EXCLUSIVE: Sickening footage of Palestinian children pretending to stab Jews exposes ‘festival of hate’ funded by Jeremy Corbyn’s pet charity

Sickening footage of a seven-year-old Palestinian girl ‘stabbing’ Jews was taken at a ‘festival of hate’ partly funded by a UK charity supported by Jeremy Corbyn and Labour MPs, MailOnline can reveal.

The film of the gruesome children’s play was broadcast on Hamas TV last week, with the British charity’s logo clearly visible on a banner behind the stage.

The little girl, dressed in a hijab, is seen pretending to stab two boys dressed as Israeli soldiers, who respond by ‘shooting’ her. Then, amid cheers from the baying crowd, a boy dressed as a masked terrorist massacres the soldiers with a replica semi-automatic weapon.

This shocking display of brainwashing took place last week as part of ‘Palestine Festival for Children and Education’ – and the festival was funded by Interpal, which is widely supported by Labour MPs. 

The Charity Commission said it is investigating ‘as a matter of priority’. MailOnline’s revelations will cause intense embarrassment to the Labour leader, who is facing a storm of criticism for not acting strongly enough to quell anti-Semitism in his party. His office declined to comment last night.

MailOnline has learnt that Interpal donated £6,800 to Gaza’s ‘festival of hate’, which was organised by the University College of Applied Sciences in Gaza City and ended last week. 

The charity said it did not support the play but instead ‘hosted some activities in Gaza City, as part of the larger event’, adding that it does not condone violence. But MPs dismissed this explanation as ‘not very convincing’.

The Labour leader has spoken at Interpal fundraisers, and has appeared in a promotional video for the charity. 

In 2013, he and his wife accepted a £2,800 tour of Gaza funded by Interpal. He has called the organisation’s chairman – a notorious Islamic hardliner who has said adulterers should be stoned – a ‘very good friend’, and has shared a platform with a range of extremists at Interpal events (see graphic in the link).

Cornyn’s involvement with Interpal stretches back many years and connects him to a variety of extremists.

He has admitted being a personal friend of Interpal’s chairman, Ibrahim Hewitt, 58, a controversial Islamic hardliner who runs a private Muslim school in Leicester that cited sharia law in its child protection policies.

Speaking at a pro-Palestinian event in East London in February 2013, Corbyn said: ‘I’ve got to know Ibrahim Hewitt, the Chair, extremely well, and I consider him to be a very good friend, and I think he’s done a fantastic job.’


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