In Israel, Infidel Man’s Best Friend Helps Her Jewish Master Defeat Muslim Assassin

As reported by Israel National News earlier this week.  The initial report of the incident, here.

“Terrorist Breaks Into Home, Stabs Civilian, and is Shot Dead.

‘Israeli Lightly Wounded in Har Hevron when terrorist breaks into his home and stabs him.

That is: “Jew lightly wounded in Har Hevron when Muslim breaks into his home and stabs with intent to murder’. – CM

‘An Israeli civilian was lightly wounded when an Arab terrorist (that is: a Muslim Arab assassin – CM) broke into his home in the Har Hevron region and stabbed him.

‘Magen David Adom EMTs and paramedics reported that they were treating a 33 year old man for stab wounds to his limbs.  

‘Senior MDA EMT Shmuel Koren said, “When we arrived at the scene we saw a fully conscious injured man walking around.  We provided medical treatment and stopped his bleeding.  He was lightly injured and in stable condition”.

‘Preliminary reports indicate that the victim heard suspicious noises and left his house to investigate them.

‘When he encountered the terrorist he ran back inside his house to retrieve his firearm.

‘The terrorist then entered the house and attacked him, before being shot and killed by another family member present in the house…”.

And now for the follow-up report, from Mordechai Sones, that tells us about the heroic family dog who acted as guardian angel.

 “Jewish Family Near Hevron Saved by Dog Who Bit Terrorist.

‘Sofie the family dog allowed the Jewish father to shoulder arms and save his family.

‘An Arab terrorist (i.e. a Muslim terrorist – CM) infiltrated into the Mor Farm located in the Mount Hebron region, at approximately 4 pm on Wednesday, according to the IDF.

‘Shabtai Kushelevski saw the terrorist outside his home, and ran inside to get his gun.

‘The terrorist followed Shabtai into the home, where his wife was nursing their young baby in a side room.

When Sayad Machmud [i.e. Mohammed – CM] Ali Kaysiya tried to stab Shabtai in the back, he was attacked by Sofie the family dog, allowing Shabtai time to grab his gun and shoot the terrorist dead.

And that is why every Jewish family in the whole of Israel, but especially those living in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, needs a dog, or two, or three – not just any dog, but dogs that have been well trained specifically to defend and protect – not instead of but as well as firearms. – CM

‘Yekutiel Ben Yakov, Director of the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a non-profit organisation that helps place protection dogs  throughout Judea and Samaria, said, “We continue to urge Jews to arm themselves with dogs, which have proven to be the most effective biological weapon.  (Not least because Muslims not only hate them but fear them.  The person who seeks to break into the houses of others to kill, steal and destroy, fears and despises his intended victims’ four-legged friend whose bark is loud to raise the alarm, whose run is swift and silent, and whose teeth bite down hard. – CM).  The proper use of dogs can save many Jewish lives.”

Indeed, as amply demonstrated in this particular case.  Blessings on brave “Sofie”, who faithfully did her job and helped her human companion save himself and his family from a vicious Muslim assassin. – CM



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