How I got canceled


You do not challenge any part of this politically correct madness without risking everything. I recommend that more of us do just that

by Phyllis Chesler 

Perhaps contemporary ‘cancel culture’ officially began in 1989, when Khomeini issued his fatwa against Salman Rushdie for having ‘defamed’ Islam in The Satanic Verses. Rushdie was ushered into hiding and the Islamist assault on truth-speech in the West was on. But here’s what I also think.

The day after Israel won its 1967 war of self-defense, the propaganda began in deadly earnest against both Israel and the West. Within two decades, perhaps less, Western universities were intellectually and politically ‘occupied’ by Stalinist and Islamist narratives. Balkanized social identities and victimology ruled.

Academics, including feminists (my people), became more obsessed with the alleged occupation of Palestine, a country that had never existed, than with real genocides or the occupation of women’s bodies.

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One Response

  1. Ms Chesler has sounded the alarm and called for courage to counter the corrupt deep state of organized bullies. Our effort needs to include opposition to their vulture culture which treats our civilizing traditions as carrion — rotting flesh to be fed upon.
    They should be called out as regressives rather than progressives, intellectual cowards and devolved moral maggots.
    Their groupthink is actually stinkthink deriving from their constipating group poop. Their squealing and kneeling misguided minions are now gradually being dismembered and cannibalized by other members of their intersectional confluence of coocoos.
    It’s courage now or carnage.

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