So were Muslims punished?

It sounds like most people had a good day.

From the Derby Telegraph

A Derby taxi firm lost 70% of its drivers today (3rd)  because they were too scared to work.  Muddasser Ahmed, the owner of PJ Cars in Derby, said around 35 drivers were too worried to work, the equivalent of 70% of his work force.

Mr Ahmed said: “Seventy per cent of our fleet is off and they are saying they don’t want to risk going into work. We don’t know what to do. Our phones are switched off because we have no cars to offer… Two or three days ago drivers were saying to us ‘make sure you close the office’. Nothing is going to happen. My message to my drivers is come to work, please.” 

Mr Ahmed said he was worried his customers were being left “stranded” because of the issue. He added: “The customers are losing out. I’m trying to encourage the drivers and tell them nothing will happen. At least pick up the regular customers who they know.”

Faz Manfha, operations manager at Albatross Cars, in Midland Road, Derby said the effect of the scare would be felt this evening when most of his Muslim drivers were due to do shifts. “We will be speaking to drivers and if they are too scared to come to work then we will totally understand that and allow it.”

At the time of writing, Derbyshire police have had no reports of any crimes related to the hate campaign.

From Kent Live A police spokesman said: “While there are no reports locally, Kent Police is aware of the potential fear…”

From the Birmingham Mail West Midlands Police said in a statement: “To date, there have been no reports of any incidents in the West Midlands area, although we are aware that some letters are being shared on social media.”

The national lead for Hate Crime ACC Mark Hamilton from Police Service Northern Ireland, meanwhile, added: “…Our main objective in handling the complaints is to bring any offenders to justice, to protect individuals from crime and to ensure cohesive and safe communities. . . 

“I hope you will understand that I am not in a position to share details of the investigation publicly at this time, as we cannot do anything to jeopardise on-going enquiries or to increase the risk of individuals being motivated to act violently.

“I would want to reassure you though, that the investigation, led by Counter Terrorism police, is being taken very seriously and my chief officer colleagues around the UK are taking steps to reassure local communities.” Northern Ireland police put on the investigation????? They know their terrorism to be sure, but I don’t see this as the work of Ian Paisley or Arlene Foster somehow. 

There were some good days out signalling virtue. From the Leicester Mercury …residents of Leicester’s St Matthew’s estate decided to repudiate the malice. So a situation that began with threats and fear, ended with face painting, crafts and contented chatter. Mothers and children walked door-to-door handing out daffodils to passers-by. 

Mokhtar Elareshi, the vice-chairman St Matthew’s Big Local, said: “It was very scary, very frightening [when the letter started spreading around].” Leicestershire Police got involved and police community support officers were sent to chaperone attendees to and from their homes on the day (to a coffee morning) Beaumont Taxis got involved by driving in people who were that bit further away. Leicester drivers have more bottle than those in Derby obviously.

Teas, biscuits and bags of crisps were passed around as children with brightly-painted and glittered faces giddily played. Speeches were made, reiterating the consistent message: those behind the letter were not going to triumph.

From the Oxford Mail  Oxford Stand Up to Racism organised an event in Manzil Way, off Cowley Road…was backed by 40 political figures, including Oxford East MP Anneliese Dodds, trade unionists and a number of Labour and Green Party councillors. Note use of cycle helmet. 

Nearly 100 people have formed a human chain outside a mosque in Newcastle to fight against racism and Islamophobia. Tyne and Wear Citizens, the local branch of Citizens UK, say they are ‘spreading love, not hate’ on ‘Punish a Muslim’ day.

There are too many of these feel good stories to report them all. Which shows what a nonsense it all was. But there is only one, just one (unless Tell MAMA are waiting for the right dramatic moment) allegation of an assault. 

From Metro A Muslim woman appears to have become one of the first victims of the so-called Punish a Muslim Day. Ramla Tyrow, 22, from east London, was picking her mum up from work this morning when she was allegedly attacked by someone in a ‘white van’ poruing liquid all over her. But she went to Twitter to complain, NOT the police. 

For everyone that was saying “Punish a Muslim day” is a joke, I just got attacked picking my mum up from work.

I was waking to my car & a white van pulled up and they covered me in liquid. I thought it was acid at first, guys please stay safe, THIS IS NOT A JOKE

She has been on to Tell MAMA but I can see no suggestion from her tweets that she has made a report to the Metropolitan Police, despite the advice of several of her followers. And as she had her hijab well hidden how did the white van (men? androids? descriptions?) know she is a Muslim? Maybe the Red Bull she obviously enjoys in quantity gave her wings to soar above them. I’ll keep an eye out for any further news re this incident. 


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  1. Empty threats will boost the enemy’s brazenness.Threats of unlawful actions will promote anarchy.
    Promote, implement the now uncommon common law.
    Suicidal apathy is not effective goal, strategy, or tactic.

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