Bomb Threat at FIFA Headquarters Ahead of Anti-Israel Vote

Anti-Israel activists are likely to be behind a bomb threat made against FIFA’s conference today. The JTA reports that a bomb threat closely coincided with a highly vocal anti-Israel demonstration outside the building, as well as the actions of an infiltrator (or perhaps more, according to another report by RTE) who disrputed Sepp Blatter’s speech, suggesting perhaps an effort to intimidate those casting a vote on whether Israel be expelled from FIFA:

A pro-Palestinian demonstrator was forcibly removed from the congress of FIFA, the world soccer federation, which is set to vote on suspending Israel as a member.

The female demonstrator, who waved a Palestinian flag while chanting slogans, was removed from the Zurich venue hosting the congress on Friday morning after she interrupted the speech of FIFA president Sepp Blatter. He asked security to remove her, the Dutch De Telegraaf daily reported. Shortly thereafter, the hotel hosting the congress was partially evacuated due to a bomb threat, which turned out to be false. The people who reported the threat to police did not say whether it was connected to the scheduled vote on Israel.

On the agenda for the 65th congress of FIFA, a 209-member body, is a Palestinian bid to have Israel suspend. The Palestinian soccer association filed it, citing alleged discrimination and restriction imposed on its players and members by Israel. […]

Blatter opposes the motion to suspend Israel and visited Israel and the Palestinian Authority earlier this month to hammer out a compromise that would avoid a vote. According to the Guardian, Israel agreed to some concessions but is refusing to comply with a Palestinian demand that the Israel soccer association boot five teams from West Bank settlements.


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