Naipaul, Churchill, and the "fanatical frenzy" of the ‘ghazis’ – Additional Reflections on the Stabbing/ Shooting/ Vehicular Jihad in Israel

In a previous posting I reproduced a passage from an essay by A Carlebach, on the subject of Islam, and related it to recent events in Israel.  In this posting I propose to do the same with some passages from the work of V S Naipaul and Winston Churchill.

First,  V S Naipaul.  His book ‘Among the Believers’, first published in the late 1980s, describes what he found when he spent time travelling among and extensively observing and conversing with Muslims in Iran – then but lately under the thumb of the Ayatollah Khomeini, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia.  In the section on Indonesia he reports what an Indonesian Muslim told him – “One day the students from the pesantren (the Indonesian term for a madrasa or Islamic school – CM) will come to Jakarta and burn down this nice hotel.  Islam can become a cocaine. It makes you high.  You go to that mosque and you get high. And when you get high, everything that happens becomes Allah’s will.”

Second, Winston Churchill, who had experienced Islam up close and personal both on the North West Frontier in British India, and in the Sudan.  In the original unexpurgated and unabridged version of his book about the campaign against the Mahdi, “The River War” (1899), there is a short passage – not present in later editions of the book – both describing and criticising Islam.  It recently became public knowledge after Paul Weston was arrested for publicly quoting it in the UK.  Today, I will reproduce only a small portion.  He writes – “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!  Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy…”..

In an even earlier book, on war in Afghanistan, entitled “The Story of the Malakand Field Force”, the first chapter, “The Theatre of War”, Churchill writes – “…That religion [i.e. Islam] which above all others was founded and propagated by the sword – the tenets and principles of which are instinct with incentives to slaughter and which in three continents has produced fighting breeds of men – stimulates a wild and merciless fanaticism….

“…the Mahommedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance.  It was originally propagated by the sword, and ever since, its votaries have been subject, above the people of all other creeds, to this form of madness.

In a moment the fruits of patient toil, the prospects of material prosperity, the fear of death itself, are flung aside.

‘The more emotional Pathans are powerless to resist.  All rational considerations are forgotten.  Seizing their weapons they become Ghazis – as dangerous and as sensible as wild dogs: fit only to be treated as such…“.

“While the more generous spirits among the tribesmen become convulsed in an ecstasy of religious bloodthirstiness, poorer and more material souls derive additional impulses from the influence of others, the hopes of plunder, and the joy of fighting.  

‘Thus whole nations are roused to arms.  Thus the Turks repel their enemies, the Arabs of the Soudan break the British squares, and the rising on the Indian frontier spreads far and wide.

In each case civilisation is confronted with militant Mahommedanism…

“The religion of blood and war is face to face with that of peace.  Luckily the religion of peace is usually the better armed…”.

Let us reflect on that sentence – “Seizing their weapons they become Ghazis – as dangerous and as sensible as wild dogs: fit only to be treated as such”.

Could anyone deny that Churchill’s words ring true in the light of some of the video footage and witness descriptions of Muslim attacks on Jews that have taken place in Israel in the course of the past twenty days?

For example, the near-lynching of a Jewish woman by a rock-throwing Arab Muslim mob that took place in the first week of October.   From the report presented by Judah Ari Gross and Raoul Wootliff for  “Times of Israel”.

‘Israelis Shoot at Palestinian Mob Assailing Jewish Woman, Injure Teen”.

‘Army says incident near Tekoa came as Palestinian mob smashed woman’s car windscreen, surrounded vehicle, opened the door.

‘Israelis shot and seriously wounded a Palestinian teen during a rock-throwing incident by a mob of Palestinians (that is: ‘a Muslim mob’ – CM) targeting (sic: rather, “attacking” – CM) Israeli vehicles in the West Bank early on Wednesday, witnesses said.

‘The shooting took place near Beit Sahour, on the road between Jerusalem and the settlement (sic: ‘Jewish village’ – CM) of Tekoa, as Palestinians (Muslims – CM) threw rocks at an Israeli woman’s car, smashed the windscreen and surrounded the vehicle.

The Israeli woman, Rivi Ohayon, who was driving to work in Jerusalem, said, “One of them opened the door. There was murder in their eyes.  I thought they were going to lynch me.”  Ohayon was hospitalized with light injuries.

“A group of Israeli citizens nearby saw the incident and fired at the attackers”, an IDF spokesman confirmed to The Times of Israel….

‘Josh Hasten, a resident of the settlement of Elazar, told The Times of Israel earlier in the day that he had fired his weapon in the air after he was attacked on the road. “As I slowed down, I saw a mob of 40 to 50 masked Palestinians (sic – CM) on the side of the road.  They were holding rocks and cinder blocks”, Hasten said. “As they approached my car, I took out my gun and fired one round in the air.  The shot obviously scared them and they ran up the hill away from the road.”  He added, “I have no doubt that I would be dead now if I hadn’t used my gun. They were going to kill me”… 

‘Ohayon said that stones were thrown at her car, smashing the windscreen and injuring her, and that a Palestinian mob opened the door of the vehicle when it came to a stop, and that she was afraid they would try to pull her out. She was kicked multiple times, she said..”.   In her interview from the Hospital, she gave a little more detail:

‘I drew close to the Border Police checkpoint, and about 50 metres before the checkpoint, there were a bunch of guys in ski masks standing on the road holding rocks in their hands”, she said. “I turned back towards Tekoa.  They lunged at the car – seven to ten guys, I think – broke my front windshield and wounded me in the head,” Ohayon continued.  

‘One of the men “opened my door and I was afraid he would try to pull me out [of the car], but instead he just kicked me again and again.  I somehow managed to close my door and then I drove back to Tekoa as fast as I could”, she said…”.

The key phrase in this story is “there was murder in their eyes”, and the mob behaviour; the hurling of rocks, the frenzied kicking, ten masked Muslim men attacking one Jewish woman; 40 or 50 Muslim men threatening one Jewish man (who, however, was – happily, as Churchill might have put it – better armed, and not afraid to fire a warning shot).

Now for our next example, an out and out ghazi. He ran over Jews with a car and then jumped out and stabbed people over and over in a frenzy.

Israel National News gives a bare outline of what happened, here:

‘Four Injured in Car Attack and Stabbing Near Hadera’.

‘A woman, 19, a 14 year old girl, and two men, aged 20 and 45, run over and stabbed’.

‘Four people have been injured in a combined car attack and terrorist stabbing at a bus station near Gan Shmuel on Highway 65 in northern Israel, between Hadera and Afula.  A 19 year old female soldier is in moderate to serious condition with wounds to the upper body.  A 14 year old girl was stabbed, and is in moderate condition, and two men, aged 45 and 20, are in light condition.  The terrorist ran over one of the victims, and then emerged from his car and stabbed his other victims….

Here is how one witness – who helped capture and subdue the frenzied ghazi terror raider – described the attack.

‘The terrorist was going crazy, wouldn’t stop trying to stab us’.

‘Benayahu Arazi, from Gan Shmuel near the northern city of Hadera, was one of several people who restrained an Arab-Israeli terrorist (that is: “an Israel-passport-holding Arab Muslim jihadist’ – CM) who ran over a soldier and then stabbed her and 3 other people on Sunday, October 11, 2015, on route 65.

‘One of the Israelis who rushed a knife-wielding terrorist after he stabbed four people on Sunday night recalls how the man would not stop trying to attack even though he had been brought down.

“I heard a car stop, and saw a young man get out and start stabbing people”, Benayahu Arazi told Channel 2 television from the Hillel Yaffe Medical Centre in Hadera, where he was taken after the attack, which occurred on Route 65 at the entrance to the kibbutz of Gan Shmuel, near the northern city.

“I work at Gan Shmuel, I was on my way home – and then I heard the sound of a car braking suddenly.  I saw a man beating and stabbing a young girl”, he said.

‘The stabber, a 20 year old Palestinian (sic: ‘Arab Muslim’ – CM) from the Jenin area of the West Bank and living in the northern Israel (and majority-Muslim – CM) town of Umm al-Fahm, injured four people before he was arrested.  One of the wounded was a 14 year old girl.

Observe Arab Muslim ‘heroism’.  A frenzied stabbing attack upon a little Jewish girl of 14 years. – CM

“The young girl was shouting “help me” and I saw that she had been stabbed in the shoulder.  She was really brave as even though she was wounded, she signalled for people not to approach”, Arazi said.

‘He recalled that an Israeli man pulled up in his car shortly afterwards and started to struggle with the terrorist.

‘He brought him down.  There were three of us who fought the terrorist, we got him on the ground.  He was determined to turn around and stab (us), he would not let up and was going crazy throughout.”

That bit reminded me of the three – indeed four – people who were necessary to subdue the Muslim jihadi on the Paris train, not so long ago. – CM

‘He said that it was at this stage that the security forces arrived and put the terrorist in handcuffs.

Not a straitjacket? – CM

“The girl had told me that he had stabbed two other soldiers.  When I saw the attacker had been restrained, I looked for the soldiers and I saw the woman soldier who had been very seriously wounded in the face.  We stayed with the soldier in the field until Magen David Adom rescue personnel evacuated them to hospital”, the witness said.

‘According to Army Radio, the attacker first ran over the 19 year old female soldier, before getting out of the car and stabbing her and the three other victims…”.  

There are more details in a report describing the ghazi raider’s first appearance in an Israeli court after the attack. Click on the link; there is a picture. The guy is high as a kite on ‘allah’.

‘Terrorist Smiles in Court – “I Didn’t Do Anything”.

‘After running over two soldiers and stabbing two civilians, Arab terrorist plays dumb in court..”.

However, I am not interested in the nonsense-and-lies spouted by the terrorist, but in the testimony of one of the victims.

‘…Another victim of the terror attack was Adi Eshet, 45, who was in the vicinity when Zayud began stabbing passersby after leaving the car.  “I was stabbed in the leg and the arm”, Eshet told Yedioth Aharonoth from his bed in Hillel Yaffe Hospital.

“Last night I went out from the commercial centre in Gan Shmuel and at a stop light I saw a young woman screaming with all her might. I stopped the car on the side of the road immediately, and ran to see what happened, but the girl disappeared.  

“At a certain point I returned towards the car, and the terrorist came at me with a knife and shouted things I didn’t really understand”, recalled Eshet. “I tried to kick him, and he stabbed me in the leg.  Afterwards he tried to stab me again, and I tried to stop him, and he stabbed me in the arm.  After the stab I succeeded in grabbing him with a hand on his throat, I got him on the ground, and pinned him so he wouldn’t continue to stab me.”…

‘Ehshet relates that shortly afterwards security forces showed up to arrest the terrorist, and “just after they arrested him did I understand that the attack started with a car attack.”..”.

Then there is the ghazi raid conducted in Jerusalem by two teenage Arab Muslim boys.  Again, one notices the frenzied nature of the attack, the degree of “overkill”, repeated stabbing of a defenceless person taken by surprise.

As described by Times of Israel:

‘Boy, 13, Stabbed as He Rode His Bike in Third Terror Attack of Day in Jerusalem’.

‘Doctors fight for child’s life..”.

‘Two Israelis were gravely injured in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem [on] Monday [October 12], the third attack to hit the capital in a single day…

One of the victims, 13, was attacked as he rode his bike.  He was hospitalised in critical condition, with fears for his life.

‘Doctors at the Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus said he suffered multiple stab wounds to his upper body, and he underwent emergency surgery…

‘The second victim, 25, was in a stable yet serious condition.  Doctors said he suffered two stab wounds to his upper body. According to police, the attackers, two East Jerusalem brothers aged 13 and 15 (that is “two Jerusalem-resident Muslim brothers aged 13 and 15” – CM) stabbed the 13 year old boy as he was riding his bike. When eyewitnesses began to run towards the scene of the attack the two assailants fled. 

‘While escaping, one was hit by a car, and seriously injured.  An Israeli Police officer and Border Police officer eventually caught up with the second attacker, who began running toward them with a blade in his hand. A police spokeswoman said that the officers fatally shot the stabber after he ignored their calls to halt.

‘An eyewitness described the assailants to Channel 2 as being young teenagers armed with “machetes”…”.

Suggesting that the knives used were not exactly small…– CM

The frenzied nature of the attack appears more clearly in the report presented by Ari Soffer of Israel National News; the report includes video of the attack.

‘Two Wounded in 3rd Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem’.

‘….The attack took place in the northern Jerusalem neighbourhood of Pisgat Ze’ev, and was apparently carried out by two Arab youths (that is: two Muslim youths – CM) aged 13 or 14, who pounced on a 25 year old Jewish man and stabbed him repeatedly in the upper abdomen, wounding him seriously.

‘The attackers then ran down the road and spotted a 13 year old Jewish boy and stabbed him repeatedly as well, leaving him in critical condition…”.

In fact, if he had not almost instantly received the best of medical attention, he would have died. Note the phrase ‘stabbed repeatedly’. 

Another of these frenzied attacks – involving, like the Afula attack, a ghazi raider running over Jews in the street with his car then leaping out to stab, and stab, and stab – was caught on CCTV, and is embedded within the following Israel National News report, from Ari Soffer.

‘Graphic Video Shows Terrorist Running Over, Stabbing Victims’.

‘Terrorist Clearly Seen Running Over and Viciously Stabbing Two People, Before Finally Being Shot Dead’.

‘Extremely disturbing footage has emerged showing the moment a terrorist launched the second of two vicious terrorist attacks in Jerusalem [on] Tuesday [13 October], plowing his car into pedestrians at a bus stop before stabbing them repeatedly.

‘Alaa Abu Jamal’s attack killed 59 year old Rabbi Yeshiyahu Krishevsky, and left another man wounded, before he himself was shot dead by a security guard in Jerusalem’s Geula neighbourhood.

‘It was preceded just a few minutes earlier by a shooting and stabbing attack on a bus in which two people were murdered.

‘Previous footage uploaded by a nearby motorist of Abu Jamaal’s attack was relatively unclear, but this latest footage – apparently recorded by CCTV cameras – offers a far clearer insight into the chilling, cold-blooded nature of the attack.

Chilling, yes. Cold-blooded? Only in the sense of ‘deliberate’.  Go up to the top of this article. Read Churchill – on the fanatical frenzy, on the ghazis who become like rabid dogs. Read that statement recorded by V S Naipaul, about how when someone is ‘high’ on what they get in the mosque, ‘everything that happens is Allah’s will’. Then click on the link, and watch the video of a Muslim ghazi raider attacking – and, indeed committing murder. 

The Jerusalem Post also made the video available, in this report.

‘Graphic Images: East Jerusalem Arab Rams Car into Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Then Stabs Them”.

‘Police released disturbing video footage of the attack on Malkei Israel Street in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Geula on Tuesday which killed one and wounded two others.

‘A Palestinian terrorist (sic: “Muslim ghazi terror raider” – CM) drove his vehicle into a group of people (that is: ‘a group of visibly identifiable Jews’ – CM) waiting at a bus stop.

He then exited his car with a meat cleaver and began attacking the wounded and others with the implement.

British readers will no doubt be struck by the fact that this attacker in Jerusalem, murdering a Jewish civilian and wounding others, used exactly the same method used by two Muslims in London when they attacked and killed British soldier Lee Rigby; they ran him over with a car and then, as he lay gravely injured in the road, they then proceeded to hack and chop at him with large blades, ultimately beheading him. – CM

Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 60, was killed, apparently both from the vehicular attack and the axe wounds, while two other people were seriously injured.

‘Shimi Grossman, a paramedic from the Zaka voluntary emergency response service and a resident of Geula, was one of the first on the scene.  He saw the vehicle stuck inside the bus-stop that the assailant had struck, and was told by eye-witnesses that the man had got out of his car with the axe.  

The terrorist was shot and critically injured by police officers who arrived swiftly at the scene.

‘Happily, the religion of peace is usually the better armed…”, as Churchill put it, though he was describing Christianity, or more broadly, a Christianised civilisation.  But the phrase, I think, applies equally well to the matrix of Christianity – Judaism, or the House of Israel, with its vision of ultimate Shalom and its resolute rejection of Thanatos. – CM

‘He was a resident of East Jerusalem, and an employee of Bezeq phone company, Israel’s main telephone service provider.  In a statement to the public, Bezeq phone company expressed its shcok upon hearing of the terrorist attack.

Other Israeli media reports included the information that the car the ghazi raider used to carry out the attack was a company car. – CM

“There were no early signs and there was no observed change in the employee’s behaviour that could have indicated his involvement in criminal and terrorist activities”, they said….’.

They are not the first nor will they be the last unwary Infidels to be blindsided by an apparently nice, quiet Muslim suddenly Going Jihad.  One of the Comments to this very same Jerusalem Post article quoted this very line about ‘no early signs and…no observed change..” and remarked succinctly, “Ummmm…HE WAS A MOSLEM.  What? …Do you need that in writing?”.

There is a telling paragraph in the Ynet report on the bus attack that took place on the same day.,7340,L-4710508,00.html

‘Three Murdered, Dozens Wounded in 5 Attacks’.

‘….Two terrorists, Baha Aliyan, 22, and Bilal Ranem, 23, both from Jabel Mukaber, boarded an Egged bus on Olei Ha-Gardom Street in East Talpiot, a neighbourhood also known as Armon Ha-Netzvi, one armed with a gun and the other with a knife.

‘The started shooting and stabbing passengers while the bus kept moving, killing a man in his 60s and wounding ten others.  One of the wounded, a man in his 40s, was evacuated in critical condition and was declared dead at the hospital.

‘Two others were seriously wounded – women aged around 60 and 40, who suffered stab wounds to their upper body.

‘Two others were in moderate condition – A woman about 60 years old, with gunshot wounds to her upper body, and a man in hsi 30s.  Three were lightly wounded, and two were suffering from shock…’

A security guard at the scene was able to overpower one of them, and shoot him.  The terrorist then tried to get up and resume his attack, but the security guard shot him again.

As Churchill put it: “…they become Ghazis – as dangerous and as sensible as wild dogs: fit only to be treated as such..”...CM

‘The seocnd terrorist locked the bus doors in an attempt to stop security forces from boarding, as well as stopping passengers from fleeing.  Policemen opened fire on him from outside the bus….

‘Rubi Mahatbi, 18, was lightly wounded in the attack. “I took bus 78 to the city centre. The two terrorists sat there and didn’t look suspicion [sic] to me, but as soon as the bus started moving, the terrorist drew out a gun, yelled “Allahu-akbar”, and shot a person as he came in my direction.  I hid near the door and tried to escape.  He drew a knife and started stabbing a military man. The second terrorist grabbed me and tried to attack me, but I hit him and was able to escape”, he said.  “That moment, you feel fear and stress, and you don’t know what to do. I preferred running away, rather than confronting him.  I have bruises on my neck from his attempts to choke me…”.

Shooting, stabbing, strangling..  The same report contains some additional description of another Muslim ghazi raider who stabbed Jews at a bus stop outside Beit Loewenstein Rehabilitation centre on Jerusalem Street in Ra’anana.

After stabbing his victims the terrorist, an East Jerusalem resident in his late 20s, fled towards Ahuza Street, a major thoroughfare in the Sharon plains city, pursued by civilians.

‘A driver passing by noticed the ongoing chase and hit the terrorist with his car. A taxi driver who was at the scene helped subdue the terrorist.

‘Large police forces who arrived at the scene arrested the terrorist, who was employed at the nearby Beit Loewenstein…

Note bene.  The argument, “we is depraved acuz of we’re deprived” just does . not. wash. This man, like the other bus stop attacker who ran people over and then hacked at them with a meat cleaver, was employed by an Israeli Jewish institution. – CM

“We saw the terrorist stabbing a helpless older man who was standing at the bus stop. We immediately knew it was a terror attack,” recounted two people working in one of the businesses in the commercial centre, where the attack occurred.

We immediately started calling out, “Terrorist!  Terrorist!”   He dropped his knife and started running towards the nearby Ahuza Street.  We chased him, and then he drew another knife, a smaller one, and kept trying to stab us”, they continued.

“We called out to drivers to help us, and then they hindered his escape, and we managed to catch him on Ahuza Street, along with other people.  He received quite a beating.  Only after he was neutralized, he let go of the knife, and then the police came and arrested him”, they said….

There had been an earlier attack in the same town.

“Earlier, one Israeli was lightly wounded in a stabbing attack in Ra’anana while waiting for the bus not far from the city hall on Ahuza Street.

‘A terrorist, resident of East Jerusalem, attempted to stab him.  He fought off the terrorist, and was hurt in the struggle. Other civilians came to his aid, and helped him overpower the terrorist, who was lightly wounded…’.

He suffered stab wounds to his upper body. Here is his description of the attack.

‘Ra’anana mayor, Ze’ev Bielski, who spoke to the victim, Yair Ben Ezra, said Ben Ezra told him he suspected the stabber.

“He said, “I saw there was something about him” and that is why the stab wounds were likely not where the stabber wanted, and he fought him, and managed to come out in reasonable condition”, Bielski told Ynet.

‘Ben Ezra was also waiting for the bus.

“I was standing at the bus stop for bus 437 to Tel Aviv, reading the paper about all of the terror attacks”, he recounted.

I saw a strange man who was sweating.  He seemed suspicion [sic: suspicious? – CM] and he was holding a knife.  All of a sudden he started stabbing me again and again.  I pushed him to the ground with my left hand. I was lying on the ground for a minute and a half. He yelled “Allahu-akbar!”.  He had a murderous look in his eyes.  He stabbed me in the neck, at the back of the head, and in my hand.  My entire body hurt.  I knew there was a mother and children nearby and I had to save them and that he must not hurt them.”…”.

The second-last word in this anthology goes to the person who -among the reader responses to an excellent column by Arsen Ostrovsky, in the UK “Telegraph”, entitled, “Why is the World Ignoring a Wave of Terror in Israel?” – supplied a very telling observation of the effect of Muslim Friday ‘prayers’.  Click on the link, read the article, then scroll down through the comments, quite a few of which are excellent.

It was contributed by one ‘Steviebaby”, who recounted something he had experienced while resident and working in Pakistan in the early 1990s.

“During my very early days of working in Pakistan at the beginning of the 90s I, along with my co-workers, were fortunate enough to be accommodated at the Karachi Sheraton.

“It was probably the best hotel in town, with very friendly and helpful staff.

“Across the road, behind the Pearl Continental Hotel, was a small mosque/ prayer area, where the hotel staff would go for Friday prayers.

“For 6 days a week, 24 hours a day, the hotel staff were as nice as pie.

“But, when Friday prayers were finished and they all left the mosque to return to the hotel, the looks on all of their faces was frightening, as they re-entered the hotel and passed western guests.  It was as if they were restraining themselves from doing you harm.

“Goodness knows what the imam was saying in the mosque, but whatever it was, it worked!”

And then, toward the end of the comments stream, after one commenter, still obstinately sticking to the ‘Poor Persecuted Palestinians’ narrative, had stated, “Man minus hope = animal”, another commenter replied briefly, “Man plus Islam = Zombie.”

Which remark eerily echoes Adam Jacobs’ blog piece written for “Times of Israel” on 12 October  – “The Living Dead Are Real”.

Zombies…or ghazis.  Filled with fanatical frenzy.  Muslim terror raiders, shooting, stabbing, running over Jews.  High on allah-inspired hatred of the Infidel, of the Yahood, the Jew.  Intent on causing death, and zeroing in, more often than not, on the unwary and unarmed civilian, the child, the teenaged girl, the elderly, the rabbi, the young mother.  And despite the hand-wringing of the UN, and the bleatings about disproportionate force that have issued from assorted NGOs and western governments at the sight of the actual or attempted allahu-akbaring murderers of Jews – frenziedly intent on killing Jews, qua Jews – being shot dead by police, security guards, or the IDF, and/ or jumped on and relentlessly subdued by multiple courageous Israeli civilians, I and all other sane observers whether Jew or Gentile are more inclined to agree with the unblinking clarity of the young Winston Churchill – “…they [Muslims heeding the call of Jihad] become Ghazis, as dangerous and as sensible as wild dogs: fit only to be treated as such.”  – CM 


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