wants to be the future prime minister of Britain, and he thinks that doing this will further that ambition. Although he is arguing for ‘out’, he doesn’t even appear to want to be ‘out’. He is saying that only by arguing for ‘out’ can we finally put some pressure on the European Union to finally get the changes that we want. He doesn’t actually want ‘out’; he just wants to use this as a lever to get some concessions from Europe. This is typical of the man; more prevarication, more posturing. He is quite despicable in terms of his morality and his thoughts, about the British sovereign nation state. These things mean nothing to him at all. The only thing that matters to him is if I follow the right group today will I become the future Prime Minister of Britain.

Gordon:  The Jewish community in the UK is extremely nervous these days. There are periodic stories about young British Jewish families basically saying we can’t live here anymore. What is behind their concerns and fears?

Weston:  It is Islam of course. There are many synagogues in this country now that have police protection all of the time. You never see any police protection around mosques. What you do see around the mosques is Muslim protection. They have their little foot soldiers there in front of them. No one attacks the mosques. However, the synagogues are very much protected buildings. The Jews in Britain are feeling it. The Jews in France are feeling it. I think many now are looking to Israel as their country of choice. The last time Jews were leaving Europe was in the 1930s, and here we are seeing it again. The most insane situation is that those people who are talking about this are not wonderful ‘Winston Churchills’ but they are instead labeled as Nazis. It is quite insane. We are labeled as Nazis because we do not want to see what happened to the Jews in Europe in the 1930’s happen again. Unfortunately, it will happen again as the Muslim numbers grow. This time it won’t just be the Jews; it will be the gentiles as well. These are going to be very interesting times. I would not want to be Jewish in France at the moment. I would not want to walk around any city in Britain wearing Jewish attire. In the same way that homosexuals would not walk hand in hand in Tower Hamlet anymore or girls in short skirts would not venture into Birmingham in the middle of the night by themselves. Yes, I am afraid to say that the situation for the Jews in Britain is something that is going to get progressively worse; it’s bad already. I think it’s worse in France, to be honest with you. Did you know that the European Union actually produced a report some years ago into anti-Semitic activity, and it turned out that it was not white nationalist skinheads doing it, but Muslim males? So the European Union rather than publishing the report shelved it. If you are Jewish you do not want to hear that the European Union favors Islam over Judaism.

Gordon:  I have used the expression that increasingly folks living in the UK and EU are facing a possible future dystopian world. That is something here in the United States that many of us have railed against. We really hope that something occurs both in the UK and the EU as well as here, to push that future prospect away from the table.

Weston:  Thank you for caring about this as well, because it is easy for an American to simply draw the curtains and say, “we don’t really want to know about what is happening in Europe. We’re grownups in America. We will deal with our own problems.” The idea that Americans care about Europe is something I find very moving in a way, because I can’t see it happening in the other direction. I don’t think the Europeans care greatly about what happens or doesn’t happen in America at all, and it does work the other way around. After the Second World War and the rise of Communism in Central Europe it was American troops on the East German border that were stopping Stalin coming any further. We didn’t pay for this; America paid for this. While you were paying for this, we were building up our welfare states and allowing jihadis into our country. I am very grateful to America for continuing to care about us. It gratifies me greatly.

Jerry:  This has been one of the more thoughtful occasions to deal with this entire topic. Not only from you in the UK but also as a warning to what could occur here in America.

Weston:  I haven’t given up yet, Jerry. I think that it is quite possible that you will do the right thing in your country after you have seen something far more serious that is happening today in Europe. I think that when that point is reached it is 50/50 whether we come through it or not. However, I think you can pretty much guarantee that America is going to be fine.

Gordon:  Thank you for the valued time discussing this.

Weston:  Absolutely. Thank you, Jerry, for mounting all the questions and for your work involved in this. Thanks for caring.

Gordon:  Cheers, and all the best.

Weston:  All right. Cheers, Jerry.




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