Hashem Abedi’s prints on tin can linked to Manchester Arena bomb, court told

From the Yorkshire Post

… Police found various crushed up metal tins in the garden of the Abedi family home in Elsmore Road, Manchester, with prints from both brothers on them, the court heard.

A hexagonal piece of a Consumer’s Pride cooking oil tin was found to have 10 finger and palm prints belonging to Hashem on it, jurors heard. Six parts of the same tin were recovered from an address in Granby Row where Salman allegedly assembled the bomb.

Fingerprint expert Philip Balduini told jurors he had identified four of Hashem’s prints on the scraps, which had been rolled up and left in a blue plastic bag. Jurors were shown an image piecing the whole tin back together like a jigsaw puzzle, including a single scrap recovered from the scene of the bombing. While none was found in the construction of the bomb, it was alleged the piece from the cut up Consumer’s Pride tin was in Salman’s rucksack.

Hashem Abedi, who was in Libya at the time of the bombing, denies 22 counts of murder, attempted murder and conspiring with his brother to cause explosions.



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