Dundee killer Robbie McIntosh could have been radicalised after converting to Islam

This is a very unedifying story from Scotland. From the Evening Telegraph and the Scottish Sun

Dundee killer Robbie McIntosh 32, was midway through his sentence for the brutal murder of Dundee civil servant Anne Nicoll when he became a Muslim. It is understood he converted to Islam about five years into his sentence, grew a full beard and wore the taqiyah, the Muslim skullcap.

McIntosh, who was able to convince prison authorities he was not a danger to the public and eligible for home leave, may have been allowed out for prayers at a nearby mosque while in Castle Huntly. It is understood McIntosh was monitored for signs of potential radicalisation while behind bars.

McIntosh was allowed out on home leave as he neared the end of his sentence last year. Now clean shaven once more, he attempted a second murder within days of getting out of prison.

He attacked dog walker Linda McDonald with a dumbbell in Templeton Woods. . .  repeatedly bludgeoned (her) as she begged for life on August 7 last year. Mrs McDonald said she could feel blood running into her eyes and ears as she screamed for help when McIntosh dragged her into the woods.

It was only the intervention of two brothers who chased McIntosh away that saved her life. His victim, 52 at the time, was left permanently disfigured and impaired.

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service said they could not comment on individual prisoners. However, he said prisoners in the open estate were allowed out to attend religious services, of any faith, if risk assessments suggest they were not a threat to the public. The spokesman added that other than being given halal food and meals served before dawn and after sunrise during Ramadan, Muslim prisoners are given no other special considerations.

He has been jailed for at least five years while an on an order for lifelong restriction was imposed last week. He is likely to spend “decades” in custody before he will be considered for parole. Speaking after McIntosh was sentenced, Linda’s husband, Matthew McDonald said: “We hope this means life means life.”


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