Crazy Edwy Plenel: Not Islam But We — We French! — Are The Ones To Blame


Message of Edwy Plenel:

Muslims are in France, therefore they are “part of France” and “are French.”

Those killings? They were monstrous. But  Islam had nothing to do with it. It’s our fault, the fault of the French. It’s poverty. It’s unemployment. It’s not being able to fit in. It’s the justified resentment that follows.

And the proof that Muslims in France, all five or six million of them are perfectly okay, and presumablyu so are the billion or so Muslims all over the world, is confirmed by these three heroes:

1) the dead policeman who was just doing his job, was killed doing it, and turned out to be a Muslim

2) the young Malian Muslim who worked at the Hyper Cacher and who led people to a freezer, in which to hide, and they did so

3) one of the Charlie-Hebdo people killed was a Berber (secular) who had a Muslim name.

Above all, there must never be any attempt to make any general statements at all — not a single one may be made — about Islam, or about the adherents of Islam who take it to heart. No, never, no Amalgam, no Amalgam, no Amalgam. That’s the key word — Amalgam. Never forget to use it, and deplore its use.And always, like Edwy Plenel himself, Take The Side Of The Other.

That’s Edwy Plenel. That’s what he intends to say when he speaks at the next event, the one with Tariq Ramadan saying the same thing in a different voice. That’s Edwy Plenel’s level.


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