Note to Angela Merkel: You can’t do it

by Gary Fouse

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become a parody of herself with each new terror attack committed by one of the refugees, asylum-seekers, or migrants that she has allowed into her country. Her constant refrain, for which she is now mocked, has been, “Wir Schaffen dass” (We can do this).

Merkel has actually convinced herself that Germany can assimilate the million or so mostly young male arrivals from the Middle East and North Africa who are roaming around the country or languishing in centers where they openly ask female police officers for sex. This past year has been especially bad for Germany with murderous or sexual attacks carried out all over the country. And it wasn’t as if the first attack was carried out in March or April. On New Years Eve, literally hundreds of women were sexually attacked by foreigners in front of the Cologne train station and the iconic Dom cathedral.

As the attacks mount, Merkel’s constant response has been, “Wir Schaffen dass”, as if she were  a football coach exhorting her team at half-time to fight back from a 20-point deficit. Whether it is a knife attack on a Wuerzburg area train, a shooting attack in Munich, or the recent rape-murder of a young woman in Freiburg, Merkel’s strongest response has been to suggest a ban on the wearing of burkas even though the attacks have been carried out by men (who don’t wear burkas). And just this week, we learn that a 12-year-old Iraqi boy has been picked up by police after planting two crude bombs that failed to go off in the town of Ludwigshafen, followed by the truck attack in Berlin. And Merkel’s reaction to the horror in Berlin? She states how sickening it would be if the attacker turned out to be a refuge-seeker. (According to today’s news, the current suspect is believed to be a Tunisian.)

Meanwhile, Germany’s interior minister, a hapless chap named Thomas de Maizière,, is trying to school the German media on how to properly report on Islam. An Interior Ministry workshop is being organized for early next year in concert with Islamic groups.  Josef Goebbels would be proud. Too bad that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the infamous Haj Amin al-Husseini, is no longer available.

Merkel must stand for re-election next year, and for many Germans, the election can’t come soon enough. By then nobody knows how many dead and raped there will be (and that’s just in Germany).

If Merkel is to have any chance at all, she is going to have to do a quick about-face and realize that these newcomers will never be assimilated into Western society. At a certain point, she must say to herself, “Wir schaffen dass nicht.” (We can’t do it.)


3 Responses

  1. You have shown yourself to as be idiotic and set in your ways as Merkel with you peurile “Goebbels would be proud”…

  2. The Goebbel's analogy is perfect. Germany suffers from the same Gleichschaltung environmnet today as Germanyy did 75 years ago. Western government schools are 100% in agreement on all ajor ponts of view.

    The Muslims coming in are NOT reufgees. The are not fleeing – they are invading.They are taught that Hijrah: emigrating in the way of Allah is a one way ticket to paradise.

    Merkel, like Obama, Cameron, Blair and Hollande will not tell the truth. They lie – Goebbels lied.

  3. LJ,

    Nobody is suggesting that Nazis are running the German government today, but Goebbels also "guided" the German press on what to write, did he not?

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