Mohammed Hijab and his cronies intimidating citizens on the streets of Golders Green again.

As an appetiser to his threat to kill pet dogs beonging to pro Israel protestors on Sunday, Mohammed Hijab and his mates Ali Dawa and Smile2jannah made a foray onto the streets of Golders Green the previous day, Saturday, the Sabbath. From the Jewish Chronicle

Three Muslim YouTubers have filmed themselves standing in front of a billboard bearing the words “Did we not learn from the Holocaust?” while pushing Jews for their views on Israel.

The incident took place on Saturday last week in Golders Green, one of London’s most heavily populated Jewish suburbs. 

Ali Dawah, Mohammed Hijab and a self-described comedian who goes by the name of Smile2Jannah, targeted identifiable Jewish passers-by, asking them for their views on Israel and delivering speeches about “the killing of children” to their camera in the interim. 

When Jewish members of the public refused to engage with the men, one of them said: “When people are being butchered in this way the least you should be able to do is have a conversation and provide your view. Why would you cross the road and not be willing to engage?” 

Police were present at the scene and upon their arrival one of the YouTubers approached an officer and asked: “What’s the reason you came so fast – has there been kids blown up by bombs by Israel?” 

All three men have now uploaded videos of themselves harassing the Jewish community to their respective YouTube channels. The videos, which were uploaded yesterday, have already been watched by hundreds of thousands of people online. 

Mr Hijab has previously been filmed at a pro-Palestinian rally yelling: “The difference between us and them is that for them they think life begins, for us we think believe that death begins. We believe that life begins at death, we don’t care about death, we love death.” 

A spokersperon for the Metropolitan Police said: “Police are aware of a video circulating on social media of two men in Golders Green on Saturday, 22 May with a van displaying messages and images on a screen.

“Officers were called at approximately 19:28 hrs and engaged with those present. No offences were identified. I think it has the potential to cause a breach of the peace. Certainly an attempt to stand on a street in Newham or Tower Hamlets and point out the flaws we percieve in Islam in general and Mohammed in particular would produce a charge of Breach of the Peace at the very least. 

“We have since been made aware of concerns that have been brought to our attention from the community and will liaise with the appropriate partners. Local officers had already increased patrols in the area in response to recent community concerns and will continue to provide additional reassurance in coming days.”

Hijab and his clique were thus emboldened to make their threats of animal cruelty with impunity 24 hours later. 


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