by Phyllis Chesler

For an Israeli Ambassador, with full diplomatic immunity, to be “brutally detained,” by the UN police/goon squad, merely because he held up a photo of Iranian martyr, Mahsah Amini, while the “butcher of Teheran,” Ebrahim Raisi, addressed the General Assembly—is beyond the pale. Erdan held up a photo which called for freedom for Iranian women now! He deserves a parade and a medal. Instead, as Erdan was walking out, he was taken hostage.

This action, this photo-op, has crossed a dangerous line. Israelis, even those with diplomatic immunity and their own bodyguards, can be taken hostage with the official approval of the entire world; at best, the usual bystanders remain indifferent.

It’s yet another reminder that it’s Open Season on the Jews.

Ambassador Erdan/Israel is standing with the oppressed people of Iran. Apparently, he does so alone—at least at the United Nations, and in the American White House. As a truth teller, Erdan/Israel has been publicly punished, put on notice, warned.

Compare this to the one hundred UN diplomats who worked out while Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was speaking—and they did so on behalf of Ukraine. Is Iran less important than Russia?

We know that the UN has never stopped a single genocide. Its’ only accomplishment has been the systematic legalization of Jew hatred via more than one hundred resolutions condemning Israel for alleged crimes that it has not committed—in fact, crimes of real gender and religious apartheid committed by Arab, Muslim leaders; human rights atrocities committed in totalitarian countries and in failed state everywhere—not in Israel—and yet Israel alone has been scapegoated.

I wish I could be with you in person but know that I am with you in spirit and always will be.

Am Yisrael Chai!


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