‘ISIS will fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies’:


From the Daily Mail

This is the shocking moment a French ISIS fighter vowed to ‘fill the streets of Paris with dead bodies’ before he shot a Syrian soldier in the back of the head and kicked him off a cliff.

In a vile ‘message’ directed towards the people of France, the masked militant spoke in perfect French before brutally executing a Syrian army prisoner by shooting him in the head. Ranting wildly into the high-definition camera used to record the execution video, the fanatic told listeners that ISIS ‘loves death like you love life’ and encouraged the group’s supporters to continue to plot and carry out further terror attacks in the European country. 

Standing on a remote cliff-top a jihadi loomed over a kneeling Syrian regime army officer and claimed that he is one of the estimated 500 French nationals waging jihad on behalf of the terror group in the Middle East. He declared that his ‘message’ is aimed not only to French citizens, but also to the international community and ‘everyone who fights Allah and his prophet’.

Peppering his dialogue with rants about the strength of ISIS and how the terror group is protected by Allah, the militant encouraged a fresh wave of terror attacks in the French capital. Once he concluded his diatribe, the French militant brutally shot the Syrian army soldier in the head with a massive assault rifle, before kicking his corpse off the edge of the cliff and sending it tumbling dozens of feet on to the rocks below.

The barbaric video was released the day after ISIS released its latest French language propaganda magazine, which is being widely shared by the terror group’s supporters on Twitter. In the magazine, the terror group praised last month’s terror attack near Lyon by delivery driver Yassin Salhi, 35, who beheaded his employer Herve Cornara and took a selfie with his severed head after writing Arabic on it. 

Despite Salhi subsequently claiming he’d only carried out the attack due to ‘personal difficulties’ and ‘problems at home and work’, ISIS lauded the beheading because in their view it ‘hit the interests of the enemies of Allah’, according to Vocativ.

Salhi – who is understood to have been known to security services since at least 2006 – reportedly told arresting officers he is a member of ISIS. He is thought to not have had a criminal record and an investigation into his ‘possible radicalisation’ was dropped in 2008. But sources close to the investigation said Salhi was radicalised more than a decade ago after contact with Muslim convert Frederic Jean Salvi – known as ‘Ali’ – who is suspected of preparing attacks in Indonesia with Al-Qaeda militants.

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  1. The proper response by the French authorities, to this threat and display of cowardly bullying sadism, would be to publicly declare this creature’s French citizenship and French passport null and void, and proclaim him Outlaw. And follow up by doing the same for *all* French-passport-holding Muslims definitely known to have joined the Islamic State jihad gang.

    If they do subsequently get caught trying to sneak back into France, and are positively identified, then they should be packed off back to Syria and handed over as prisoners to Assad and the Alawites. Alternatively, they could be executed by the French military, being known, declared and identified enemy agents and assassins.

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