Game-Show Host Of Weekend Sunrise Andrew O’Keefe Makes Himself Perfectly Clear



But not in the way Andrew O’Keefe thinks. He — and presumably his collaborator in the travesty they presented, that was dissected in public by Qanta Ahmed — has decided to assume a tone of injured and bewildered innocence, of perhaps a tiny forgivable error here or therre, and of course to defend that teary-eyed Iman who, as a “fellow Muslim,” met with Qanta Ahmed in order to see what she couud find out that might help her twist the entire segment to mean the opposite of what it meant.

The viciousness and idiocy of Andrew O’Keefe can be seen not only in his initial “defense” but, later on in the thread of comments — which repay reading, for many are excellent – but in his later comments, crazy stuff such as one about the American South, where Andrew O’Keefe appears to believe that “extremist” Christians have been attacking Holocaust memorials (where?) and synagogues (where?) in an attempt to drive out (!) Judaism. His crazy new charges, in an attempt to defend his grotesque program and the role played in it by Iman Muldoon, add fuel to his own self-immolation.

Among those comments, quite a few mention his previous career as the shallowest of game-show hosts, and also his history of berating, and hectoring into silence, those who are not getting with the program of protecting and defending Islam and Muslims. One of them is the interview he did with Geert Wilders, but there are many more. You will find links to the works and days of Andrew O’Keefe in the Comments section — do take a look, so as to understand fully his modus operandi, and his understanding of the world.

And you might also enjoy looking at some of the following:

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