Police granted more time to quiz Islamist terror suspects

I am getting more information from the newspapers of the Midlands about these arrests because one of the men lives in Leicester than I am newspapers local to East London and Essex where the rest of the plotters live. The Barking and Dagenham Post hasn’t even mentioned the little matter of the Islamic nature of the plot. From the Express and Star

Counter-terrorism police have been granted more time to quiz three men and a 17-year-old boy arrested over a suspected Islamist terror plot.

Police said no shots were fired during the two armed raids in the capital, but the 27-year-old man was bitten on the foot by a police dog. He was taken to hospital, where he remains being treated for his injuries, the force added. All four suspects were arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000. The other three men are being held in police custody, while officers search a number of addresses.

Scotland Yard said on Friday that it had been granted warrants of further detention for the four men allowing them to be held next week. Officers were still searching four addresses in east and south London, it added. The Met said that a search at an address in Leicestershire was now complete, but another at a second address in the area was ongoing.

Sources told the PA news agency the raids were part of an intelligence-led operation over a suspected Islamist plot. BBC News home affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford said sources indicated the arrests were part of a potentially “significant” counter-terrorism operation and related to a suspected plot in the UK.


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  1. A bit off topic but my view of my United Kingdom today:-

    Today the world is upside down
    Where black is white and blue is brown
    Where if you dare to air your thoughts
    You’ll be escorted through the courts
    And if you challenge your offence
    They’ll tell you truth is no defence
    The only way out of this mess
    Is for you to acquiesce
    You have to tell them you agree
    You don’t believe the things you see
    You gain release but with a warning
    Do not oppose the new world dawning
    The future will be ours they say
    The old world brought so much dismay
    Our history must be cast aside
    Along with it our national pride
    Guilt is placed upon your head
    For actions of those long since dead
    Your homeland is no longer yours
    For we have opened wide the doors
    To all and sundry old and young
    You’ll have to learn to live among
    New people who don’t share your tongue
    Our children then they sore abuse
    But you’ll not hear it on the news
    You see behaviour at its basest
    But protest and you are labelled racist
    Our soldiers forty years before
    Performed their best to end the war
    Of terror knocking on our door
    They braved the hardships of the time
    But now they face a charge of crime
    For doing what their masters tasked
    Yet clemency for the ones once masked
    The murderers excused and freed
    And good men charged to fill the need
    Of lawyers never ending greed
    Do not refer to a man as he
    He may prefer to be a she
    And women too can change their sex
    The genders now are so complex
    At one time there was only two
    Well nowadays there’s quite a few
    But oddly they have never found
    Ancient bodies from the ground
    That showed anything other than
    This was a woman or this was a man
    Black lives matter, of course they do
    But not those of a different hue
    Say white lives matter and you’ll face
    That ultimate in man’s disgrace
    Banishment from your own workplace

    Mankind, it seems has lost all reason
    Society today has no adhesion
    The people and their views are scattered
    We have forgotten all that mattered
    Could someone please tell me when
    The world will turn upright again?

    Arthur Lincoln

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