Valls Makes France, And Perhaps Europe, Recognize The Prison Da’wa Problem

Valls chooses to recognize that  there is a problem, but he’s limiting his understanding to “radicalisation” and not to Daw’a itself. A great  mistake..

The place in France, and in the United Kingdom, and everywhere in Europe, to find the highest percentage of Muslims in a given subset of the population  is not in this or that city (Birmingham, Leeds, Marseille) nor in this or that banlieue (save for Seine Saint-Denis) but, rather, in the prisons. There, Muslims are “over-represented” by two, three, five, ten times their percentage of the general population. And they stick together, and they are violent, and they are not afraid of violence. They oppose, together, the non-Muslim prisoners. And they conduct Da’wa, the Call to Islam, a duty incumbent on all Muslims.

In the prisons of the West, large numbers of people who are of limited intellect, are socially and psychically marginal, are predisposed to violence and crime, seek several things. They seek, in the first place, while in prison, protection. They need to belong to a gang. That gang , so willing and eager to take them in, is Islam. Prisons, everywhere in the West, are turning non-Muslims into Muslims and, in so doing, taking and justifying and channeling their previous criminal behavior. Now they are warriors for Islam. If they rape non-Muslim girls, if they steal the property of non-Muslims, if they damage or vandalize churches and synagogues, if they refuse to recognize the Infidel man-made laws, if they do the very things they were put in prison for, and worse, they can now see themselves as mujahidin, fighters in the Jihad against the non-Muslims who still persist in thinking, and acting, as if they have a right to the countries they live in, have a right to impose their man-made and Infidel laws, without any Islamic legitimacy, on Muslims who refuse to thiink those laws must be obeyed (though, as a practical matter, Muslims are willing to obey those laws if, in so doing, it furrthers the long-term interests of themselves, as Muslims, and hence, furthers too the situation of the Umma, the Community of Believers). 

Now there are two kinds of converts in French prisons: the whites and the blacks. There are four main groups in French prisons: the whites, consisting of individuals of all kinds; the Corsicans, who like the Sicilian Mafia, the Neapolitan Camorra, the Calabrese ‘ndrangheta, have a loyalty to each other but are not open to outsiders; France or anywhere else in the Western world; the blacks, both from sub–Saharan Africa and the Caribeean; and the Muslims, from everywhere. If you are a white person, convicted of theft, or burglary, or murder, and you find that the gang of “blancs” is too small, and not sufficiently cohesive or inured to the receipt, or use, of violence, what do you do? You cannot become a black. You cannot become a Corsican. But you can become a Muslim. And if you do, you immediately have a band of brothers, willing to protect you, willing to use violence (often naturally violent, eager to use violence). That’s one reason for joining. But if, out  of a need to protect yourself, to decide to become a Muslim, you also have to convince yourself you’ve done it not out of fear — no one likes to admit that — but because you find Islam attractive. And you are given some simple lessons, not much, in order that you can say you “know” more or less what Islam is all about, and you say the Shahada, and start holding up one finger in that sign that Allah exists by himself, and only he, and that the Christian Trinity is merely a form of polytheism, of hated shirk. And you discover, to your pleasure, that Islam provides you with a new name — go ahead, take a nice new Arabic name, it’s so exciting and makes you such a special person — and with all kinds of new terrms to learn, and phrases, inshallah, to memorize. And what’s more, all these regulations — about beards, about what you can eat, about music being forbidden, and alcohol, about what you can eat and when you must refrain from eating. At long last, you who have your life had no rules or regulations, now have them. And you feel good. And you who have never understood the confusing world, and all its complexities, now have not only a Complete Regulation of Life, but a Simple
Solution of the Universe.

And it’s all due to Islam.

What could be better?


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