Milan Court Seeks Immediate Trial for Kosovar Part of ISIS


From the Albanian Daily News (an English language publication) and Il Giorno

Prosecutor Alberto Nobili, part of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, has requested an immediate trial for Bleona Tafallari, 19 years old, born in Kosovo, but living in Milan, known by the nickname Lioness of ISIS”.

Bleona Tafallari, is accused of being part of a fundamentalist Islamic group with her husband and was ready to go to fight. She was arrested on November 17th last year in Italy for international terrorism after an investigation coordinated by prosecutor Leonardo Lesti, writes the Italian newspaper, Il Giorno.

She was a staunch supporter of ISIS for a least three years and with her husband (who was in Germany) part of a group called the ‘Balkan Lions’. In addition, in January last year she was married to a 21-year-old Kosovar ‘mujahideen’ and had an affair with Vienna striker (they mean a terror attack strike, not a forward playing footballer; this young woman seems to like the bad boys)  Kujtim Fejzulai, and more than 2,000 conversations that left no doubt, according to the indictment, about her membership in ISIS

According to Il Giorno, (using the wonder of Google translate) she is merely related to Fejzulai, who is a cousin of her husband. Her exact relationship probably isn’t relevant to their jihad; enough that they are closely connected. 

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