Dutch police identify Amsterdam stabbing suspect as 19-year-old Afghan

What a surprise. I bet they are stumped as to his motive though. From Reuters.

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch police said a man who stabbed and seriously injured two people at Amsterdam’s main train station on Friday was a 19-year-old Afghan with a German residence permit.

Police said the man seemed to have randomly picked his two victims in the busy hall of Amsterdam central station at around midday. He was shot and taken to a hospital by police where he was being interrogated, police and the Amsterdam city council said in a joint statement.

“The investigation into the incident is ongoing”, the authorities said. “All scenarios are taken into consideration, including a terrorist motive.” Maybe the authorities are getting the idea; the police did shoot him, after all.


4 Responses

  1. He’s an ‘Afghan’ with a German residency permit. Which permit should now promptly be annulled.
    Then… try him, convict him, jail him and, after his sentence has been served, send him back to Afghanistan, already irretrievably ruined by Islam. That’s where he belongs.

  2. He’s ’19 years old’. Allegedly. I wonder.. when did he arrive in Europe? And when he did, what age did he claim to be…? “17”? “16”. I wouldn’t mind betting he’s 19-going-on-30.
    Also.. he carried out his attack on a FRIDAY. Friday – the Muslim ‘holy’ day, *the* day most favoured by Muslims for murderous mayhem, riots, etc. The ‘day of rage’.

    As you note, the police did shoot him. Didn’t kill him, though. I wonder how long it will be before, faced by a rampaging mohammedan stabber howling ‘allahu-akbar’, with a trail of bodies in his wake, our western-country police figure out that it’s time to shoot to kill?

  3. Here’s the growing horror. These tragic stories are boring in their essential sameness and our increasing emotional callousness. No wonder that millions of citizens accepted Holodomor and Holocaust until it was their turn to be mutilated or murdered. In our game of shuffleboard our opponent has come with a baseball bat to beat in our mindless brains. Shame on us that we need a series of massive murder incidents to shake us awake. We do not learn from history, so ever again!

  4. Interesting point Christina. The first eye-witnesses, while any other observations they may have made about his appearance were not reported, the two observations reported was that the knifeman was a ‘man’ of about 30.

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