Cologne Karneval scraps Charlie Hebdo float


A second item from the German edition of The Local

Cologne’s planned Charlie Hebdo float in its Rosenmontag parade was a false start, after the organising committee scrapped its construction over security concerns. 

The Festival Committee of the Cologne Carnival said in a statement on Wednesday that despite the overwhelming support for the Charlie Hebdo float, construction on it was halted. “The Festival Committee wants everyone to be able to celebrate in safety and without concerns,” it said in a press release on Wednesday.  

Reports had already said that no other floats wanted to directly precede or follow the Charlie Hebdo float out of safety reasons. The Festival committee said that this wasn’t true. “Many members contacted the festival committee directly to say they wanted to accompany this float to show they support freedom of expression,” read the press statement.

The parade is always known for its floats that don’t shy away from making a political statement. “The Rosenmontag parade in Cologne lives for freedom of expression with its parodies every year,” the statement said.

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  1. It should have gone ahead.

    The space in between it and the other floats – and the space on either side – should have been occupied protectively by ‘guardian angel’ floats fielded by the Army and the Police Force; floats consisting of tanks and armoured personnel carriers, the vehicles and those aboard being all “dressed up” in suitably hilarious carnival costume but able at a split-second’s notice to flip into Business mode. Now *that* would have sent a message. “Our poets and artists can make fun of mohammed all they like; **and we will preserve that Islam-free space, the space within which Islam may be mocked, by main force if necessary**.”

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