Muslim anger against Hindus spreads to Birmingham

I have not posted about the trouble in Leicester over the last 6 weeks here yet. Ostensibly the ‘community tensions’ has been over the India v Pakistan cricket match last month. But I knew that was overly simplistic and that it had deeper roots going back to events in the sub-continent. I even wondered, mindful of the Sikh men imprisoned a few years ago for dealing themselves with the Muslim men grooming their daughters at a restaurant in Leicester, if grooming of Hindu girls had been attempted. The current campaign in India warning girls about ‘love jihad’ is prominent in the India press and has been for about a year.

In Leicester the Muslims blame the clashes on ‘Islamophobia’ and the Hindus fear jihad. The BBC fails to mention either group and merely quote ‘Community leaders’ who call for calm. The police profess to be baffled.

Tonight in Smethwick the situation is quite clear. Bear in mind also that men arrested in Leicester have been found to come from as far away as Birmingham (not actually that far) Luton and Slough (further – and towns with large Muslim communities)

According to Birmingham World this afternoon

Community leaders in Smethwick have united against a planned protest outside a Hindu temple.

Information about the protest outside the Durga Bhawan temple on Spon Lane was shared on social media. A flyer was shared on social media by an account called Apna Muslims calling for a peaceful protest on Tuesday 20 September.

The protestors were opposed to a speaker’s visit to the temple. The speaker, a Hindu-leader, is considered controversial for spreading hate speech against other communities. Her session has been cancelled.

The speaker was Sadhvi Nisha Rithambarar who heads the womens’ wing of the VHP party. She is on a speaking tour and there have been calls to ban her as a divisive presence.

Notwithstanding the cancellation of the event, and the ‘good community relations’ in Smethwick up until now a crowd of young Muslim men gathered round the temple earlier tonight. Chants of Allah Akbar and Takfee were loud and clear. These are video clips taken by a reporter from Sky News.

The crowds have now dispersed but the police presence remains. This isn’t about cricket and it never was. I fear there is more to come.


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  1. Why not put equal numbers of antagonists in an arena and have them fight it out, in a PayTV event. Survivors may then be praised and then executed by a masked, nameless goverment firing squad. Revenues would cover cost of the event production, burial costs. Remaining profit would be ďistributed to the ADA, Ante Deluvian Association.

  2. I didn’t know of the incident you refer to with Sikh men “dealing themselves” with the Muslim gang groomers. But, to a casual observer, the strangest aspect of this whole story is the apparent absence of outraged white British fathers and brothers behaving like this. All seem to have absorbed either the establishment view their daughters and sisters––some not yet teenagers––were making “informed choices”, or else that of the rapists that the girls were “easy meat” to used in this way.

    I’m not, of course, advocating any form of violence or illegal action, but it is an undoubted fact that lying behind these sexual predations is an extreme contempt for the surrounding culture. And nothing, in the eyes of the predators, could be more worthy of contempt than the response of white British males. To be clear, for reasons of family honour, no Muslim man would ever allow such treatment of his own daughter or sister. So it seems we have a vicious circle. “Contemptible” behaviour by the host population “invites” a contemptuous response by the worst in the Muslim community.

  3. Not all absent.
    The groomers often picked on vulnerable girls, often in care, and one of the factors that made them vulnerable was no father and a mother, lets be charitable, not in the best of health.
    Some girls kept the abuse from their parents as they had been threatened with death for the parents, and rape for their sisters.
    Of those that did have concerned parents this is a typical story. This father, a law-abiding man tried to use the proper channels/
    ““I was on the phone (to a senior police officer). I was asking why no action had been taken despite our calls,” he said.
    “We’d made that many reports, we had a phone bill for just under £600 for the month.
    “He turned around and said ‘you know why! If it comes out what Pakistanis are doing, there will be riots. I said that makes no difference, these victims are children being attacked by grown men.
    “He had a right attitude and said ‘I’m only going to tell you once. It’s been going on for at least 30 years and we know it as ‘p**i shagging’.

    Other groups like the EDL (who were even more motivated by the sex grooming than they were terrorism and violent jihad) who protested openly were tainted as racist hooligans.
    T0mmy R0bins0n still gets smacked down with threats of further imprisonment.

    I quietly believe that there were men who were more direct to protect their daughters; but only a fool would boast. And if it did make the news it was fudged as a ‘racist’ fight.

  4. This is Alan Craig, a man I admire, interviewing a father arrested by South Yorkshire Police after he tried to remove his daughter from a groomer’s flat.
    He was told he could be charged with racial assault offences, or a stalking charge.

    It’s taken a very long time to get as far as we have got, and I will admit, there have been times my patience has been tried with the effort needed.
    But I digress – this is about the Muslim clashes with the Hindu community, which it is feared will get worse.

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