Biden’s Susceptibility to Blackmail has Unleashed Domestic and International Chaos

Steve McCann writes in the American Thinker:

It has often been speculated what would happen to this nation if a decadently compromised president who willingly succumbed to extortion from both domestic and foreign interests were elected.  That possibility is no longer in the realm of speculation.  For the past 27 months the United States has experienced this devastating eventuality, as no president in this nation’s history has been as susceptible to domestic and international blackmail as Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

Nonetheless, in their unbridled hubris, the Democrats’ puppet masters turned to Joe Biden whom they could portray as a “moderate” in order to defeat Donald Trump.

While Trump was in office this same cabal vociferously proclaimed that “A president openly susceptible to blackmail cannot serve.”   In a stunning example of hypocrisy, they chose the most susceptible president in American history.  However, they failed to understand that the Communist Chinese and Marxist penchant for using political blackmail to achieve their objectives would determine the fate of the country during his presidency.

The hubris of the American ruling class and venality on the part of Joe Biden has placed the United States in the position of being humiliated and extorted by the Chinese Communists, who have bribed his son, family and ultimately him.  Once Biden became president, the Chinese expected reciprocity with the unspoken reality of their exposing the depth of his duplicitous and potentially treasonous activity hanging over his head.

At the beginning of the Biden presidency in a March 2021 summit meeting, Chinese diplomats, in an unimaginable breech of diplomatic protocol, publicly lectured and deliberately humiliated the Biden Administration.  Biden’s response was to claim the meeting went well and the Chinese delegation really didn’t mean what they said.  He essentially telegraphed to Beijing that he understood they owned him.

China shamelessly continues their 3-year refusal to explain why and how their virology lab in Wuhan was the epicenter of the Covid-19 virus.  They know that Biden and his administration will not seriously press them on the issue or hold them responsible for the pandemic.

China unapologetically and defiantly flew a surveillance balloon across the country to spy on key military bases knowing full well there would be no repercussions.  Not only were there no repercussions, Biden, in defending the Chinese, unabashedly lied to the American people about what they were doing.

Mexico, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, all once solid American allies are openly criticizing and moving away from the United States as they and a growing list of countries are cozying up to China recognizing not only China’s growing global influence but that Xi Jinping, not Joe Biden, effectively dictates United States foreign policy.

China, in alliance with Russia, India, and multiple African and South American countries, is determined to eliminate the U.S. Dollar as the global reserve currency.  A potentially devastating blow to the American people and the U.S. economy effectively relegating the country to second-tier global status.  Biden has given China the green light by dutifully choosing to ignore China’s tactics and the long-term consequences to America.

Meanwhile, China is dramatically expanding its influence in Africa, South America and the South Pacific region as well as taking over the dominant role the United States has maintained for decades in the always volatile Middle East.  Thus, China is effectively isolating and surrounding the United States while, not unsurprisingly, Biden is not pushing back or developing any counterstrategy. 

Tellingly, Xi Jinping smugly watches Biden grovel before him, ignores his requests for talks and meetings and not so subtly reminds Biden that he has the dirt on him and will expose it if necessary.

The devastating and dangerous state of America’s foreign policy, the unabashed obeisance to China, the undermining of the U.S. Dollar, and the exponentially increasing belligerence by China raises the question: to what degree has Biden’s acquiescence to being blackmailed precipitated these actions?  The answer: virtually all of it.

In July of 2020 Biden signed on to a Unity Platform with Bernie Sanders.  By doing so he committed to not deviate from it and that he would agree to any and all further demands out of fear of having the American Marxist-controlled legacy and social media expose him and thus force him out of office.  Among the commitments made and kept in the unity platform:

  • The repeal, by executive order, of all of Trump’s border policies including the stoppage of the wall construction, the elimination of the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and a moratorium of deportations.  In essence an open and uncontrolled border allows untold millions to pour in illegally.
  • The elimination of fossil fuels by 2030.  Using executive orders: to stop the construction of new pipelines, to curtail leases on public lands, to force financial institutions to stop investing in fossil fuel companies and to promote limitless government investment in so-called “renewable energy” and impractical electric vehicles.
  • Unlimited spending on new and existing social programs which included housing, infrastructure, welfare, as well as the left-wing’s wish list of funding for left-wing non-government organizations and unions, the undermining and future elimination of charter schools and private school vouchers, and higher taxes on businesses and the nebulously defined wealthy.

Once these commitments were made and Biden elected, the left’s radical cultural agenda was presented to Biden as a fait accompli.  As he did with keeping his commitments in the Unity Platform, Biden has dutifully promoted the censorship of speech, unlimited abortion rights, gun control and the entirety of the LGBTQIA+ agenda including the unconscionable mutilation of naïve and impressionable adolescents.

Biden has signed legislation demanded by the radical left resulting in over $5+ Trillion dollars in new spending, thus greatly exacerbating inflation and accelerating the demise of the American economy.  At the behest of the American Marxists, Biden has nominated unqualified radical left-wing judges to the federal judiciary and appointed incompetent buffoons to his cabinet.

Biden will continue to promote the American Marxists’ agenda and acquiesce to Communist China’s global ambitions regardless of the devastating long-term damage to the country as continuing to occupy the Oval Office is far more important to him.  Biden knows that if he toes the party line domestically and kowtows to China, that the truth about his and his family’s duplicitous and treasonous behavior will continue to be suppressed and investigations muted.

By allowing Biden to remain in office the American ruling class is effectively greenlighting the American Marxists’ determination to transform America as well as China’s march to global hegemony resulting in the demise of the United States as the preeminent global power.

Americans need never wonder again what would happen with a chief executive egregiously susceptible and willingly acquiescent to political blackmail.  Biden has done virtually everything he has been told to do and in the process created societal turmoil, stagflation, systemic uncertainty and global chaos.

The ruling class is solely responsible for Biden unleashing the American Marxists on the country and abetting the Communist Chinese in their determination to achieve global hegemony.  Consequently, they must force Biden to resign now before the chaos is irreversible and openly admit their culpability.


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