President Bashir’s Genocide Continues with Massacre at Kalma IDP Camp in Darfur

Kalma Sudan IDP Camp Protest in Darfur

September 22, 2017


Friday, September 22, 2017 Sudan President Bashir’s armed forces and Rapid Support Force/Janjaweed militias fired on crowds of protesting displaced Darfuri citizens at the Kalma Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp. The toll of the massacre was 5 dead and over 25 wounded. It was the grisly culmination of a week of protests by displaced Darfuri against the visits at IDP camps throughout Darfur by President Bashir. Behind the staged visits by Bashir was the sinister plot to further disperse these angry Darfuri protesters already displaced from their origin villages by the regime’s Rapid Support Force/Janjaweed militias that forced them into 65 Internally Displaced Persons camps and left virtually unprotected by impotent UNAMID forces. 

Following the deferral by President Trump on July 11, 2017 of former President Obama’s Executive Order 13761 of January 13, 2017 partial lifting sanctions against the Sudan, President Bashir undertook false steps with the objective of deceiving the US government that its behavior warranted permanently lifting sanctions.

First, Bashir declared a false disarmament campaign on August in Darfur and Kordofan that failed from the first day the initiative was launched. Second, President Bashir’s current visits in September to Darfur endeavored to disperse the half of the 5 million people of Darfur from 65 Internally Displaced Person that the regime’s Rapid Support Force/Janjaweed militias forced them to live in living in IDP camps inside Darfur. That met with protests of his visit from thousands of displaced Darfuri. They rejected Bashir’s visit because his regime is arming and financing the militias and terrorists that killed them and displaced them from their villages. They also knew he was coming to disperse them from their IDP camps. These are the reasons why the IDPs refused to welcome him in their camps.

When Bashir heard about the women and children held demonstrations against him in Kalma IDP camp, he ordered his Rapid Support forces (RSF)/Janjaweed militias reinforced by helicopter gunships to go and attack the camp. He ordered his troops to shoot to kill protesters

These displaced Darfuri question why the international community stands by silently watching the genocidal and indicted war criminal Omar al Bashir killing innocent people.  When will the international community stop this vicious cycle of an endless genocide, war crimes and human right abuses in Sudan that has been going on since independence, over sixty years ago? Over 2 million people have died in South Sudan prior to the newborn state obtaining its independence in 2011. The death toll was not limited to South Sudan. An estimated 2.5 million people have died in North Sudan in the North-South civil wars as well. 

The extremist Muslim Brotherhood organization of the Sudan National Congress Party continues killing the indigenous black African population until they are totally eradicated from Sudan replacing them with Arabs that the regime is recruiting from the Middle East and Africa.

These extremist Islamists ideologues do not care about their performance in multiple tracks the US government set as conditions for lifting Sudan sanctions. The Trump Administration should not lift sanctions but impose more vigorous sanctions. Further, it should implement actions to stop the ongoing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sudan. The Kalm IDP camp revealed the regime’s intent to eradicate the Darfuri people.





 Our recently published book, Genocide in Sudan:Caliphate Threatens Africa and the World  reveals the Bashir regime’s secret plans for genocidal ethnic cleansing of indigenous African people in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Kordofan and the Blue Nile State.

Further, it documents the body of lies the leadership of the Bashir regime adopted in June 2017 to mislead the US Congress and Trump Administration with that the 20 years of sanctions should be permanently lifted.

The massacre at Kalma and protests of Darfuri people at other IDP camps that President Bashir visited this week graphically demonstrated that human rights are continually violated, and that war crimes continue by International Criminal Court indicted President Bashir and the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood NCP regime in Khartoum. Moreover, the Bashir regime with the aid of Qatar is seeking to overthrow the adjacent governments of Chad, Libya and Central African Republic and establish Caliphate in the African Sahel region.


Note the toll of those killed and wounded in Kalma as reported by Sudan Liberation Movement

Below are the names of the Kalm IDP massacre victims killed and injured. There are another six Darfuri protesters  kidnapped whose names are unknown.


Names of those killed are the following:

1. Arafa Mohammed Adam, 48 years, Center 2.

2. Fatima Adam Salih, 35 years, Center 6.

3. Ishag Salih Adam, 65 years, center 7.

4. Ibrahim Adam Idriss, 38 years, center 4 .

5. Ishag Abakar Adam, 65 years, center 6.


The names of injured are as follow:

1. Hassan Adam Mohammed Abdalla, 50 years, center 2.

2. Musa Ishag Juma, 24 years, center 4.

3. Ishag Sharief, 62 years, center 7.

4. Emam Abdel Mahmoud Abdel Gabar, 22 years, center 2.

5. Haitham Daoud Belal, 18 years, center 3.

6. Suliman Adam Altahir, 55 years, center 4.

7. Wali Eddin Abakar Ismail, 14 years, center 5.

8. Nusr Eddin Mohammed Omer Zakaria, 43 years, center 4.

9. Yagoub Mahmoud Abakar, 43 years, center 2.

10. Abd Alsalam Ishag, 67 years, center 6.

11. Mohammed Mahmoud Badawi, 25 years, center 2 .

12. Hussien Ibrahim Abu Algasim, 35 years, center 7.

13. Mohammed Adam Omer Mahmoud, 17 years, center 6.

14. Hassan Hussien Mustafa, 26 years, center 6.

15. Yassir Yousif Mahmoud, 25 years, center 4.

16. Ammar Adam Abd almoula, 17 years, center 3.

17. Yousif Adam Abdel rahman, 36 years, center 7.

18. Yousif Ibrahim Omer, 19 years, center 6.

19. Abd albaggi Haroun Eissa, 46 years, center 2.

20. Al-sudi Omer Idriss Ishag, 29 years, center 1.

21. Kaltoma Omer, 23 years, center 2.

22. Fatima Adam Abdel Rahman, 52 years, center 2.

23. Hawa Musa Haroun, 36 years, center 1.

24. Jiddo Omer Abd-alshafi, 35 years, center 2.

25. Suliman Adam Eltahir, 20 years, center 6.




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