In Europe, Virus or No Virus, the Jihad Must Go on

by Gary Fouse

How ironic that in Europe, which is telling its own citizens to stay behind closed doors, and in many cases, enforcing it, they are also dealing with their open borders refugee policy. The Corona virus has not deterred the hundreds of thousands of mostly young men coming from the Middle East and Africa. Nor is it deterring the jihadists among them from their appointed rounds. That means acts of violence against the Western non-believers-in their own countries, no less.

Just this week, we have seen violent incidents carried out in Augsburg, Germany, Udine, Italy, and today in a small town in southern France, where two people have been stabbed to death.

Even before the Corona virus struck, anybody with half a brain was asking what sense it made for Western Europe to allow hundreds of thousands – millions now – of mostly unaccompanied young men to come into their countries claiming asylum. In many parts of Europe, people were shutting themselves in at night – not because of a virus – rather because the streets were no longer safe. Anybody could be suddenly stabbed, raped, or murdered randomly just because some refugee from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, or some other hellhole decided it was time to go jihad and kill the nearest infidels while sexually assaulting female infidels – all in accordance with the Koran, mind you. Strictly legit according to their world view..

Now Europe is dealing with the Corona virus – also an import – which should finally drive the point home that borders have a purpose. Indeed, travel from one EU country to another is now being restricted. But while the virus rages, so do Europe’s newest residents.

When this virus has finally passed, it is hoped that the EU will wake up and start treating their borders and their national sovereignty with a new seriousness. No, the migrants did not cause the virus, but dealing with both of these problems at the same time is an impossible task. The Schengen Agreement that allows unchecked passage from one EU signatory nation to any other is an asinine idea that should be repealed. Mass migration must be halted, and those who cause any problems with the police, pose a threat, or are a burden on the tax-payers should be repatriated. That will be no easy task given the sheer numbers of those already wandering around Europe. ultimately, Europe will survive Corona, but it will not survive the rapid Islamization of their continent. Unless they have the will.


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