Samuel Hux


Impolite Reflections on Pope Pius XII

(November 2022)


(October 2022)

No Title Possible

(October 2022)

Lemberg, Lwów, Lvov, Lviv, and a Parade of Historical Ironies

(September 2022)

Call it What it is: A Lit-Crit Exercise

(August 2022)

Memories and Rosenbluth

(August 2022)

A Brief Reflection on Wittgenstein

(July 2022)


(June 2022)

Serious Books to Leave One Depressed

(May 2022)

A Reactionary Recalls the Fifties

(May 2022)

Reflections on Faith, Doubt, and Eternal Consequences

(April 2022)

Negative Action: The Moral Impossibility of Affirmative Action

(March 2022)

The Man Who Moves Among Us: Reflections on Albert Speer

(March 2022)

Poor Emily and Dylan Who? Luck and Literary Success

(February 2022)

The Ethics of Memory

(January 2022)

As I Have Said Before

(January 2022)

Worst Person

(December 2021)

A Note on Heidegger

(December 2021)

Shut Up, I Explained

(November 2021)

The Desertion of Afghanistan

(October 2021)

The Greatest: From Babe Ruth to Winston Churchill

(September 2021)

Where Have You Gone, Jimmy Baldwin?

(August 2021)

Wiley: To Be Known and Known Not

(August 2021)

On Tragedy: A Critical Trilogy

(July 2021)

Reflections of a White Supremacist

(June 2021)

I’d Like to Have Gender With You

(May 2021)

What’s In a Name (or Bye-Bye to Sitting Bull)

(April 2021)

Yes, Doctor; No ‘Doctor’

(March 2021)

Fighting for the Enemy

(February 2021)

Reflections on Disobedience

(January 2021)

Reflections on the Translation of Poetry

(November 2020)

Ode to a German Friend

(October 2020)

Conversation and the Life of the Mind

(September 2020)

It’s Not Systemic Racism

(August 2020)

Love and Choice: Reflections and a Memoir

(July 2020)

Some Thoughts for Rebecca

(June 2020)

A Pair of Literary Judgments

(March 2020)

Old Books and Contemporary Challenges

(February 2020)

Two Literary Sermons

(January 2019)

Too Late for a Conversation with John Lukacs

(December 2019)

Whisper Louder Please

(September 2019)

Baseball Lit 101: A Casual Seminar

(August 2019)

Jarrell’s Little Lady and the Race Police

(July 2019)

Random Thoughts on Randall Jarrell

(June 2019)

Light Thoughts on Kingsley Amis

(May 2019)

December Song: The Ordeal of Poetry in a Secularizing Society

(April 2019)

What did Job Say?

(January 2019)

Conversation and the Life of the Mind

(December 2018)

Portrait of a Scholar

(November 2018)

Reconsidering Sartre

(October 2018)

Taking the Historical Novel Seriously

(September 2018)

On the Occasion of Susan Jacoby’s Why Baseball Matters

(August 2018)

The Wizard of Israel: Amos Oz, Beauty, and Evil

(July 2018)

Obama, Jude, and Me: Friendship and Murder

(June 2018)

On Jewish Mallorca

(May 2018)

Demoting Wittgenstein, Mourning Trumbull Stickney

(April 2018)

Eichmann in Elmwood

(March 2018)

Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina:

(February 2018)

Education of a Tory

(January 2018)

My Friend Ron: Baseball Memories

(December 2017)

Freud Again

(November 2017)

Reflections on ‘Epic’ Christianity

(October 2017)

The Gentile Problem: A Work in Progress

(September 2017)

A House in Spain—A Reverie

(August 2017)

Our German Problem (Or Mine) – A Memory

(July 2017)

On Free Verse: A Minority Report

(December 2016)

What Shall I Do with These Memories?

(November 2016)

Goodbye To Barcelona

(September 2016)

What Ever Happened To Sin?

(August 2016)

The Multi-Cultural Scam and the Victimology Racket

(July 2016)

Why Johnny Still Can’t Write

(June 2016)

Cowboys and Indians—and the Racism Myth

(May 2016)

Israel and the Critics

(April 2016)

Where Have You Gone, Vinegar Joe?

(March 2016)

Notes From The Lower Education: The Looters and the Looting

(February 2016)

Looking For Orwell and Finding Gaudí

(January 2016)

Plato, Relevant Still: The Concept of the Uniquely Appropriate

(December 2015)

Once More (and Patience Please), Why No American Socialism?

(November 2015)

At Bitburg: The SS, Reagan. . . und Ich

(September 2015)

“People Do Not Have Ideas: They Choose Them”

(September 2015)

A Metaphysic of Manners

(August 2015)

Against Mine Too: Rape-as-Politics Revisited

(July 2015)

Mea Culpa, Dos: A Reconsideration of John Dos Passos

(June 2015)

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