by Armando Simón

For several centuries, right up to the end of the 1800s in fact, an ocean of ink was spilled discussing concepts like the ether, humours, spontaneous generation, phlogiston, Fate and Destiny. these were concepts that were dreamed up by individual intellectuals. None of these had any basis in reality.

Nonetheless, as is their wont, intellectuals spent a lot of time and effort discussing these concepts and thus impressing each other, assuming all the while they were real.

As can be imagined, attempts to point out reality, namely that these concepts had no basis in reality were met with hostility (just read any biography of Pasteur).

The very same is true today of The Patriarchy.

The Patriarchy. According to feminism, American society is ruled in this day and age by men holding a philosophy of exclusivity and privilege, wherein women are actively prevented from various societal positions, be it work, politics, sports, etc. In this view, a rank of men exist all with their arms extended towards women proclaiming, “Thou shalt not pass.” Supposedly, men also have more privileges than women and they have more Rights than women.

A whole forest had been decimated to print numerous books and periodicals full of hatred at not just The Patriarchy, but at men in general, while simultaneously advocating Marxism and lesbian sex (according to feminists, vaginal orgasms are not politically correct, but clitorial orgasms are). Wading through these writings one who is not a true believer is struck by the utter gibberish contained therein. What is amusing is that they refer to this verbal diarrhea as “research.”

Ask the adherents of this view what, exactly, are the legal Rights that men have but women don’t, and they are likely to stammer. In criminal courts, women as a rule are given a slap on the wrist compared to the very same crimes that men commit. In divorce courts, the inevitable result is tossing the divorced men to a vampire. They lose their homes, their money, their children and on top of that, they are drained financially through alimony and child support. And these laws were passed by men. And male legislatures have not rescinded them. Which supports one of the many feminist insults, that men are stupid.

If we did, indeed, live in a Patriarchy, then at times of the year there would be open season on ex-wives. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. One can only dream.

Now, it is true that up to the 1970s, the presence of women in certain societal positions was looked with askance: firefighting, the military, CEOs, but feminism, through laws, eliminated these obstacles arguing that women were equal to men—turning right around and demanding special conditions since the applicants were women and deserved special consideration.

But that was then, and this is now. There are no positions where women are barred from, even when standards are lowered.

The Patriarchy does not exist.


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