National Union of Students president is suspended after investigation into ‘anti-Jewish slur’; Muslim students threaten to disaffiliate from NUS

Interesting that FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Societies) is getting so anti the NUS; I always associate the NUS with a pro-Islamic, pro BAME, anti-Jewish, anti-British stance. But as my old mum used to say, with some people, the more you give, the more you may.

From the Daily Mail and Middle East Eye

The president of the National Union of Students has been suspended for alleged anti-Semitism, it emerged last night.

Shaima Dallali was stood down from the role after an investigation was launched into ‘very serious’ allegations in April.

It comes just months after the Government cut ties with the organisation over concerns of anti-Semitism. It is thought to be the first time in the union’s 100-year history that a president has been suspended. The probe came after Jewish students took offence to a 2012 tweet in which Miss Dallali shared a battle cry historically used when attacking Jews.

Miss Dallali, wrote: ‘Khaybar Khaybar O Jews… Muhammad’s army will return Gaza.’ The 27-year-old has since apologised for the tweet, saying she is ‘a different person’.

In a statement published on Friday evening, Fosis said the NUS had a track record of failing to help Muslim students acting in elected positions within the organisation and student unions across the country.

“For many years, Fosis has dealt with troubling cases of Islamophobia experienced by Islamic Societies, Muslim sabbatical officers and the wider Muslim student community in both Higher and Further Education,” Fosis said in a statement.

“This active targeting of Muslim students through a systematic pattern of over-scrutiny, bad faith allegations and subjugation to a disproportionate level of disciplinaries using Islamophobic tropes reflects prejudice and endemic bigotry that spans the entire educational journey of Muslim students.

“What Shaima is experiencing is a clear extension of institutional Islamophobia within the education sector, and it is apparent that NUS’ attitude towards Shaima is a manifestation of this oppression.”

Following her election, Dallali, a Black Muslim woman of Tunisian descent, told the Guardian that she feared for her safety after receiving a torrent of online abuse and threats. Before she was elected NUS president, Dallali served as president at City University in London.

An NUS spokesman said: ‘We cannot comment at this time as we are in the middle of an investigation. But we are prepared to take any and all actions recommended.’


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  1. Below is what Dallali is accused of and the investigation into which FOSIS believes represents “over-scrutiny” and “institutional Islamophobia”. Happily, from the Guardian via the Mail, we learn the adorable Dallali welcomed the probe when it was announced, as “quite a few Jewish students feel alienated.”

    (From Michael Curtis’s April 19 article at NER)

    The activist Dallali has posted a series showing protestors calling for an intifada and an attack on Tel Aviv, criticisms of Israel for its actions in Gaza. Twice she posted the Hamas rallying cry, “From the River to the sea,” the elimination of Israel. For her, a Jordanian preacher who was critical of Hamas was termed a “dirty Zionist, while a Muslim Brotherhood cleric who called on God to kill all the Jews, and who was expelled from Britain, was the “moral compass” for the Muslim community.

    In 2012, Dallali quoted an Islamic anti -Jewish battle cry, “Jews, member Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning.” Khaybar refers to the massacre by Muslims of Jews in that town in 628, and the threat that the massacre of Jews will reoccur. Dallali has supported the BDS movement and has been associated with a number of extreme Islamist and other groups, such as Cage, a Muslim advocacy group that has supported convicted terrorists, and other pro-Palestinian group in Europe.

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