Canadian Government Support for Drag Camps, Story-Time Is Truly Beyond the Pale

Josh Alexander is arrested outside St. Joseph’s High School in Renfrew, Ont., on Feb. 6, 2023. (Chris Dacey)

David Krayden writes in the Epoch Times:

When you went to elementary school, did your teacher ever suggest—even in his or her most sinister dream—that the class all go to a strip club to sample a bit of salacious sexual culture? Never. It would never have been imagined.

How about inviting a drag queen to the school for story-time?


And for your summer vacation, would your parents have sent you to a “drag camp”—supported and subsidized by the federal government—for children as young as 7?

That would have been beyond belief.

Yet Canada is in the grips of such lunacy today, and the people fighting back are high school youths who are righteously angry at being sexually exploited by a sick and contaminating political ideology

The federal Heritage Ministry supports the drag camp, to be hosted by the Carousel Theatre in Vancouver in July, as The Epoch Times has reported. So does the B.C. provincial government and the city of Vancouver.

An advertisement for the activity describes a Junior Drag Camp for children aged 7-8 and a Teen Drag Camp for ages 12-17.

Yet the political opposition has largely been silent—with the exception of one federal party that is not represented in the House of Commons. But more on that later.

There was a protest April 12 near Toronto after the York Mills Collegiate Institute thought it would be cute to host a drag queen celebration. Many of the students there disagreed.

Josh Alexander organized the demonstration. He’s the 16-year-old Ottawa student from St. Joseph’s Catholic High School who was suspended and then arrested for voicing his opposition to biological males using the same washrooms as females.

That a Catholic school would allow, condone, and applaud such tyranny is mind-boggling.

Alexander has been catapulted to international acclaim and infamy as a result of his tenacious conviction that being a Christian means declaring his opposition to gender ideology.

The demonstration was a huge success, Alexander told me.

“It was encouraging to see so many youth hungry for the truth after being taught a lie. We had brought a box of Bibles which was emptied within seconds. The atmosphere was ecstatic. We were able to share the gospel in this welcoming environment. Many of these students left what was intended to be a woke indoctrination session, understanding that one must repent of their sins and ask for salvation,” he said.

“Many of these students attempted civil debate with the few counter protesters present. Overall, here at Save Canada we are very impressed and excited to see what the future holds.”

Save Canada is the non-profit that the ambitious Alexander has helped organize to fight the drag-queen epidemic in Canadian schools.

So is anyone in the political sphere fighting for young adults like Alexander or the 7-year-old children who are being ideologically molested by gender activists?

I wouldn’t expect any action from the woke NDP on this file, but I’m sorry to say that the Conservative Party of Canada has done nothing to protest the drag queen obsession.

The only opposition to these drag camps and drag queen story hours is coming from the Peoples Party of Canada and its leader Maxime Bernier. Bernier has described these propaganda exercises as “disgusting” and condemned the government support behind them.

Bernier, a former foreign affairs and industry minister in the previous Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, told me in an exclusive interview that the camps and drag queen story hours are designed to “confuse” children about their gender.

“The reality is that we know that there’s only two sexes, male and female,” he said.

Bernier said the drag queen phenomenon is all about “the sexualization of kids and it is telling them that you may not be a young boy, you may be a young girl and vice-versa. So I understand why some parents are very upset with that. … The drag queens and their radical transgender activists are promoting their ideology to kids and we must not tolerate that. It’s disgusting and all that must end.”

Bernier says the facts are on his side.

“It’s against our Western civilization. It’s against our education. It’s also against biology and nature and science [which says] there are only two sexes.”

He said the transgender activists “are promoting their ideology with kids, and what is worse is that the federal government, the provincial government in B.C., and also CBC are doing that promotion also.”

“It’s all about gender dysphoria. … You cannot solve that with hormones … some of them are mutilating their bodies to try to transition,” Bernier said. “For me, I don’t understand why we don’t have more politicians … saying enough is enough.”

Although there are “more and more opponents” of drag queen story hours in the United States, “here in Canada, you know if you speak against that you’ll be seen as anti-trans,” he said.

Naturally, the state broadcaster, CBC, is assiduously attempting to normalize the abnormal. The CBC’s production of “Drag Kids” has to be seen to be believed. Here, innocent children are irrationally introduced to the world of drag queens as if this was the most natural thing in the cosmos.

As Bernier and I both ask: Why are children being subjected to story hours with drag queens when there are a myriad of Canadian heroes who could be sharing their stories with these youngsters? What about firefighters, police officers, or military personnel who have demonstrated extreme courage in the face of overwhelming odds? In fact, there’s no shortage of Canadians from all walks of life who would have more edifying tales to relate to our children.



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