Free Speech protest coming up in London


Breitbart London reports:

A large group of well-known right-wing political commentators, journalists and activists and politicians have shown their support for former English Defence League leader turned citizen journalist Tommy Robinson and his planned May 6th march to protest social media giant Twitter over free speech.

A video, (shown on linked page) which shows various right-wing personalities first with their mouths taped shut and then removing the tape, includes many who have been at the centre of the free speech debate in the United Kingdom in recent months…….

Other individuals expressing their support for the Day for Freedom included Breitbart London editor in chief Raheem Kassam, For Britain Movement leader Anne Marie Waters, UKIP leader Gerard Batten, Canadian conservative media personality Gavin McInnes, YouTuber Carl Benjamin also known as Sargon of Akkad, as well as Canadian philosopher and YouTube personality Stefan Molyneux.

According to the website for the march, which is to take place May 6th at Whitehall in London, “We will gather on Whitehall, at the heart of our government and demand that our legislators, MPs, police forces and social media giants stop their war on freedom of expression.”

This is a heartening development and it’s good to see a Canadian presence at the protest. 

Speaking of Canada, here is a pretty good brief summary of The Great Replacement from Canadian Blog BLAZINGCATFUR,  I include it because this is after all the main issue that has caused the clamp down on free speech:

The Political Debate Over Migrants Hasn’t Turned Ugly Yet – But It Could

All our political parties serve the same masters and it isn’t you and it isn’t me.

All believe in open door immigration and neither cares where that comes from so long as the “economy” read “a surplus of cheap labour” is maintained and ethnic vote whoring is built in to the election process.

We no longer need mass immigration and certainly not from backward nations with toxic ideologies.

The lies of multiculturalism and diversity shield and prevent politicians from honestly addressing the subject and the toll it takes on society in the form of contrived shortages in housing, suppressed wages, and the strain on public services.

The divide-and-conquer Balkinization of our nation is deliberate because you must be silenced.

Public dissent is demonized as racism or white supremacism or simply hate as the political class will stop at nothing to prevent lifting the veil on the great replacement.

Likewise, the political debate over free speech hasn’t turned ugly yet – but it could. Let’s hope our leaders and their minions see sense before it’s too late.

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  1. Tender time is running out. Calloused times coming. Sabotage amd plunder of society by political self-serving swine will come to an end not as a fake news report but by a knotted noose and box of worm-holed pine rebuke and retort. The tolerance of intolerance will not end peacefully.
    Tremble at the ‘troubles’ coming!

  2. I hate to flog the concept of karmic debt, but it fits the situation – or is it situations – so perfectly.
    Oddly enough, I can’t see your average bureaucrat giving much time to considering such flippancies…

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