Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in 21st Century England

My friend Cliff Dixon has now uploaded his own report of the DFLA march on Saturday at his English Patriot blog. For a first hand account I recommend it. Follow the link and read it all; he was there. 

Orwell’s Ministry of Truth in 21st Century England

The Guardian has reported the following message from Labour about the actions –

In a message read out to counter-protesters at their own rally, the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, who helped to organise the event, said: “Congratulations on today’s demonstration standing up against racism and far-right extremism.


After yesterday’s shambles, I will be writing to the Metropolitan Police asking for answers as to why this demonstration was so badly policed and why those on the ground were so hostile to the DFLA demonstration whilst allowing the ‘anti fascists’ to breach the conditions imposed and run riot.

The press reporting of the event has been biased and leading, painting all those protesting as being ‘far right’ when this is not the reality of the situation. But why do they report in this way, even so called ‘right wing’ newspapers such as The Mail?

In my opinion, the depth of public feeling about grooming gangs, free speech and political correctness is now a genie that is out of the bottle. Working class people with genuine concerns about their community are dismissed as stupid, ill informed, far right or racist by our political classes and their friends in the mainstream media so any large display of dissatisfaction must be condemned and those people bracketed as beyond the pale.

The people are starting to see through this kind of propaganda across the Western world and it has been manifested by votes against the establishment over BREXIT and in national elections in the USA, Italy and Hungary. The establishment are rattled so are closing ranks and engaging their media friends to act like Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ from his famous novel, 1984.

This will not stand – we need to stand up, speak out and defend our values and our culture despite the brickbats thrown our way. Our children’s futures depend on it.


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  1. Full fathom five resides the authorities’ lies, a leaden anchor against freedom’s rising tide. // Time !ong late to throw out the garbage by vote or other necessary means. Are recall votes possible to remove the ruinous rascals? // In the USA we understand that ‘Antifa’ stands for ‘Anti First Amendment,’ and that Socialism, Fascism, Statism, and Communism are bereft Left themes and tyrannical schemes. Have the Brits lost their grit and wits and will to win? You are trustees of a great civilization; where is your loyalty and your responsibility?

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