Oldham Council denies Trojan Horse plot


From the Oldham Evening Chronicle

ANTI-terrorism chiefs have been passed a secret report by Oldham Council into allegations of a “Trojan Horse” attempt to take over a local primary school. Town hall bosses investigated complaints from Trish O’Donnell, head teacher at Clarksfield Primary School, reported in yesterday’s Sunday Times.

They found that no such plot existed; however, they have confirmed that they have given their report to the national Counter Terrorism Unit and the Department for Education. If there is nothing to cause concern why is the report secret, and why do they think they Counter Terrorism Unit would be interested?

Councillor Amanda Chadderton, cabinet member for education and early years, said: “We take any allegations about our schools very seriously and always investigate in the interests of pupils, staff and parents. The report into an Oldham primary school found no basis to the ‘Trojan Horse’ allegations. At this time we also have no active investigations or concerns about any of the other schools the Sunday Times has asked about.”

The DfE also said the investigation had nothing to do with extremism and “shouldn’t be referenced as Trojan Horse.” 

A spokesperson said: “We are already aware of the allegations raised in the report and we are working closely with Oldham Council.”

Debbie Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, said: “…We must be vigilant to any issues that could conflate community tensions. This is why, along with the council, other Oldham MPs, organisations and leaders, we continually work across our diverse communities whilst tackling underlying inequalities which ultimately fuel these tensions.”

Socialist Worker newspaper said the claim is “A racist witch hunt” They are part of a wider Islamophobic agenda that socialists should oppose. 

The Guardian reports that O’Donnell’s claims were backed by the headteachers’ union, NAHT, who said there was a “variety of apparent Trojan horse issues” in the Oldham area.

The only people who read the Guardian are school teachers and Social Workers; I hope the union continue to support their members and don’t thoew them to the wolves if their claims uncover more unpalatable truths. 

Comments from some local people show that the council is not completely trusted. 

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