Udaipur beheading: Killer had announced his plan in advance, exhorted Muslims to behead those who insult Islam


From Times Now of India

New Delhi: The man accused of beheading Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal had announced his plan to commit the ghastly crime 12 days before the murder.
The video shows Mohammed Riyaz saying he would make the clip “viral” after executing a person who had allegedly insulted the Prophet.
Introducing himself as a resident of Udaipur’s Khanji Peer locality, he said that the clip was shot on June 17 and exhorted other Muslims to behead those who insult their religion.
“I have a family and a job, but I am not worried…If death comes, it is heaven. I am not scared of going to jail either. If you murder people for other reasons, why can’t you murder someone in the name of God,” TOI quoted him as saying.
Meanwhile, Kanhaiya Lal had told police in a written complaint he faced a threat to life by some people who were stalking him and conducting a “recce” of his shop.
In his complaint filed at the Dhan Mandi police station against Nazim and five others, the tailor alleged they circulated his photo in their community groups on social media with a message that he should be killed if seen anywhere or if he opens the shop. He also said he was being pressured to not open his shop.
However, within two weeks two men pretending to be customers entered his shop Monday and “beheaded” him with cleavers, with one of them recording the act and posting it on social media.

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  1. The police inaction in this case opens the floodgates to further vigilantism in this part of India, a loss of governable territory. Islamic jihad violence and extraordinary bloodshed has plagued India since 711 with the Arab Umayyad invasion of Sind.

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