Greenford Man on Trial for Terrorism Offences

From Ealing Today and the Daily Mail

A 20-year-old man from Greenford is currently on trial at the Old Bailey accused of terrorism offences.

Ayub Khan of Fishers Close, was charged last year, when he was still a teenager, with possession of weapon related to the instigation of terrorism and the dissemination of terrorist material.

A video of a beheading by members if ISIS was also found on his phone and he also shared videos with his brother Mohammed Zubair Khan which the prosecution alleges glorified terrorism. A black flag calling for Jihad was found in a wardrobe in his bedroom. . . a 12-inch machete was found by his bed.

Ayub Khan, 20, allegedly sent WhatsApp videos and messages glorifying the activities of Al-Qaeda and IS between May 1 and 3, 2020. . . messages sent from his iPhone to a group chat named ‘Salafiyyah’.

Robin Sellers, prosecuting, told jurors . . .  ‘There is no deleting of it, condemning of it, no decrying of it.’

Khan sent a video on May 1, 2020 containing speech which encourages Muslims to undertake Jihad and fight, the court heard.

In the video, he allegedly claimed going to Afghanistan to fight ‘is a good praiseworthy action’.

In a voice message sent on May 3, jurors heard a voice, alleged to be Khan, saying: ‘May Allah grant victory to the Taliban. May Allah aid them in destroying China, saving the Muslims from the oppression of the Chinese Ameen.  May Allah destroy the Shia in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Yemen. May Allah aid wherever they are and unite the Salifiyah to destroy the oppressors ameen.’

Khan glorified ‘gunshots in your legs and all that stuff, every bullet hole means something, for every stab wound I have I kill 10 American and 10 Chinese men,’ the court heard.

Mr Sellers said this was a clear endorsement and progression of Khan’s hardening stance.

When interviewed by police after his arrest last November, he said he was strongly against Islamic terrorist groups and that the Mosque he attended consistently warned of the dangers of such organisations.

His trial continues.

His brother was also charged last year and remanded in custody at the Central Criminal Court  but I cannot find any report in the accessible press as to how his case was or will be dealt with.


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