Extra police stationed in Antwerp over video terror threat

From Politico and the Daily Express

Authorities dispatched police reinforcements to Antwerp’s central station Friday after a video emerged identifying it as the target of a possible terror attack,

The video, discovered by a U.S.-based counter-terrorism expert, shows an unidentified man walking around what is believed to be the Belgian station, threatening to attack it, as Islamic music plays in the background.

“We are still here,” the video’s caption states, according to the Daily Express, which published the footage. 

Initial examination of the footage shows the building is Antwerp Central Station in the city of Antwerp, around 45km from Brussels. 

At the beginning of the video they are showing where they are,” professor of Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University, and former Counterterrorism Police Chief Ahmet Yayla said.

“They did not include the destination – but they said we are here and and we are going to attack.It has happened in the past with videos going up before an attack and I believe it is a plausible threat.  “The music in the background is the same which was used in the video before the attack on the Reina nightclub. . .”

In 2016, a plan to attack Antwerp Station was thwarted when terror suspects who planned to drop three bags of explosives at the station were arrested…Now, it appears the station could still be a target.

Some may suggest the videos are fake – but Mr Yayla said the account they come from is one which has delivered genuine messages. He warned: “These accounts do not mess around. They do not want to be seen as though they are not plausible. They are pushing the ISIS message.”



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