It’s NOT About The Economy Stupid, It’s About Freedom, Democracy And The Rule Of Law

It’s Independence Day – Will Britain Vote For It?

Brexit means:

Independence Day, Thursday 23rd June, 2016.

When this:


Should get the boot in favour of this:


The Union Flag: a red cross over combined red and white saltires, all with white borders, over a dark blue background.


Since the year 2000 British businesses have stopped investing in the sclerotic EU economies.

Since 2008 British businesses have been actively disinvesting in the practically moribund EU economies.

They have pulled out over a hundred billion pounds (over about 150 billion US dollars) from the dilapidated EU economies in the last four years alone.

They have invested that money in the emerging economies and in the USA and Australia.

Hopefully we’ll vote to leave the EU.

Only 8% of the British economy, the sixth largest in the world, is made up of exported goods.

Of that 8% well less than half (about seven twentieths) is exports to other EU states.

The rest, well over half, is made up of high value exports to all the other countries in the world.

Exports to other EU states have been declining significantly year after year since 2000.

Exports to the rest of the world have shown a healthy increase almost every year since 2000.

Britain operates a substantial balance of trade deficit with the other EU states.

Britain is one of the largest markets for the exports of most of the other EU members.

If Britain becomes independent this Thursday the remaining members of the EU will have to continue to trade with the U.K. on a fair and equal basis or risk losing one of their biggest markets and severely damaging their economies.

In contrast, Britain will be able to trade with whomsoever it wants to without any of the existing burdensome restrictions on trade that the left-wing, Frankfurt School members of the European Commission will continue to impose on the remaining members.

But it’s not about the economy stupid…

It’s about living in a free and democratic country where the rule of law applies equally to the ruled and those who rule.

The EU Commissioners have frequently flouted the law, broken it in fact, when doing so suited their purpose.

The EU Commissioners couldn’t give a flying fig about the contents of the various treaties that are supposed to determine the course of the EU and the way that they are supposed to conduct its business. They usually just ignore them and do their own thing.

This now means that the EU has no legal basis for its existence. Rightly people are afraid to point that out lest the Commissioners go even further (as they have done in both Greece and Italy where their consistent ill-advised and economically illiterate meddling has ruined the lives of countless millions of people).

The Commission is actively pursuing an enlargement of the EU that will encompass ALL the countries around the Mediterranean Sea (except Israel, which they loathe with a visceral intensity). They are so remarkably indoctrinated with left wing cant that they cannot see the vast cultural differences between secular Europe and the Islamic world.

Some see the differences but have openly asserted that they want to destroy “rotten” Europe and remake it in a extreme socialist way. They see Islam as a tool to help them accomplish this.

It is almost impossible for anyone in the centre, or on the right, of politics to have anything that resembles a sensible conversation with any EU apparatchik. I know, I’ve tried.

The EU Budget has not been signed off on by the auditors for over twenty years.

Vast sums of taxpayers’ money have simply gone missing and no one in the Commission has ever been called to account.

Many Commissioners, and others employed by the Commission, have retired in due course as very wealthy men and women. Most of them started off their political careers without any sign of having a wealthy background. Just sayin’.

The European so-called Parliament is, in reality, merely a Soviet style rubber stamp. It cannot initiate legislation and it cannot reject individual bits of any legislation put before it.

It can only reject the entire piece of legislation. Understandably it seldom has the guts to do that.

The EU Commission is actively attempting to silence criticism of its actions by using economic threats and blackmail to rein in the social media and the press. It is attempting to impose a form of censorship on Europe and limit, if not abolish, free speech. The Commission has already announced that it does not uphold the concept of freedom of speech.

Instead it upholds the freedom to speak reasonably – and it gets to decide what is reasonable, no one else.

The Commissioners are unelected.

In reality they run the EU.

They are an oligarchy in the true meaning of the word.

I want my country to leave this profoundly disordered organisation and to break free of the megalomaniacal band of mafia-like thugs who run it.

Brexit is about sovereignty, about freedom, about democracy, about the rule of law.

It isn’t about money because those four things are beyond price.

I want this Thursday to be Independence Day.

Please God, hear my prayer and let my cry come unto Thee.



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