‘Community awards 25 lakhs for marrying a Hindu woman’: Salman, Kalu Khan, and Aslan threaten to kidnap and marry a Hindu girl in Jaipur

From OpIndia

The Indian press are taking a great interest in the reports about Telford, Oldham, Rochdale, Rotherham et al. They see parallels although there are also differences. In India the Muslim men are tricking/forcing/kidnapping the Hindu girls into marriage and a coerced conversion. Grooming jihad they call it. Some instances that have caused consternation may actually be genuine affection across the religions; others are definitely abusive coercion.

In the English cases while the girls may think their pimp loves them and that they are his girlfriend their status is that of brothel sex slave. Not that being a 3rd/4th wife at risk of beatings, ill treatment from husband and his family, abandonment into poverty and summary divorce is anything like a desirable state.  But in India the young men do have to make more effort to court the girl and pretend to be a Hindu before they strike.  

In Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital city, a shocking case of love jihad has emerged, in which the accused Kalu Khan and two others threatened the victim’s mother, saying they would kidnap her daughter once she reached adulthood on July 15. They said they will do it because their community awards 25 lakh rupees for marrying a Hindu girl and converting her to Islam.

The accused also said that if the family members of the girl tried to interfere in the matter, they will meet the fate of Kanhaiya Lal. (the tailor in that town who was beheaded for speaking in support of Indian BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s observation about Mohammad)

According to media sources, the victim’s mother has filed a police complaint. She said in her complaint that Asalan and Kalu Khan harassed her teenage daughter repeatedly when she was a student at a school in the Chaksu neighbourhood. They had even kidnapped the girl about a year earlier, the cops found the girl after a complaint was filed. A few days later, the accused abducted the girl yet again. Later, she was found and taken to a shelter house by Mansarovar police. Since then, she has remained there.

On July 7, Salman, Kalu Khan, and Aslan threatened the girl’s mother to kidnap the girl once more since she would be 18 on July 15. The woman and her husband were threatened with the same fate as Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur if they resisted.

The accused allegedly threatened to kill the girl or divorce her after their marriage since he was just getting married to her in order to receive the 25 lakhs that their community awards them for marrying a Hindu girl, according to the girl’s mother. 25 lakhs India Rupees is about £26,400 0r $31,000. So a lot of money; if true I wonder who is putting these sorts of sums up?


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