Identity of St. Cloud, Minnesota Mall Attacker Revealed as Dahir Adan, Say ‘Leaders of Somali-American Community’ He was helpful and friendly.


From the St Cloud Times

St. Cloud Somali-American community members identified the deceased suspect as Dahir Adan.

Leaders of the Somali-American community in St. Cloud gathered Sunday with his family and issued a statement of sympathy for the family and the nine victims of the attack.

Community leader Abdul Kulane said as far as the family and community know, the suspect did not have any history of violence. He was known as a smart, accomplished student at Apollo High School. He was a junior at St. Cloud State University, Kulane said. 

Leaders say they are uncertain of motives behind the attack by Dahir Adan, who was killed during the spree by an off-duty police officer. The men expressed sympathy for the victims of the attack, their families and the entire community. They are also providing support to Adan’s family.

As attention turns to the wider community reaction, one leader hopes the attack does not prompt retaliation. Religious leaders added that Islam does not condone violence.

“He was helpful to his family and as far as we know, he never had a violent history, as far as his family and the community can remember. He was a friendly and active community member. . . All the information circulating in the media are speculations,” 

The leader of a Minnesota group focused on Islamic relations says he is worried about retaliation against the Somali-American community “We are hopeful that the community will come together in a difficult tragedy,” said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

He said there is concern about retaliation in St. Cloud because of a history of anti-Muslim sentiment here. Hussein planned to visit St. Cloud on Sunday to learn how CAIR can support the community. He has been in contact with local Somali leaders since late Saturday night.

.Others expressed disbelief and hope to see the complete picture of the incident, said Mohamed Mohamed, executive director of the St. Cloud Area Somali Salvation Association, or SASSO.

Local police had about three previous encounters with the suspect, most for minor traffic violations, Anderson said. The attacker was not named by authorities early Sunday.

Authorities “have no reason to believe” anyone else was involved in the attacks, Anderson said.

One Response

  1. All the usual piffle and flowery nothings.

    Years ago I heard someone say that Islam was "thuggery + image management".

    Mr Aden has committed the thuggery; now his 'friends; and the Muslim gang bosses from the local mosques and the operatives from CAIR are doing the Image Management.  "Hussein [of CAIR] planned to visit St cloud on Sunday to learn how CAIR can support the community. H e has been in contact with local Somali [that would be, local Somali MUSLIM – CM] leaders since late Saturday night..".

    Of course he has been… telling them what to say, how to word it, how to 'spin' it.  How to cover their azzes and, at all costs, keep the filthy kuffar law enforcement from looking too closely into the activities in and around their mosques.

    As for "Islam does not condone violence…".   Hm.  Depends what is meant by 'violence', precisely.  Islam – and Muslims – take a very dim view of any kuffar or dhimmi use of violence in self-defence against Muslim aggression. Because from the Muslim POV Muslims are always in the right and non-Muslims are always in the wrong and therefore any violence made use of by non-Muslims, even when merely attempting to prevent Muslims from robbing, raping, kidnapping or killing said non-Muslims, is wrong.

    One final observation – "local police had had about three previous encounters with the suspect, most for minor traffic violations".

    So many, many many attempting or actual jihadis have been had up by the traffic cops, either when proceeding toward their intended attack, or just generally, before they Go Jihad.  In the case of Muslims I think this sort of thing is an indicator, and should be factored in by those tasked with HOmeland Security; it flags the thoroughly-Islamic contempt for and wilful flouting of all non-Muslim law… even the humble rules of the road.  I recall a case some years ago where a Muslim heading off to wreak Sudden Jihad upon hapless infidels was pulled over for speeding, or suchlike, on the way there. If only the cops had thought to search his car while they had him pulled over… Two traffic cops in the USA, years ago, did just that with a couple of Muslim drivers that they caught speeding on the highway, and discovered improvised pipe bombs in the back of the vehicle, and some rather incriminating material on computers.  Constable Plod and the Highway Patrol are in a very real sense our first line of defence and they should exercise their discretion and trust their special beat-cop spidey-senses.

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