Jewish Leaders and Rising Antisemitism

by Gary Fouse

Daniel Greenfield has a great piece in Frontpage Magazine. Beginning with the story of a Muslim who committed an anti-semitic assault, Greenfield writes how too many Jewish leaders are holding hands with Muslims while blaming anti-semitism on white nationalists, white racists and (gasp) Trump supporters.

Speaking as a gentile activist against anti-semitism, I have found it personally frustrating to have to counter Jewish leaders who form inter-faith groups with Muslim leaders, assigning blame for both Islamophobia (however one chooses to define that tricky term, which was actually devised by islamists to silence their critics) and anti-semitism to mostly the wrong people.

This is not to ignore the true white nationalists who embrace racism, the KKK, and neo-Nazis. They are despicable, and I concede their numbers are growing. Some are, indeed, anti- semitic. But to ignore the role that militant Islam is playing in stirring hatred against Jews-and Christians, is pure willful negligence.

Ask European Jews who their tormentors are. It is the Muslim immigrant community, which due to the insanity of Europe’s leaders, is exploding in numbers-mostly with young male Muslim refugees, asylum-seekers, and plain old everyday migrants. Ask Israelis who it is that wants to kill them all. It is their Palestinian neighbors and the Arab street. Ask the remaining Christians in the Middle East who it is engaged in a program of genocide.

You will not find churches, synagogues, or Buddhist temples with clerics calling for the deaths of non-believers, Jews, and Christians, as you do in many mosques, not just in the Middle East, but in the West. As I write here on Easter Sunday, Rome is covered with some 10,000 cops trying to provide security against an Islamic attack against religious sites and pilgrims. Just this week, the Italians have rounded up suspected terrorists around the country connected to Anis Amri, the killer who ran a truck into the Berlin Christmas market 15 months ago. Meanwhile in Germany, the carnage continues as a Syrian set a Leipzig  apartment building on fire killing one person. The number would have been higher except for great rescue efforts on the part of the fire department.

And yet, our political and religious leaders deny what is as clear as the nose on their collective faces. It is so much easier to lay the blame on President Trump and his supporters. While there is undoubtedly anti-semitism from the right, today, it is mostly from the left. So the rest of the left ignores it, whether it is from Jew haters like Louis Farrakhan, Palestinians masquerading as suffering victims, or American Muslims masquerading as civil rights activists. Thus, liberal rabbis and  leaders of the Jewish community continue the charade. These Jewish leaders are the modern day version of the Judenrat, the Jewish councils set up by the Nazis both in Germany and in the countries they occupied. They cooperated with the Nazis not believing that they would commit the horrors that were to come.

I often write that for European Jews today, it is like they have gone back to the 1930s. At least the earlier generation didn’t try to blame Churchill for their plight.



4 Responses

  1. Truer words were never spoken or written. The refusal of so many American Jews to acknowledge the reality of Islam’s cult of anti-Jewish bias is worse than pathetic. So called “community leaders” are blind in the left eye and nothing can be done to cure them.

  2. Jews were persecuted at the hands of establishment religious and political institutions for centuries. That’s why they distrust nationalism and have historically favored universalist ideologies, like socialism or communism. Now that we have Zionism, a form of nationalism, they need to revise their attitudes, but for all too many Jews, consistency is the hobgoblin of their little minds.

  3. Don’t rock or bail out the leaky boat. And learn to swim in the shark-filled moat.
    Never learn, ever again.

  4. Reply to “jewdog”,

    As a gentile who fights against Jew hatred, I don’t agree with your consistency charge as a I understand it. Jews are hardly monolithic in their thinking. They are a fragmented community who disagree on countless topics including Israel and what to do about anti-Semitism.

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