London-based, pro-ISIS preacher calls for jihad against Israel

I saw the headline from MEMRI recently, but without a subscription couldn’t confirm my sneaking suspicion that it was Choudary.  The Jewish News Syndicate confirms it. 

London-based, pro-Islamic State (ISIS) preacher Anjem Choudary published on his blog and Telegram channel an article in English titled, “Israeli Crimes Against Muslims in Palestine Will Come to an End!” The last time I checked his blog it was “unreachable”, and I got the same result this morning. Either he has a new blog, or MEMRI reaches places I can’t. Probably both. 

(He)  called on Muslims around the world to ignore proposed political solutions to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Instead, he called on Muslims to join the ranks of jihad to end the suffering of the Palestinians.

He further announced that he was launching a new Twitter campaign to rally support for his call.

“The Islamic verdict for Palestine is clear from the Divine sources of legislation—the Koran and Sunnah, it is NOT a two-state solution or a peace treaty; rather, the Divine ruling is to fight jihad to defend life and property, and to liberate the land,” he concluded.




2 Responses

  1. Muslims want all Christians and Jews either dead, paying the Jizyah or converted to Islam. Their entire written works (Sira, Koran and Hadiths) have hundreds of call to arms to accomplish this. Islam hides nothing. It’s there for all to see.

    As to the wandering goat herders from Syria, Egypt and other Arab lands who wandered in out of what was from 1517 to 1917 the Mutasarriflik of Jerualem and various Sanjaks and Wilayah that is districts of the Ottomans Turks of what is now Israel, stop with the “Palestinian” nonsense. There was never, ever an Arab Palestine nor a Turkish Palestine. Never. Besides Palestine is a Roman derivative of Palestina and the Romans were also neither Arab or Muslim.

    Nothing new.

  2. A middle class British Pakistani boy named Andy Choudary doomed to a hum-drum bourgeois lawyer’s life reached into his inner jihad to become Anjem the Terrible. He has done us a favor with his honesty. No pretense to a two-state solution in the Land of Israel. Will the Guardian straighten him out?

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