Italy: Two held over plotting Isis-style attacks

From the Italian edition of The Local

UPDATED: Italian police arrested two men on Wednesday suspected of supporting the Islamic State group and plotting to carrying out attacks in the country. 

The Tunisian and Pakistani had opened a Twitter account on which they posted threatening messages written by hand and held up in front of historic Italian monuments, from the Colosseum in Rome to the Duomo in Milan.

“We are in your streets, we are everywhere. We identify our targets while we wait for zero hour”, said one message, written in Italian, French and Arabic. (not Italian?)

Milan prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli said, however, that the sites in question “were never in danger” because the pair, based in Brescia in northern Italy, had not set their plans in motion. “The two men were referring to several targets, particularly the Ghedi military base” near Brescia, “but also other possible targets including law enforcement forces,” he said at a press conference. The two men had also downloaded from the Internet a manual on bomb-making and how to disguise their identities online, he said.

“This morning’s arrests show our system to prevent terrorist attacks works. It confirms that Internet controls allow us to take preventative action with great efficiency,” Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said.

Their arrest was part of an investigation carried out by Italy’s anti-terror squad, Digos, which began in April.

Last week, an Albanian man suspected of recruiting on behalf of Isis was deported. The expulsion came a week after another man was arrested in Pisa, accused of spreading jihadist propaganda and inciting terrorism


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  1. I observe that the “Albanian man” (that is, an Albanian MUSLIM) who was caught inciting to jihad, was deported. Excellent.
    I observe also that the two just arrested are described as “Tunisian” and as “Pakistani”. No Italian citizenship? If so, if they are still officially citizens of their respective points of origin, that simplifies things considerably; once they have served a suitable jail term, just to make the point (and I suggest it be spent cleaning out pig-pens or else cleaning up the doggie-doo from the dog yards at the local animal shelter, under strict supervision) they can be given the boot, back to Tunisia and to Pakistan respectively.

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