No ULEZ III – Sadiq Khan flies again


My husband went to London again for No ULEZ  – Stop Sadiq Khan demo III.

I had to stay at home on family business.

On previous demos the police were very supportive; I understand that today was no exception.

The ULEZ scheme, and the related 15 minute cities, pay per mile and other wheezes, are all designed to reduce the freedom of motoring and car ownership and confine it to a privileged elite. The plebs are to use public transport or walk. However today, as is the case most weekends since 2005 (when it was supposed to be planned maintenance to ready the underground for the 2012 Olympics) several lines of the tube were not running (and they happened to be those in our area of London) so my husband left an hour earlier and took an indirect route.

Meanwhile on National Rail there has been a 48 hour strike of train drivers. My daughter managed to find a train running to London starting from a different northern town to her usual route home. When she got to the station she found her train was cancelled without warning. Her ticket was honoured for the next train and she arrived home 4 hours later than expected.  If they want people to not drive there MUST be a viable alternative.  Or is it more sinister than that? No travel for the serfs at all?

Liar, liar, pants on fire

With transport problems and heavy rain the attendance was lower than last month, BUT  did make the BBC early evening news.

Readers might remember back in 2018 when “A blimp in the likeness of Sadiq Khan flew over Parliament Square one Saturday morning in protest against rising crime levels in London.”

The whereabouts of that blimp is now unknown but somebody contrived this rather rude and saucy balloon which is not quite such a good likeness.

Every month there people attend with a different vehicle.

This month a vintage red bus was hired as a platform to broadcast the message.

Meanwhile the programme to remove the cameras as fast as they are erected continues apace; But you didn’t hear that from me.

Here’s to next month. August is fast approaching.


Photographs my husband
London March 2023



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  1. I hate to think what’s coming over here in the next few years. We’re just a little behind you, it seems, but catching up.

    1. One of my daughters lives and works in London. She is American. The nice thing about the United States she and I have observed is that you can go to Red States and avoid this nonsense. In Great Britain she noticed that it is too small vs the US and that if London does something so does just about everyone else.

      During Covid, there were no maskless cities and areas in the UK unlike the US where mask mandates were jettisoned quickly in Red States but remained in force in Blue States seemingly forever. In the UK 93.6% of the population got vaccinated. In the US in varied greatly by state but especially by political persuasion: 95% of Democrats, 56% of Republicans but only 35% of Trump voters got the jab. Only 52% of my county in Montana got vaccinated and we are about 65/35 Republican/Democrat so only 29% Republicans got vaccinated. We just said, “No.”

      So, in response to Rebecca, I see Ann Arbor and Berkeley adopting these nutty policies but not the Red areas of the country.

      You would have had to go to Sweden to have avoided all the Cultural Marxist responses to the Wuhan Flu. The UK and the rest of Europe were in lock step obedience in their insane reactions and policies.

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